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Monday, July 4, 2022



Friday outfit sorted x

Hello all, 

Welcome back. There are many times where I cannot figure out what to wear on a Friday night. But after some collage planning thanks to Pinterest, I was able to collate a mood board for what I envisioned myself to be wearing. I have sourced all of my outfits from my favourite online fashion boutique 
here. This online fashion boutique has to be my favourite go-to for my shopping hauls, last minute outfits, etc. They have the greatest and trendiest pieces at affordable prices and of decent quality (which is why I keep coming back). From school vibes, to flairs - to Friday nights outfits, you will surely find something that ticks all of the boxes. 

Make sure you check them out as their clothing and fashion website is filled with so much styles which is great if you are looking for some inspiration for your OOTD's or OOTN's, 

I hope you enjoy #OOTN pieces and if you would love more information about these styles, make sure to DM me via @Livvvybaby. 

Love Livia x

Baby Spicegirl 

Doesn't this outfit just scream Baby Spicegirl vibes? This Light Pink Mesh Ruched Corset Strappy Bodycon Mini Dress features some intricate detailing to the dress which makes it sassy and cute at the same time. With the top section being of a corset and featuring straps for both sides, makes it look very fitted and styled. The bottom part of the dress is ruched so it hugs your mid-section quite nicely (hiding any flabby bits ha). 

Look to pair this outfit with some nude heels and your favourite handbag to top off the look. I am wearing this dress in size 6 which fits me best, and if you're interested in this outfit, then definitely stick to your true size for the ultimate best fit. Once you've finished accessorising as per your style, then I think we're ready to hit the dance floor. 

Emerald Boss Girl

And we have another similar Light Blue/Emerald Satin Strapless Corset Style Bodycon Mini Dress in Aleka. Featuring a fitted strapless bandeau top which accentuates your neck up. This gorgeous mini dress is well suited for a girl's night out, dinner or even if you want to hit up the dance floor. This dress fits perfectly and I love how fitted it feels on my body. I would probably pair this outfit with some nude or gold heels to finish off the look. Otherwise this style could blend in well for a wedding event or so. If you are totally vibing with the corset style then you most certainly won't want to miss out on this lovely dress. 

Furthermore I love how the satin feels on this dress - feels very nice. Most importantly this dress will no doubt stand out from the crowd. 

Beautiful Blues

This Blue Bardot Cowl Neck Ruched Midi Dress is a stunning and gorgeous dress to rock for a special occasion, from birthdays to EOFY parties to a dinner night out. It's absolutely a crowd stunner dress because the blue is very beautiful to wear out. The material feels amazingly luxurious and soft, sort of like butter. The fit hugs well and hides any of your imperfections. I really love to wear this dress on special occasions for sure. 

I would 100% recommend this Cowl Neck Ruched Dress if you are after a dress that would no doubt stand out from the crowd.

Don't forget to accessorise with your favourite clutch and heels. 

What's your number..

AYO we have the Black Shoulder Long Sleeve Cut out Mini Dress, which has to be my favourite of them all. What do you think? The material feels buttery soft and smooth. It doesn't feel uncomfortable on skin which is great. I love the sleeve cut out features which really adds some style to the outfit. I would totally wear this outfit on a Friday night out, dinner, etc. 

Actually I would try to wear more of this dress, but I would style it with different coats and heels to spruce up the look. That's when you know you've got yourself a dress you could totally wear more of. 


Which of the dresses were your favourite? 

Friday, June 10, 2022


Switching it up with bottoms, 

Hello everyone and welcome back, 

So this post is specifically dedicated to bottoms... I managed to order a haul of items because I am in need of switching up my outfits with the newest and latest. Of course if you have been following me for some time, you would know that I literally live for shopping online boutique here. It stocks all of the latest fashionable pieces and there's quite a range of stylish to statement to pretty-girl pieces. You can find an outfit here for sure - and if you're looking to spruce up your wardrobe then I would highly recommend you to check it out, because their stock runs out quick especially with some of their popular items. 

When it comes to garments I always ensure that I purchase quality items because personally I want pieces that I own to last longer. A good tip for ordering pieces online is that ensure that you do it 1-2 weeks before the actual day that you need to wear it, because this will allow the extra time for shipping, try on's etc. 

