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Sunday, November 19, 2017


The Beta AOX has gone through a revamp such as a new name, new size and new packaging. It still has the same formula and price (but with better value). Check out the below to learn more x

The Beta AOX by Medik8 is a powerful oil-free antioxidant serum which feels very lightweight on the skin. Essentially it's made for those with blemish prone skin as it contains Copper PCA which helps to prevent environmental damage and premature skin ageing. This serum us great for the acne prone skin as it helps to increase the skin's ability to repair itself and reduce the appearance of breakouts and scarring. 

With continued use of this oil-free antioxidant serum, you can look to expect the product fight any free radicals that can cause bacteria to thrive on the skin. Not only can this serum look to reduce the appearance of breakouts, but it's ideal for those looking to target premature ageing. 

How to use 
After cleansing in the morning/evening, apply a small amount onto the face or neck and leave to absorb completely before your regular moisturisers. 

They're now available at Advanced Cosmeceuticals


Are you looking to target acne prone skin? 

Saturday, November 18, 2017


With Christmas around the corner, Real Techniques have launched their Limited Edition Baubles Collection which is not to be missed. 

Real Techniques have recently launched their Limited Edition Baubles Collection featuring mini sized makeup brushes and sponges packaged in an adorable bauble. These are such great stocking stuffers/Kris Kringle options or alternatively as Christmas Tree ornaments. These travel sized makeup brushes and sponges are designed for those who are constantly on the go and don't want to carry full sized brushes around with them. They're definitely super handy to have! 

The Limited Edition Baubles Collection features six mini and regular sized tools inspired by their range. 

Each tool in the new Limited Edition Christmas Collection is priced at an RRP of $15.99:

1. Midnight Mini Contour Brush
2. Midnight Mini Medium Sculpting Brush
3. Midnight Miracle Sculpting Sponge
4. Dawn Mini Expert Face Brush
5. Dawn Mini Miracle Complexion Sponge
6. Dawn Miracle Mini Eraser Sponges

The first three tools of the Real Techniques Limited Edition Christmas Collection, Midnight will be available in-store at Priceline from 1st October 2017. The second half range, Dawn, will be available in-store at Priceline from 1st November 2017. 

All of the six tools will be available online from 1st October 2017 or via www.realtechniques.com.au


Are you all excited for Christmas 17'? 

Friday, November 17, 2017


There's a natural alternative to injectables for your wrinkles such as the Line Smoothing Serum by zk'in. 

For a skincare product that looks to deliver results, I've been really loving the certified organic Line Smoothing Serum by zk'in which RRP for $59.95. It's a great product should you be looking to fight fine lines and frown lines. 

The Line Smoothing serum contains Acmella Oleracea plant extract (Gatuline Expression) and proven extract from the Paracress plant in Madagascar. Furthermore there are no nasties which means 95.05% contain certified organic ingredients. 

After a few days of using the Line Smooth Serum, I could see that it was helping to smooth out any sort of expression lines and wrinkles. With continued use I can look to expect a smoother complexion. My skin noticeably looked more youthful and smoother especially around my eye areas. The results are similar to what you'd get through injectables so why not opt for a pain-free and non-toxic method? It temporarily blocks the muscular contractions that contribute to facial expressions. 

Essentially I would use this serum by gently pressing it into the skin both morning and night. The texture comes in a gel form which absorbs so easily on the skin. Once again there are no chemicals or toxins in this serum which makes it ideal for those who love their organic based products. 

For more information, make sure to visit the official website by zk'in

The Line Smoothing Serum by zk'in 


Have you tried any products from the zk'in range? 


Ever wondered on how to create Instagram worthy content? 

It's all about creating your own unique content and most importantly, you need to have the Instagram app on your phone or tablet. If you don't have the app, make sure to head to the App store or Android store and to start creating your own profile and content. Creating worthy content all comes down to how you look to communicate an image - whether it's showing off your pair of favourite sneakers or perhaps a skyline view from New York. Find yourself an interest whether it be cars, makeup or whatever you fancy and learn to engage with your followers/fans/readers by posting photos that would capture interest. 

