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Friday, October 7, 2016



To celebrate Rimmel London's partnership with Kate Moss, they recently launched their 15 year anniversary collection by Kate Moss. Featuring rose-gold coloured packaging, how could you not check these beauties out!

For the 15 year anniversary collection by Kate Moss, we observe more reds and neutrals from the colour range as she has stated they are the colours she would usually wear because it reflects a different side of her. 

Hence, three neutral and three red shades have been introduced within the Lasting Finish Lipstick range which means you get a really nice and moisturised feel to your lips. Rimmel London's Lasting Finish formula is definitely my favourite as they keep my lips looking and feeling really hydrated. The lipstick glides on very smoothly which is probably my favourite part of Rimmel's formula. It doesn't leave the lips looking flaky or dry which is so important when it comes to working on your lips. And just so you are aware, the Lasting Finish lipsticks were first launched in 2011, however they decided to build on with 6 worthy-shades that will definitely may be of interest to you. 

Furthermore, you get a high intensity colour pay-off which has been infused with light reflecting Black Diamonds. The shades are definitely gorgeous and vibrant looking on the lips. In terms of the wear, I'd definitely say of up to 4 hours and plus considering that you don't drink from the glass as much. (Beauty tip: Ask for a straw when it comes to drinks). I love how the formula consists of a creamy and smooth texture which ensures for a long wear throughout the day. 

  • RRP $13.95 
  • Now available at Priceline, Priceline Pharmacy, Chemist Warehouse, Target, Kmart, BIG W and selected pharmacies. 

See below for a quick run-down on of the swatches and shades! 



Shades listed above for 15 Year anniversary collection by Kate Moss, Lasting Finish Lipsticks: 

#52 - Idol Red 
#51- Muse Red 
#53 - Retro Red 
#55 - My Nude 
#54 - Rock N Roll Nude 
#56 - Boho Nude 

Shade #51 - Muse Red - featuring a crimson rich red that is the perfect red whenever you're bold enough to rock those lips. It's a nice and sexy shade for any occasion if you're looking to make that statement. 

Shade #52 - Idol Red - features more of a vibrant and bright red that somewhat lies more on the "orange" scale. It's a young and fresh shade to rock for upcoming Summer. 

Shade #53 - Retro Red - featuring a sumptuous berry red shade that looks mystical, mysterious and so lovely on lips. I'd definitely consider #53 as a favourite because of how it makes my lips stand out. 

Shade #54 - Rock N Roll Nude - features a peach-tinted neutral shade that would make a perfect colour for a light coloured dress.

Shade #55 - My Nude - featuring more of a lighter pink neutral shade that is so ideal for everyday. It can easily be worn to work, to the shops or even down the road (without looking like you have too much on). 

Shade #56 - Boho Nude - Features a warmed toned neutral that would suit a bohemian look. This is more of a caramelized shade that would suit a casual look. 

Featuring Rimmel London's 15 year anniversary collection by Kate Moss. 


 What do you guys think of these shades? 

Let me know which is your FAVOURITE shade! 

Livia xo

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Thursday, October 6, 2016



shu uemura have introduced their Limited Edition Tokyo Doll Eye and Cheek Palette this Spring which are now available in-stores. 

shu uemura's products are Made in Korea, which means majority of their product range are of high quality. Recently shu uemura launched their Limited Edition Tokyo Doll Eye and Cheek Palette (which consists of 10 really easy to use shades), which helps you to create two awesome looks. Whether you're wanting to rock a day time look, or perhaps a night time look...there's definitely potential to really create a look that you'd be happy with. I am so impressed with the colour selections being offered in the Tokyo Doll Eye and Cheek Palette because they are shades I'd definitely ALL wear. There's not a single shade that I would not consider wearing, plus there's two blush shades for the cheeks which is perfect for completing that eye and cheek look. 

What you will notice from the sleek and stylish palette is that it features a two-toned shade that is made to be used on the go. The Limited Edition eye and cheek palette even comes with a limited edition pouch which has been designed by Tokyo artist, feebee. Not only that, the palette comes with two double ended brushes. The first brush consists of a blush type of brush for the cheeks, whilst the second brush has an angled and eyeshadow brush on both ends which is so handy for applying eyeshadow or filling in your brows should you not have a brush in hand with you. Even though these brushes are made "small", they're actually not bad to handle and still helps me to apply make-up with ease. They are convenient and easy to use which is why I cannot find any faults with using this lovely new palette by shu uemura. It's definitely the perfect little compact consisting of all the shades I'd wear for day and night. 