I hope you enjoy #OOTN pieces and if you would love more information about these styles, make sure to DM me via @Livvvybaby. 

Love Livvy x

Cigarette Tartan inspired pants

Let's talk about this Grey Tartan Slim Leg Cigarette Trousers in Eaglin (Grey) which is so perfect as a corporate back to work outfit. Paired with heels this outfit is all set to go! These trousers I am wearing are sized 8, and they actually fit perfectly well. There's no tightness to the stomach which is great, so it's good to be mindful that these are very true to size. The tartan pattern is very sophisticated looking and incorporates perfectly well when you're trying to aim for that subtle, sophisticated corporate look, this is your best bet.

Additionally these trousers would look beautiful when paired with a nice black blouse, and jacket - where you can easily transform it to an evening (dinner) look for sure. The fact that it's very versatile, and you can mix and match to adjust to your setting is amazing. 

Black High waisted denim shorts

For more of a casual weekend look, these Black Ripped Hem Denim Shorts in Black are indeed a item to own in your wardrobe. They are easily matched with anything, especially if you have a casual oversized tee hanging around in your wardrobe. Or perhaps you have a concert to go to and in need of a rock-star inspired outfit, then put on these shorts, paired with an oversized black/grey t-shirt, with some white sneakers or black ankle boots. 

The fit on these shorts are true to size and I am wearing size 8. There is bit of a snug fit, so if you're wanting more of a comfort fit, definitely size up by 1, otherwise if you are OK with the snug fit, stick to your true size. Otherwise I think these pair of denim black shorts are super cute and I love the ripped hem details on it. 

Everyone needs a pair of white shorts

There is no doubt that this White Double Belt Loop High Waisted Shorts will be put to use alot! From white parties, to casual errands to weekends...I am sure wearing white shorts are always cute and flattering. They just look super feminine and I love the high-waisted feature which really gives you a slim figure overall. The material is quite thin, but I would suggest to wear either white/nude coloured undergarments where possible. 

Otherwise these cute pair of shorts are a wardrobe must!

Sage Flares

Now this look is really taking it back to the 70's era where flares were totally in. I am rocking the Sage High Waisted Seam Detail Flared Suit Trousers in Melina. The pants have a long style to them, and you really would not want to hem these up because it defeats the whole purpose of this style. The sage green colour looks super gorgeous and when it comes to styling with a neutral tone, it's so much easier - for example with this sage bottom, I can look to pair my top with a grey, black or white top. And if you're thinking of wearing this to work, then it's perfect as a corporate outfit for sure. 

Also I love the high-waisted style of these trousers, they really feel snug near my stomach and I really love this different look on me.


Which was your favourite? 

Monday, May 23, 2022



Styling streetwear with a home-feel

Hello all, 

And...I am back with another styling outfit-of-the-day AKA #OOTD #OOTN. If you're located in the Southern Hemisphere, then you may have been experiencing a drop in temperature. It's time to pull out the hoodies, sweaters, jumpers, boots and of course sneakers. Streetwear is totally coming back to the first quarter of 2022, because you can easily style it up for your everyday wear or perhaps you want to 'dress up a little' but not too much? - if you know what I mean. 

Anyways I thought I'd share with you all of the LATEST streetwear haul I have been loving. Firstly they feel unbelievable comfortable to wear.. and secondly you can get away with it by wearing it outdoors, during your errands or supermarket run etc.. I mean in today's world who bloody cares what you wear!? Be who you WANT to BE!

For all of my streetstyle #OOTD's I have sourced them from my favourite online fashion boutique here. This website is literally my go-to for casual, streetwear, formal and just about anything for a special occasion. The quality is honestly reliable as well as their shipping (from the UK) which works for me. When it comes to garments I always ensure that I purchase quality items because personally I want pieces that I own to last longer. A good tip for ordering pieces online is that ensure that you do it 1-2 weeks before the actual day that you need to wear it, because this will allow the extra time for shipping, try on's etc. 

I hope you enjoy #OOTN pieces and if you would love more information about these styles, make sure to DM me via @Livvvybaby. 

