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Wednesday, November 21, 2018


Let's talk about the latest Bobbi Brown Holiday Collection 2018... 

Here are some of my favourite picks from the latest Holiday Collection 2018 by Bobbi Brown. This year's Holiday range has been inspired by the twinkling lights of New York City (a city that has truly captured my heart) during the holidays and dazzling looks designed for party-hopping. The packaging is all about the glitz, glamour and chic looks especially when it comes to some of their gorgeous velvet grey palettes and sets. Let me start by saying that it gets better every year and Bobbi Brown has definitely nailed this year's collection with their sets and palettes once again. 

These stunning sets are perfect to pick up as sparkling stocking stuffers for your friends and family...or perhaps there's a particular set that you're simply eyeing so here's your chance to spoil yourself for this Christmas...

The Holiday Collection 2018 is currently now available from all Bobbi Brown retailers for selected items that are not marked with (*). For more information, you can check out Bobbi Brown's official website. 

Featuring some of the decadent indulgences below from the Holiday Collection 2018: 

A dazzling & sparkling packaging for the Highlight & Glow, Highlighting Powder Duo. 

Highlight & Glow, Highlighting Powder Duo, Bobbi Brown, RRP $130*

How incredibly gorgeous is the Highlight & Glow, Highlighting Powder Duo which will be available from the 26th November, so be sure to mark this on your calendar if this is on your wish list. 

This glam compact features a snow globe of dazzling glittery sparkles that reveals its scintillating side with a little shake. Once you open the compact, you'll discover a pair of deluxe-sized highlighting powder shades of Bare Glow and Opal Glow (right to left as pictured above). The shades are amazingly pigmented and leaves you with a natural and fabulous glow for the cheeks and face. Also, the Highlighting Powder features a pearl-pigment infused luminizer that can be either worn alone for subtle glow or layered on with the rest of your make-up to create that popping glow for the cheeks.

Perfect Palettes feat. Ready, Set, Party Deluxe Eye & Cheek Palette, RRP $200

This is the perfect deluxe palette for anyone who enjoys creating endless eye and cheek looks. It certainly is made for all of the Bobbi Brown fans out there as it contains a great selection of eyeshadows and eye products from the range. 

There are 12 soft sparkling to dramatic metallic shades and a trio of warm toned blushes and bronzers to choose from for this palette. Also included is the perfect liquid liner, volumizing mascara, angled eyeshadow brush and blush brush in the set. Essentially, this is the perfect set for travelling as it comes in a neat and gorgeous velvet box. 

For detailed shades they include: 
Eye Shadows in Ivory, Pink Copper (Sparkle), Naked, Nearly Nude, Taupe (Sparkle), Glowstruck (Metallic), Molten (Metallic), Frappe, Nude Smoke, Chocolate Fizz (Metallic), Starlight Star (Metallic), Toasted, Bronzing Powder in Stonestreet, Blush in Powder Pink, Calypso Highlight Powder, Ink Liner in Blackest Black and Smokey Eye Mascara. 

Overall, this is definitely one of the most practical and gorgeous palettes I've come across. The shades are all mixed i.e. nude, shimmer, metallic and sparkle giving you plenty of options to create many holiday looks with. I love the fact that it comes with the bonus eye products which would help to accentuate your glamorous look further. As for the velvety-packaging, it feels amazing to touch and is certainly a MUST-HAVE for every Bobbi Brown fan out there. 

Featuring some of the Holiday Collection 2018 picks by Bobbi Brown.. 


What have your got your eyes set on for this Christmas? 

Sunday, November 18, 2018


For a gentle and effective Cleansing Creme...

The Hydra Calm Cleansing Creme is infused with organic oils and natural extracts which are so nourishing for the skin. It's definitely a gentle cleanser for everyday and does a good job in helping to remove makeup, dirt and impurities on the skin. 

After using this product for a few weeks now, I can definitely feel that it doesn't leave my skin feeling dry. Furthermore, it helps to reveal a cleaner, brighter and radiant complexion. My skin feels softer, hydrated and more supple after using this cleanser and it's definitely become one of my favourite daily cleansers to use. 

Some features of the cleanser include: 
  • Camellia, Macadamia and Avocado Oil - all help to nourish the skin and restore the skin's lipid barrier, 
  • Aloe Vera Leaf Juice and Chamomile Extracts - helps to soothe and reduce any redness or irritations of the skin, 
  • Vitamin E helps to protect the skin from free radical damage

Overall, it's definitely a gentle and nice cleanser to use for everyday. I've definitely been enjoying how it doesn't leave my skin feeling dry or irritated which is essential for a daily cleanser. 

The Hydra-Calm Cleansing Creme - RRP $32.95 and is available online via La Mav's official website. 

La Mav's Hydra-Calm Cleansing Creme 


Have you tried any of the products from La Mav as yet? 

Friday, November 16, 2018


Christmas is just around the corner...

For everyone considering a new phone case or cover, I've been loving the range from EFM - a local Australian tech brand that uses revolutionary impact material D3O to make their amazing range of phone cases.

Here are some of my favourite picks for less than $100: 

EFM Cayman D3O Case Armour iPhone X/XS in Gold Trim, RRP $59.95 

I'm loving this awesome phone case which looks sophisticated and bold. What I noticed about this case is how slim it is (11.2mm) and it's not too bulky which is great. Most importantly, it still looks bold and classy for a phone case.  