Furthermore, the palette isn't too big which is great to consider for this limited edition item and it also comes with a mirror which is a must when you are on the go. From observing the colour palette, you can definitely opt to create a neutral, healthy glowing and even a night look with the shades. From the eyeshadow shades, there's a combination of both shimmery and matte shades which are warm and slightly neutral toned - perfect for that all natural look. Did I also mention how super pigmented the eye shadows and blushes are? They're definitely made of high quality pigments which look to bring amazing colour for the eyes and cheeks. Additionally, you can even opt for a cool smoky eyed effect which can be re-created with a few shades from the palette. Also, it's definitely my favourite so far that has all of the shades that I would definitely use on a weekly basis. Whether I am going to work or heading to an event, the Limited Edition Tokyo Doll eye and cheek palette definitely has me covered!

Overall, this Limited Edition Eye and Cheek Palette even makes a fabulous option for any gift giving occasion. The fact that it comes with a pouch, included mini-travel sized brushes and compact mirror will definitely complete every beauty lover's dream! 

  • RRP $128 
  • Now available in-stores at David Jones, or at QBV, Town Hall Australia at the shu uemura store. 
  • For more information, make sure you head over to http://shuuemura.com.au/en/

Admiring how gorgeous this palette is! 

Comes with a handy pouch for travelling purposes. 


The satisfaction of swatching highly pigmented eyeshadows from the Limited Edition Tokyo Doll Eye and Cheek Palette by shu uemura!

Which shade is your favourite? 

The numbers on my arm correspond to the correct shades on the right featuring shu uemura's Tokyo Doll, Eye and Cheek Palette. 

Above image provided by shu uemura 


Are you excited to check out shu uemura's Limited Edition Tokyo Doll Eye and Cheek Palette? 

Let me know on your thoughts! 

Livia xx

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Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Hello Beauties, 

Recently, I looked to try out two different scents by Vera Wang's Revolution and Calvin Klein's Euphoria. I've been happening to try these out and finally I have got across to reviewing them for you all.

This year we saw Vera Wang launch their Princess Revolution Eau De Toilette spray which comes in the 50ml sized bottle. Combine rock and romance which is exactly what the bottle seeks to achieve in terms of its "shape" and overall identity. It's definitely the perfect balance of rock and romance which gives a lovely and addictive scent. 

Fragrance notes include: 
  • Top notes - Black cherry, Blood orange and Watermelon sorbet, 
  • Mid notes - Lily of the valley, Red Apple blossom and Jasmine, 
  • Base notes - Atlas Cedarwood and Amberwood. 

As for my experiences regarding the Princess Revolution Eau De Toilette by Vera Wang, it's definitely a really nice fruity fragrance to rock for everyday. I love everything from the design of the bottle to the overall scent of the Eau De Toilette spray. The cap which represents a Princess crown is adorable as it's surrounded by black gems which really adds a touch of sophistication to it. 

In regards to the overall fragrance, it's fresh and addictive smelling of cherry, watermelon and blood orange. After you spray on the product, you'll eventually notice the Lily and Jasmine scent which smells amazing. I wore this fragrance on for the whole day and it lasted for approximately 6 hours which is still relatively long for an Eau De Toilette. After that, it's all about re-spraying whenever you notice the smell disappearing. If you're a fruity type of person, then I feel that you'll fall in love with this scent. 

  • RRP $49 (For 50ml) 
  • Available from Priceline, Department stores and selected pharmacies. 

The next scent that I looked to try out is Calvin Klein's Euphoria. It has more of an addictive blend of exotic fruits and florals which smells irresistible. This scent is totally different to the above as it's more glamourous and sexy. The Eau De Parfum also features a black orchid fantasy that creates a memorable signature to it. This scent definitely has more of a "mature" and "sexier" atmosphere when sprayed onto either the wrists or neck. 

Fragrance notes includes: 
  • Top notes - Pomegranate, Succulent Persimmon, 
  • Middle notes - Sensual champaca flower and Rich Black orchid,
  • Base notes - Liquid amber, Black violet and Mahogany wood. 

Overall, this scent is very nice to have on the body either for work or whenever you're heading out. For the actual bottle itself, it's presented in a futuristic shape that's very unique and just so interesting to look at. The scent literally lasts all day which is what I love about the scent as it's very long lasting. Also, you can even look to fit this in your handbag as it's not too bulky or heavy - and would make a great refreshing item for during the day. 

  • RRP $110 (For 50ml), $140 (For 100ml)
  • Available from Priceline, Department stores and selected pharmacies. 

New scents for the month! 