Love Livvy x

Streetwear meets Chic

For your Streetwear meets Chic outfit I have put together these adorable pieces featuring the Beige High Waisted Drawstring Cuffed Teddy Joggers, and the Black Strappy Corset Style Crop Top. Personally there is contrast and texture going on for this style, and I must say I don't mind it. It's super chic and streetstyle at the same time. The Beige Teddy Joggers are ultra comfortable and definitely will keep you warm all day or night. The Black Strappy Corset Style crop top gives your overall style a chic touch to it. I love the corset piece because it really gives off bad girl vibes and what way to slim up your upper body with this look. 

Furthermore you can finish off this style with your favourite clutch, boho handbag and a pair of sneakers. You can easily wear this look out on your errands, coffee catch-up with your friends etc. Overall it's a super comfortable outfit to wear for all day long and I quite love this look. 

Snugged all up 

For more of a loungewear feel this Charcoal Oversized Sweatshirt and High Waisted Drawstring Joggers Lounge set literally will make you want to sleep in this because it's SOOOOO comfortable and soft. Honestly if you want the extra dressier look, then you can pair the oversized sweater with a pair of tight jeans or pants, and with your favourite handbag and heels. But say you want more of a home-loungewear outfit, then my all bets are on this set. 

The colour gives off denim vibes and it's definitely different. It's such a cute set to have in your wardrobe and one of those basic items for a must-have! Honestly I feel like I can get many wears out of this sweatshirt for sure especially when it feels super soft and comfortable. 

A touch of Emerald

For more of a defined hoodie set I am wearing the Emerald Oversized Front Pocket Drawstring Hoodie High Waisted Cuffed Joggers, which is great for an everyday wear at home, to the gym, shops and so forth. This outfit feels of amazing quality and I love how snugged it feels to wear. The detailed thick drawstrings definitely give off an edgy and sporty look to it which is great for outer gym wear, which would no doubt keep you feeling warm. Paired with your favourite sneakers, this is such a cute look to wear during the cooler season of course. And surely if you can't get enough of the emerald colour like myself, I would most definitely get this set in other colors too. 


Which was your favourite style? 

Friday, May 6, 2022


Let's live it up with the latest chic & glam style from yours truly, @livvvybaby. 

Hello and welcome, 

If you haven't already as guessed, I am a fashionista-addict! I don't claim to have the best knowledge about fashion, but my inspiration stems from media outlets, socials as well as being out in the open..and really appreciating everyone's sense of fashion. Some may be well put together (great, love it) and for some...not as much BUT there is always room for improvement. Fashion is constantly evolving and we all take inspiration from every element as much as possible - whether it be going back to certain times or incorporating certain influences of culture, etc. 

"Anything is possible when it comes to fashion" - Livvvybaby 

For this fashion post I have put together some outfits which are inspired by CHIC and GLAM fashionable trends and pieces. From a chic mesh black bodysuit...to an envious green-coloured strappy dress, these outfits are perfect for events, date nights, and so forth. I would say they are a bit dressy and less casual, so if you're after some 'dressy tips' then be sure to keep on reading. 

I have sourced all of my outfits from the one and only - online fashion boutique here which stocks the latest fashionable pieces for any occasion, trust me it's the perfect fashion website for your wardrobe. For all of my go-to pieces or even last minute options (of course shipping may take 1-2 weeks so make sure you always try to find an outfit a few weeks before the actual event, to avoid any disappointment!!). 

Furthermore, I love shopping via this online fashion store because not only do they have the trendiest outfits but their quality is surprisingly not bad. As compared to other brands and boutiques out there (not going to name them), their value for quality is definitely much better. 

I hope you enjoy #OOTN pieces and if you would love more information about these styles, make sure to DM me via @Livvvybaby. 

Love Livvy x

@L'Oreal Australia Event 

Keepin' it chic & clean

I literally took five minutes to get this whole look together. Call it the five minute outfit because it is super easy and comfortable to wear for all day long. I have paired the Black Long Sleeve Mesh Halter Neck Bodysuit with the gorgeous mint-coloured High Waisted Belted Cigarette Trousers. I literally wore this a L'Oreal Australia event last night (Pictured above), where I styled it with my favourite Louis Vuitton Pochette Wallet and a tan-coloured overcoat to complete the look. 