Instagram has grown exponentially over these past few years which has led to more users out there growing their own profile, page and even for businesses. Nowadays businesses are approaching Influencers more, as it's an effective marketing approach by tapping into a certain niche markets just like Generation Y and the Millennials. Let's be honest, these days it's all about scrolling through our News Feed on Instagram or Facebook which gets the message across for brands to end users. Personally, it's easier to remember content that I come across on my social media feed as compared to other marketing channels. (This varies from person to person of course). 

Here are my Top 5 Tips on how to create Instagram worthy content and going about with contacting influencers: 

  • TIP #1: Use your iPhone (Generation 6 and up) because let's be honest it's all about having an authentic vibe with your photos which can earn you more engagement. Be authentic and real. 

Image source: Mashable
  • TIP #2: Plan ahead as this reduces stress and gives you a better idea on how to build your content. Look to simplify things rather than over complicate things, whether this be the location, props or lighting. Get a notebook and start jotting down your ideas. 
  • TIP #3: Make sure there's good lighting as this tremendously helps with how your pictures turn out overall. I like to go with a mix of natural and artificial lights but we all know that natural light is always best. It can be tricky when you're indoors but always look to find a space with good lighting! 

  • Tip #4 - Have fun with your content by simply being yourself. Only you know what works and what doesn't. After all it's all about creating unique content and showing it to the whole world. 
  • Tip #5 - If you're a business and seeking to contact Social Media Influencers, simply visit Phlanx where it's an online marketplace for businesses to connect with Influencers. There's an extensive database of Influencers focusing on beauty, lifestyle, fashion, sport, food and more. This cross-collaboration portal allows businesses to post and respond to each other on joint proposals which can be in the form of gifted products for events, product placement or even via Influencer collaboration. Businesses can search for Influencers based on various filters such as location, category and size of the following. Phlanx is a great tool for businesses to seek what they need and tailor it to their own marketing briefs. 

I hope you enjoyed my top tips on how to create instagram worthy content and how businesses can tap into the world of Social media Influencers! 


Thursday, November 16, 2017


Mirenesse have released two new eye products featuring their Power Lift Superstar Eye Sheet Mask & the Power Lift Superstar Eye Serum.. 

As I'm constantly behind the computer screen everyday, I do tend to get dark circles and eye bags due to tiredness and strain from time to time. Thankfully, there are some beauty/skincare products in the market that can help to transform the eye area such as from the Mirenesse range. Have you heard of this brand before? 

Recently Mirenesse released two superstar products which I've been highly impressed with so far. The reason being is because I learned that the products are infused with ingredients which have been clinically proven to boost Collagen in your skin - leading to healthier and younger looking skin if that's what you're seeking. 

Here are two of their superstar products which I've been recently loving: 

Power Lift Superstar Eye Serum, RRP $69 

Now you can look to reduce the appearance of fine lines, puffiness, dark circles and discolouration. For me it was looking to fix my horrible dark circles situation. I really enjoyed using this eye serum because it absorbed very easily and it didn't leave my eyes looking puffy or tired. 

I've tried so many eye creams/serums on the market, and I have to say this particular eye serum has struck me by surprise. I felt that it allowed for an instant lift around my eye areas as well as leaving it feeling quite rejuvenated (it's certainly has a nice feel when you look to apply it under your eye areas). I am using this eye serum twice a day, morning and night. If you're looking for an eye serum that's lightweight and works, you need to get your hands on the Power Lift Superstar Eye Serum by Mirenesse. 

Power Lift Superstar Eye Sheet Mask, RRP $16 

I love to use these eye sheet masks because they're quite rejuvenating and it helps to keep my eye bags de-puffed. The Power Lift Superstar Eye Sheet Masks look to lift, brighten and rejuvenate the eye area leaving it looking younger and glowing. 

I would use one of these bad boys on at night when I simply need an instant lift to my eye area. When used on a weekly basis, you can look to expect decreased wrinkles and a brightened eye area. 