Vera Wang, Princess Revolution Eau De Toilette

Calvin Klein Euphoria 


Have you checked out any of the above? 

Let me know on your thoughts, 

Livia xx

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Monday, October 3, 2016



Rimmel London recently welcomed Cara Delevingne as their new brand ambassador. She's the perfect role model for the brand as she represents the city's edgy, cosmopolitan beauty styles. 

And to launch the new SCANDALEYES RELOADED range, we see their new SCANDALEYES Reloaded Mascara, Extreme Volume, Extreme Wear (with up to 24 hours of impact), being launched in the beauty market. The new mascara looks to deliver extreme and bold looking lashes designed to make an impact. The formula is clump-free and is also made to be long-wearing of up to 24 hours. 

There's now a long-lasting formula for which I really like about this new mascara which means I can enjoy bolder and dramatic lashes for longer. The mascara also looks to deliver sweat-proof, smudge-proof and humidity proof - which means that it's so appropriate for any seasons of the year, whether it be Spring, Winter, Autumn or Summer. 

Furthermore, in terms of removing the mascara off the eye-lashes, it now made so much easier as you only need warm water. Of course, should you be wanting to use eye-makeup removal for that "extra clean" then by all means go for it. This mascara so ideal for me as the first thing I always look to do when it comes to cleaning off my make-up is to tackle the mascara off my lashes first. The formula also includes their First to Market Patented Technology Extreme Wear formula that looks to build on extreme volume for the lashes faster. The new hold on the mascara brush works faster and easier when it comes to coating the lashes. There's also no clumping to using the mascara which is great when you're looking for a formula that is consistent all way through. With the mascara brush, it features a tapered style design that looks to fit the shape of the eye, making it easier for you to coat each individual lash. 

Also, Rimmel London have released their new and improved ScandalEyes Thick & Thin Liner and ScandalEyes Precision Micro Eye Liner. These liners have two different options, with one being a thick and thin liner, allowing you for better optimal control on the style of liner you wish to create. The other Micro Eye Liner allows you to better control the cat-eye flick styles. What I've found out about these amazing liners is that they are very long-lasting and consist of an ultra-black colour that lasts for up to 24 hours. The formula is waterproof and smudgeproof too which is ideal for Summer and Spring when the temperatures will set to soar for those in Australia. 

  • Rimmel ScandalEyes Reloaded Mascara RRP $17.95,
  • Rimmel ScandalEyes Thick and Think + Micro Precision Eye Liner RRP $12.95 each
  • Available now at Priceline, Chemist Warehouse, Target, Kmart, Big W, selected pharmacies and at selected Coles and Woolworths. 
  • For more information, click here. 

Left: SCANDALEYES, Precision Micro Eyeliner
Right: SCANDALEYES, Thick and thin Eyeliner 

Overall, I am loving the new ScandalEyes Reloaded Mascara along with their new and improved eye liners which lasts longer for the eyes. Now you can look to have long-lasting make-up for the entire day without worrying about touching up every few hours. 

Have you guys tried out the new range by Rimmel London?

Let me know on your thoughts!

Livia x

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Sunday, October 2, 2016


Hello Everyone,

Happy Long weekend for those residing in Australia! What better way to relax and rewind at the comfort of your own home...and don't forget to set the mood with the amazing scented range from Glasshouse Fragrances. 

So when it comes to candles, diffusers and even hand creams, there's one premium brand that I always look for...featuring the Glasshouse Fragrances range. I can never go wrong with their wide range of products and scents made available. Glasshouse Fragrances is definitely a premium brand that offers quality fragrances that is designed to suit many tastes out there. Glasshouse Fragrances are all Australian made and you can even check out more of their scents here.

 You'll also be pleased to know that Glasshouse Fragrances is the leading fragrances range in Australia which is why I have been loving their Saigon Lemongrass Triple Strength Fragrance Diffuser. It consists of an infectious blend of lemon, grass, lime and bergamot. If anything, the scent really takes me down memory lane to a time when I last visited Vietnam. And as for a handbag essential, I could not help myself but look to try out their Oahu Ilima Milk and Honey, Hand creme that comes with Shea butter and Argan oil - essential for leaving your hands feeling incredibly moisturised and soft. 

As for the overall product packaging of the Glasshouse Fragrances range, they look very sophisticated, stylish and luxury to have in your living space. When it comes to decorating my home, I've added their Saigon Lemongrass Fragrance Diffuser to my lounge room as it brings a touch of a luxury feel to it. The scent is so uplifting that it's able to make every space smelling like lemongrass which is very refreshing. And as for their hand creme, I've popped this into the bathroom for a luxury look - and of course in case you're wanting soft and supple hands! 