Overall I am quite happy with this overall style #1. It's simple, chic and clean which is great when you don't feel like going overly the top for your OOTN or OOTD. In terms of comfort for these pieces, re - the bodysuit - it was very easy to wear. I did size down to a small which is great and gives you the well snugged look. And the mint trousers is just gorgeous, I am in love with the colour and would perhaps purchase in another colour for sure. 

Envious conversations 

How beautiful is this shade? The green really pops and you will no doubt stand out from the crowd with this piece. I am wearing the Green Mesh Ruched Bust Detail Strappy Dress, it's super gorgeous and I love how it definitely cinches at the waist, concealing any uncomfortable tummy bits..if you know what I mean. This dress is fabulous for date night or a social night event. It certainly is very different for myself as I don't own anything green. The dress is midi-length so it adds a bit of conservative-ness to your overall style, without showing much legs. Furthermore the straps are adjustable too giving you the convenience and option to adjust to your body type. If you pair it with some strappy heels it will definitely complete your look. 

Neutral Beige vibes

Jumpsuits are a great way to elongate your body if you want to appear tall..plus they are very stylish too. I am wearing a Beige Tie Front Slink Wide Leg One Shoulder Jumpsuit which feels very, very comfortable. The material is soft against the skin and of course I can wear this outfit all day long. The details of the tie at the front adds a bit of character to this style, along with the cut off which allows you to show some bit of skin. I am loving the one shoulder vibes which gives you an edgy style, and what better way to complete the look with some bold accessories, earrings and bag. 


Which was your favourite style? 

Wednesday, April 6, 2022


Let's keep it classy with sass!

Wedding bells are ringing once again. Fast forward from last year, we are certainly not restricted with our freedom these days. Bring on the party! 

With easy to wear gowns to gorgeous sequin pieces, the choices are absolutely endless. When it comes to special occasions e.g. weddings, etc. I always love shopping to pieces that can be worn many times and most importantly feels comfortable to wear all day long. Currently trending are the luxurious, simple satin-silky-slip dresses. From neutral easy to wear colours of white, black and navy - today we are observing more brighter colours such as emerald green, ruby reds, browns and much more variety on the market. The satin silk dresses can be worn super effortlessly - not much preparation is required apart from hair and make-up. Team the dress with a pair of nude heels, and you're good to go. 

I am loving these three outfits (as shown below), which can easily be worn to any special occasion - either dress it up or down (casually). I have sourced all of my outfits from the one and only - online fashion boutique here which stocks the latest fashionable pieces for any occasion. For all of my go-to pieces or even last minute options (of course shipping may take 1-2 weeks so make sure you always try to find an outfit a few weeks before the actual event, to avoid any disappointment and additional stress). Too many times I left it to the last minute and have found that the stress is not just worth it! So ladies...make sure you do your research, seek out what you want to wear and look to source the outfit, pronto! 

I love shopping via this online fashion store because not only do they have the hottest outfits that are trending, but their quality is surprisingly not bad. As compared to other brands and boutiques out there (not going to name them), their value for quality is definitely much better. 

So what are you waiting for...get shopping ladies. 

*Cue* - the #OOTD shots... enjoy. 

Love Livvy x

Green light, let's go!

Can we please take a moment and just enjoy the gorgeous olive green satin bodycon midi silky-satin slip dress? Take your look to the next level with this eye-catching colour, pair it with some of your favourite heels and handbag...and VOILA you have completed your look. This dress features a lace-up back for the details giving you the freedom to show your back off with this sleek looking dress. Overall this look is virtually impossible not to fall in love with. 

It's so easy to slip into this dress, but apart from trying to tie the backstraps myself, this could potentially be my go-to dress for many other occasions. The satin materials feels oh so luxurious and I could probably sleep in it too!

They call me Cocoa, Cocoa Chanel. 

Get ready to slip into this warm, chocolate coloured satin square neck long puffy sleeve satin silky body con midi dress. The top section is cut with a square neck giving you a defined look with puffy sleeves (which is great for adding a bit of edge to your overall look). The dress features an asymmetric side split which is a bold move (perhaps for some), but I honestly love the slit look which shows a bit of leg (which is great). 

Pair this dress with a sparkly or black evening clutch to finish off your look. It can be worn to a night time event because it certainly reminds me of a dinner gown outfit, but with a bit if edge and style to it of course. The dress fits me great and it feels comfortable - so if you were interested in purchasing this dress, make sure to pick your actual size as it's made true to size. 