Some features of the phone case include: 
  • Super tough thanks to its polycarbonate backplate
  • Aluminium features - precision milled aircraft grade aluminium 
  • Stadium Screen Edge 

Sapphire Iphone X Screen Protector, EFM RRP $39.95

This is the BEST phone screen protector I've ever tried. It features a multi-layered construction with a sapphire coating to provide the best anti-scratch finish. (This is a must for me because I literally hate getting scratches on my phone) 

Some key features include: 
  • Scratch-proof Sapphire Coating 
  • Ultra High Impact rating
  • UV Resistant
  • Anti-Blue Light & Anti-Glare
  • Fingerprint & Smear Resistant
  • EFM Case Armour Optimise
  • 2 Year Free Replacement Warranty


What's on your wish list for this Christmas? 

Thursday, November 15, 2018


Are you after a wireless mouse upgrade?
For those who love their tech gadgets, we're definitely on the same boat! When it comes to working with computers, it's essential for me to up to date with the latest gadgets and devices. I mean...new technology means better and efficient things to come right? 

I've upgraded my latest mouse to the Logitech MX Anywhere 2S which RRP $99.95 and so far I am loving how advanced it is for a mobile mouse. The fact that you can literally control this mouse up to three computers at the same time, it is certainlyis efficient and amazing. Furthermore, you can copy and paste text, images and files between them. It really takes this multi-device to a new level thanks to the Logitech FLOW. 

As for the design and hold of the mouse, it is supported by an ergonomic design which is great for your hands and wrists. I experienced no issues with using this mouse and it was very comfortable to work this device. Overall, it's such a handy and clever mouse to have if you're after that super-fast scroll, compact design and precision tracking. It has definitely helped to make my work much efficient and effective. I'm able to get things done in a timely manner and the best part of all - I get to enjoy the benefits of this super quick mouse. 

Some other features include: 
  • A fast rechargeable battery 
  • Offers a high precision tracking which means it tracks on any surface including glass 
  • Comes in a compact and attractive design 
  • Offers a hyper-fast scrolling feature - the navigation is super fast! 

Featuring the MX Anywhere 2S mouse by Logitech 

Charges quickly and gives you a full day usage within 3 minutes of no down time when charging it up....

Offers a hyper-fast scroll 


Have you tried any mouses by Logitech as yet? 

Wednesday, November 14, 2018


Here are some new beauty picks by ERRE DUE that are long-lasting and pigmented.. 

Recently I stumbled across a new beauty brand called ERRE DUE and so far I'm quite loving the range after trying out out some picks. 

These newbies include of the below: 

Black Magic Eye Marker in Shade 101 Black Eva 

For a precise line, intense black and long wearing eye marker I've been loving the Black Magic Eye Market. It comes in the form of a pen (exactly the same form of pen marker) which makes it super fast and efficient for application.

Full Colour Lipstick in Shade 408 Sweet Poison

For that extra plumping and moisturising quality of a lipstick, this product definitely looks to offer that. It feels incredibly nourishing on the lips and gives a subtle hint of colour to it which looks pretty. As for the extra 'plumping' effect, it's not too obvious looking but you can tell that it adds a hint of 'plumpness' to your lips. 

Silky Eye Pencil in Shade 102 Ink

Featuring the softest eye pencil ever! This long-wearing eye pencil works to leave you with dramatic looking eyes or when you want to simply bring out your eyes. It comes with moisturising ingredients such as Vitamin E and jojoba oil which essentially makes the eyeliner glide easily when it comes to lining the eyes. 

Xcess 3D Mascara in shade 01 Black 

For extra volume and length, this mascara look to leave you with voluminous looking lashes. It's super buildable and the brush tips works easily to evenly coat each lash. 

Silky Lip Pencil in shade 217 Blushing 

Featuring an incredibly smooth and silky lip pencil, this product is very long-wearing and offers a high colour payoff. 

For more information regarding ERRE DUE, simply head over to their official website here


Have you tried ERRE DUE ?

Tuesday, November 13, 2018


Pregnancy is truly a beautiful experience and I can definitely say that it has been very surreal and rewarding. I've collaborated with Medela to share with you all of my pregnancy and breastfeeding experiences. Hope you guys enjoy...


Medela Q&A 

Share a few lines introducing yourself
I'm Livia and a new mother to a healthy baby boy. I've had my ups and downs throughout these past 9 months, whether it was morning sickness, tiredness or painful leg cramps...but it's all worth it in the end (I'd do it all over again). Up until the final weeks of pregnancy, I was beginning feel more tired and heavy, but overall pregnancy was definitely a life-changing experience for me. 

Congratulations to you and your partner on the birth of your first baby! How are you feeling? Nervous, excited?
Thank you! I remember feeling very excited and nervous because I was about to meet my little man for the very first time who has been in my womb for the past 9 months. 9 months of being pregnant is definitely a long time and so being able to meet your child for the first time is definitely an exciting experience. As for being nervous, it's more of expecting the unknown, i.e. Am I ready to be a new Mum? How will this affect my current life situation? 

Have you done much research into breastfeeding? Do you have any expectations/hopes?
I've definitely looked into breastfeeding as well as attend the classes being offered at the hospital. From my perspective, breastfeeding gives babies the best start for a healthy life and provides many benefits for the health and wellbeing of mothers and babies. During pregnancy, I hoped to breastfeed as much as I could and so I was exploring the Internet and trying to educate myself as much as I could before I give birth. 

What made you want to use Medela products on your breastfeeding journey?
From research I know that Hospitals use Medela Symphony breast pumps  and other Medela products,  and I've heard great things about the brand from friends and family. I've compared products and brands and I have to say that I'm really impressed with the technology behind the Medela breast pumps. 

Have you received any motherhood/ breastfeeding advice from your friends/ relatives?
I've heard from friends and relatives that breastfeeding can be a challenge, but it's a matter of giving it your best from the very start. I guess my favourite advice has to be, 'Know that newborns nurse ALOT'...


Stay tuned for Part 2...