Have you tried any of the products from the Mirenesse range before? 

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


The new Rouge Velvet The Lipstick range features a beautiful bold and matte shade for the lips. 

This Spring/Summer 17' I'll be looking to rock more of the shades by Rouge Velvet, The Lipstick range by Bourjois Paris. They're seriously ultra-pure pigmented and come with a matte finish which is my favourite of course. There are 12 must have shades available from the range (across sophisticated to natural nudes to punchy pinks to reds) and I am excited to say that I've finally got to try them all out. Be sure to check out my swatches below to see what's your favourite shade. 

Most of the shades are from the "bold" scale so that means you get a luscious and beautiful finish with the lipsticks. Furthermore, they're very long-wearing on the lips, which means that they're perfect to rock on special occasions - plus you don't have to worry about touching up between food and drinks. I'm actually quite pleased with the new releases by Bourjois because they're definitely wearable shades for day and night! 

The Rouge Velvet Lipsticks contain a hybrid formula which contains a moisturising complex and balance between high pigment density and essential oils. The texture is pretty much of a velvety texture which feels silky soft and comfortable wearing on the lips. 

As for the packaging, it comes in a sleek tube, with the applicator tip shaped differently, so that it delivers the right amount of formula to apply colour onto your lips with the ultimate precision. 

The Rogue Velvet lipsticks by Bourjois are now available in Priceline and selected pharmacies and RRP for $24. 



From top to bottom: 
  • 01 Hey Nude! - I love how this nude beige doesn't go unnoticed on the lips. It looks to add a touch of elegance to your overall look. 
  • 02 Flaming'rose - This gorgeous rosy nude creates a subtle shade that enhancing the colour appearance of your lips. 
  • 03 Hyppink chic - Featuring a dusty rose shade that simply brightens your complexion. 
  • 04 Hip Pink - This is a slightly bright pink shade that looks trendy and fashionable for a special occasion. 
  • 05 Brique-a-brac - Another pretty pink brown shade that doesn't look over the top. 
  • 06 Abrico'dabra! - A fresh and soft peach colour that's so perfect for Spring/Summer. 
  • 07 Joli carmin'ois - After some bright orange action? Look no further because this shade is definitely a vibrant orange that just POPS! 
  • 08 Rubi's cute - For that signature red lipstick look, you cannot go wrong with this intense chic look. 
  • 09 Fuschia botte - A fuschia and blue undertone shade that's quite attractive! 
  • 10 Magni-fig - Okay berry lovers...this a deep and intense saturated purple that's full of colour. 
  • 11 Berry Formidable - For a chic and burgundy look, this is the shade to select. 
  • 12 Brunette - This a dark, reddish brown that looks sophisticated and glamorous. 


What's your favourite shade? 

Monday, November 13, 2017


It's time to get the perfect contour as well as breathable skin for this summer. 

Rimmel London just released their latest beauty products that are so relevant for this summer. We're talking about duo contouring sticks and breathable foundations/concealers. That's right...it's all about wearing products that feels like it's barely there. Forget heavy makeup because that definitely can take a toll on our skin. It's all about being minimal with what we put on our skin. 

For more information, don't forget to check out Rimmel London's official page. You can also find the products available at Priceline stores, Woolworths, Coles, Big W, Target and selected pharmacies. 

Insta Duo Contour Stick, Rimmel London 

Look to contour and highlight your cheekbones, nose and cupid's bow with this amazing Insta Duo Contour Stick by Rimmel London. There are three shades available being light, medium and dark. 

On the other end of the stick, there's a complimenting highlighting shade which allows you to achieve a full blended look. The texture of the contouring stick comes in a cream base which makes blending super easy as it glides so well and feels very moisturising...simply use a beauty blender or brush to blend it right through. What I love about this stick is that the application is easy and convenient, plus it helps to define and accentuate your facial features. 

Pictured above features the swatches of the Insta Duo Contour Stick by Rimmel London, from top to bottom: Light, Medium and Dark. 