Champagne please.

For something different, something simple - if you're not feeling like wearing a dress but still want to look dressy, then this Champagne Strappy V-neck bralette top is super adorable. I have simply paired this silky bralette with a pair of black pants. To complete the look choose some strappy heels paired with your favourite accessories. This champagne colour isn't too vibrant which is lovely - as I always love wearing neutral coloured tops. You can always re-wear to either a day or night time social occasion. 


Are you ready to for wedding season? 

Monday, March 14, 2022


Chic and sophisticated 

What are the chances someone would turn up in the same dress - at the same event? 

I simply love shopping for easy to wear dresses, and for this season it's all about chic, silky comfortable outfits that will surely impress the crowd. You can easily style these outfits I am about to show you all - either for a formal or casual occasion. I have styled THREE beautiful dresses - for where I have found at my favourite fashion online shopping store here. This website is literally my TOP go-to place for last minute dresses to wedding guest outfits. I love to always spruce things up - whether it be changing it up with different accessories, shoes and bags. As they always say one dress is never enough. 

This online shopping boutique is perfect for your last minute shopping (because shipping is insanely quick and convenient). I usually source all of my go-to outfits at this online boutique because I believe their pieces are truly comfortable, trendy and affordable. 

Without further adieu, I hope you find some inspiration somewhere in these #OOTD's. 

Love Livvy x

Let's take a walk

I am loving the gorgeous, red satin lace trim strappy bodycon midi-dress as we all get ready for party season - whether it be the EOFY or simply an excuse to rock the night away in something pretty, something cute. This dress gives me date-night vibes and is so perfect for a special occasion of course...or you can even show it off at your next girl's night, why not. I love how sleek and sultry this dress looks overall, and would be so cute if you even paired it with some nude or black heels, teamed with a sparkly clutch or handbag. 

Look to heighten your look with this beautiful bodycon dress because no doubt it will look to turn heads. Overall I love the fit of this dress, there is certainly enough room to move as it is true fit to size. If anything I would wish there was a size down from 6, but I think it's perfect for my fit. Anyways this outfit is incredibly comfortable to wear all day long - holds snuggly around the waist without any issues of discomfort which is amazing. 

I'd love a martini please

How fabulous and vibrant does this orange look? I am loving this Orange Slinky Ruched Tie Strap Bodycon dress. It's eye-catching for a bodycon dress and fits perfectly around the mid-waist, ideal for weddings, dance parties (ha) or whenever you feel like dressing up. This stunning tie-strap, ruched bodycon dress comes in a midi-length with soft, slinky material. Team it up with a cute mini bag, high pony tail and either heels or sneakers to finish off this cute look and style. The material feels absolutely nice and comfortable, and I think it's incredibly important to feel comfortable in every outfit that you wear. 

You can look to dance the night away in this adorable midi-dress, although it looks short it's actually of a good length (not too long or short). This dress is available in sizes from 6-12, and for this colour I have chosen 'orange' but there is also white in stock in case you're after other shades. I am in love with this orange colour because it can be easily worn for any occasion. 

A hot choco-latte 

Let's talk about this chocolate shade guys - it definitely gives me the 90's vibes. This Chocolate Satin Cowl Asymmetric Split strappy bodycon dress features an asymmetric split bodycon dress comes with a split hem which allows you to show some leg off girlfriend. This dress comes in a midi-length, teamed with spaghetti straps complete in a bodycon fit, as well as coming in a luscious, soft satin material. 

This dress is easily styled with anything - from your favourite bag to heels to glitzy and glamour jewellery. This overall outfit would be so perfect for a day look or even a date night with your secret admirer.  I actually would pair this outfit with some neutral strappy heels and put on a classic hair clip to finish off the look. Otherwise if you wanted to casually style this outfit, pop on a denim jacket or motorbike jacket, paired with some midi-booties to really tone down the formal look. I feel the Satin Cowl type of dresses will always be in style - it has come far since the 90's but it's back - back to be in wardrobes!


Which is your favourite style? 

What else would you love to see? DM me. 