Contouring is the next new thing. 

Lasting Finish 25HR Foundation - Breathable, Rimmel London 

This is a long wearing foundation which feels so lightweight on the skin. It offers medium coverage and comes with a dome sponge applicator. I'm not sure about the dome sponge applicator but it does help with applying on an even coverage when it comes to your foundation. This foundation feels very moisturising and hydrating which is great because it doesn't leave you looking caked and dry. I didn't notice any transfer and it's ideal for an all day everyday wear. It's not a heavy foundation which is great for those looking for super lightweight foundation to rock on the skin. 

Lasting Finish 25HR Concealer, Breathable, Rimmel London 

This is another long-wearing and breathable concealer that offers medium coverage. In terms of covering all of my acne scars and other imperfections, I felt that it did a solid job in covering them up. It's all about the technique of how you apply the concealer as well as the product itself. The concealer comes with a cushion applicator which helps you with perfect blend ability as well as touching up on the go. 


Have you tried any of these newbies by Rimmel London?

Sunday, November 12, 2017


Hair accessories are definitely a must especially when you love to throw your hair up in a bun, pony tail or simply to pin it back. 

Here are some of my top picks for everyday by Scunci. They're easily available via http://www.scunci.com.au/, otherwise you can pick them up at Target, Big W, Priceline stores and selected pharmacies nationally. 

Personally I love my hair accessories because they help to keep my hair out of my face, and they're fun way to play around with your hairstyle. 

Mini Scrunchies, RRP $8.95

These adorable scrunchies remind me of primary school! But you're never too old to accessorise your hair with these scrunchies. Tie them up in braid, ponytail or even as a half bun. 

The Most Comfortable Headband Ever, RRP $8.95

Say goodbye to headbands that don't hurt your ears. These "No-Slip Grip" headbands now come in a thinner size which is perfect for simply popping your hair back.  Plus in this particular pack, you get two pieces which are completely flexible too. 

Scunci Multiwear Headwrap, RRP $14.95

These headwraps are perfect for the gym or even if you're wanting to pop your hair back whilst washing your face. Depending on your preference, you could even dress it up bohemian style! 

Scunci 28pc Metallic No Damage Elastics, RRP $7.95

These elastics don't damage your hair and they're useful in helping you to secure a firm and comfortable hold. Like other traditional elastics I've tried in the past, they would end up being tangled as I'd pull them out of my hair. But for these Scunci Metallic elastics, they're definitely safer for the hair. 

Travel Case Bobby Pins, RRP $7.95

I've basically lost count of how many bobby pins I've misplaced. Thanks to this handy travel case, it stores all of the bobby pins that I need in the one place. There are 75 pieces in this packet. 


What's your favourite hair accessory? 

Saturday, November 11, 2017


Get ready for a childhood favourite of the 90s Nintendo game featuring a collaboration between Super Mario Bros and Shu Uemura which is currently now in-stores. 

Get ready for a nostalgic trip down memory lane with a classic favourite featuring Super Mario Bros in collaboration with shu uemura. Their latest 2017 Holiday Collection is not be missed especially if you are a Super Mario Bros fan just like myself. The range features a collection of skincare and makeup decked out with the Super Mario branding. 

Artistic Director of shu uemura, Kakuyasu Uchiide says that "This collection is not so much about creating, but it is about playing." Essentially it's all about playing with your individual style and seeing what works for you. 

Overall, if you're looking to do your Christmas shopping early, the collection is absolutely a must for all of the Nintendo lovers out there. shu uemura has always been one of my favourite brands, only because I know that their skincare and beauty products work for my skin. 

For more information, the 2017 Holiday Collection by shu uemura is now available online at shu uemura or in-stores. 

Super Mario Bros x Shu Uemura Pencil Eyeliners & Tint In Balms 

Super Mario Bros x Shu Uemura Travel Mini Brush Set 

Super Mario Bros x Shu Uemura Foundation Cushion 


Are you looking to get your hands on the latest Super Mario Bros x Shu Uemura collection?