Friday, February 18, 2022


Get wedding ready (*Guest edition)

Welcome back y'all, 

I am so ready to glam up and get ready for wedding season - yes you heard right (guest edition - dresses suitable for weddings and other social engagements). I have collated four different styles and handpicked my outfits from my one and only, favourite fashion online boutique - stocking the latest and trendiest fashionable pieces (to suit all shapes and sizes - small, medium and large). Don't forget it's not about trying to squeeze into the smallest size...it's about how you style and wear the overall outfit. 

This online shopping boutique is perfect for your last minute shopping (because shipping is swift and convenient). I usually source all of my go-to outfits at this online boutique because I believe their pieces are truly comfortable, trendy and affordable. If you're on a budget and can't afford to stretch your wallet with premium brands on the market, there are always 'dupes' or styles that are similar to what you see on New York Fashion Week. 

So let's talk about weddings. Whether you're single, married or not really looking to mingle - and simply focusing on yourself - it's an amazing excuse to dress up, put your face on and show the world what you're all about (and also supporting your best bud's wedding of course). Experiment with different styles. Wear outfits you hesitate to wear. Try a new style. Accessorise more. Research what's hot...and what's not! 

Without further adieu, I hope you find some inspiration somewhere in these #OOTD's. 

Love Livvy x

Mocha Cuppa vibes

Fall in love with silk-based dresses again because let me tell ya - they're back on the fashion bandwagon. I am wearing the Mocha Satin Ruched Split Strappy Bodycon Midi Dress in a size 6. It's definitely true to size and comes with a back zipper allowing easy access. This outfit features ruched detailing, a side split design and sexy spaghetti straps. It comes in a bodycon fit and satin material which feels very comfortable - and quite a neutral piece to have in your wardrobe. This dress definitely reminds me of the good old classic type - and you can easily dress it up (with some nice heels) or rock it casual style - by placing a denim jacket over the dress, paired with your favourite sneakers. 

Overall this is a classic dress that speaks simplicity and chic. Pair it with your black strappy heels and a glitzy evening clutch bag to complete the look, voila - and have a good night. 

Parisian Girl 

I get a sense of Parisian vibes when I look at this White & Black Polka Dot Mesh Long Sleeve Ruched Bodysuit. It's the perfect bodysuit and goes well with any bottoms (since it's an easy to style garment), whether you want to pair it with black tights, jeans or even a midi skirt. Anything goes well with it. The mesh material is very breathable to wear all day long and I can easily wear this all day long. I am wearing it in size 6 - true to size - so definitely get your actual size when choosing this piece. Another thing about bodysuits is that you can easily wear it flawlessly, because the bottom gets hidden when you pair it with a bottom etc. 

Call it a sassy item - if you're after a cute Parisian look. It comes  with a cinched high waist style and instead of wearing a dress to the wedding ceremony, you can easily get away with a day look. So what are you waiting for girl - get your loop earrings, heels and favourite bag to complete this beautiful look. 

Classic & Sophisticated

This classic, gorgeous Black One Shoulder Belted Satin Mini Dress is one garment to invest in. It's great for black and tie events because it's classy and sophisticated looking. When paired with black shiny heels, it's the perfect match. I love the one-shoulder style because you can never get tired of this look - it gives your overall outfit (a unique style) and a great excuse to show off your shoulders. Furthermore the dress comes with a black mid-waist ribbon allowing you to cinch off at the waist, giving you a glamorous overall look.  

I really love this classic dress look because if its simplicity - and oh so comfortable to rock at the wedding reception. The material feels incredibly soft and luxurious - making it perfect for a must-have item! 

Take me back to the dance floor

Are we ready to take on the dance floor? This Emerald Sequin Halter Neck Bodycon dress is super sleek, sexy and definitely an eye-catcher. I was actually surprised by the brilliant quality and fit with this dress. It's a beautiful piece especially with the green, shiny sequins - you'll absolutely shine on the dance floor no doubt. 

This dress is super easy to wear, it comes with no zip so it's a matter of pulling the dress over yourself. So I would recommend you to get true to your size or even one size up. The sequins are stunning and I love every detail from bottom to up. As for the top piece (it comes with  back end string where you would simply just tie according to your best fit and wear. This is my first type of sequin dress and already I am in love with it! 


So there you have it - my top wedding guest outfit picks for 2022. 

Which is your style?