Having a pleasant fragrance at home such as the Saigon Lemongrass Diffuser by Glasshouse Fragrances is so essential in looking to set the atmosphere for those living under the roof, and also for your family and friends when they do set foot in your home. Then again, having a scent atmosphere really helps me to relax and rewind at the end of the day. We are constantly bombarded with stress, duties and errands, that sometimes we can forget to simply relax in our own home. A great lifestyle tip is to make sure that you light a candle or place your diffuser on the coffee table or even on your kitchen bench to really distribute thebeautiful and aromatic scents. 

Furthermore, when it comes to gift giving you can never go wrong with the Glasshouse Fragrances range. I know that my friends and family will be happy with Glasshouse Fragrances because they're useful for the home and lifestyle purposes. It really is a beautiful and timeless gift for your loved ones, so essentially you will find me browsing the Glasshouse Fragrances at David Jones a few weeks before Christmas. The quality of their products is definitely excellent and I would really recommend the Glasshouse Fragrances to check out. 

For a quick run-down of my current favourites I am loving from the Glasshouse Fragrances range, see the below: 

Saigon, Lemongrass, Triple Strength Fragrance Diffuser by Glasshouse Fragrances (250ml) - RRP $42.95

Get ready to relive a touch of Vietnam with this infectious blend of Lemongrass, Orange, lime and Bergamot. The Glasshouse Diffuser are also made with using only alcohol, fragrance and water and only the best quality reeds have been provided, A good tip to ensure that you get the fullest enjoyment from using the Diffuser is to flip the reeds regularly. 

Also, if you're looking for an attractive Diffuser to match with your coffee table, you can really look to opt for the Diffusers from the Glasshouse Fragrances range because they can easily blend in with any items of your home. 

Oahu, Ilima Milk & Honey (with Shea Butter and Argan Oil) Hand Creme by Glasshouse Fragrances - RRP $24.95 

If you're looking for the perfect handbag essential or simple a high quality hand creme for your bathroom, you have to check the Oahu, Ilima Milk and Honey Hand Creme that comes with Shea Butter and Argan Oil. This hand cream leaves your hands feeling so soft and supple. The formulation of the cream is rich and thick which absorbs really nicely on the hands. It's not greasy which is great to consider for a hand cream that does an outstanding job in ensuring that your hands remain softer than ever. The hand creme is also enriched with Rose Hip oil which leaves the hands smelling beautifully fragrant. 



What do you think of Glasshouse Fragrances? 

Livia xo
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Saturday, October 1, 2016



Recently I have looked to incorporate more luxury skincare products to my daily and nightly routine, which is why I will be chatting more about Yves Saint Laurent and Essano.

So with Yves Saint Laurent Beaute, I tried two of their skincare products from the Blanc Pur Couture range which is their new collection to hit stores now. These products include their Bright Refining Lotion and their Bright Reveal Moisturiser. 

As I am constantly in the city during the week, I find that stress, pollution and lunches at my desk can really play a crucial role with my skin. My skin would look dull and simply tired. And overtime, I'd notice more dark spots appear on my skin which can be due to the exposure of harsh UV rays in Australia. But now thanks to the new Blanc Pur Couture range, their products look to deliver exceptionally outstanding results for the skin. Their range consists of Yves Saint Laurent's first ever brightening complex products that have been inspired by the melatonin controlling action that takes place with the skin each night. 

Let's talk about the GLYCO BRIGHT COMPLEX, as it is an association of glycans known for acting on one or multiple pathways. This unique complex helps to fight the causes of hyper-pigmentation which helps to: 
  • Balance out the melanocyte environment, 
  • Soothe stress and inflammatory factors, 
  • Regulate melanin synthesis,
  • Regulate melanin transfer,
  • Dilute melanin

I'd have to say that the Blanc Pur Couture range definitely aims to re balance the skin's pro-pigmenting mediators and so it helps to brighten up your appearance as well as smoothing out your skin's texture. 

Furthermore, I also tried out a Mist Toner by Essano which consists of Kakadu Plum and Green tea. The mist toner looks to soothe, refresh and hydrate the skin with its much needed antioxidants. It's a lovely mist toner for Spring and Summer - or should you be wanting something small to refreshen your face with, simply spray the mist toner onto the face, neck and decolletage. 

To read more about these products as mentioned above, be sure to scroll down. 

Happy reading x

Bright Refining Lotion,  Blanc Pur Couture YSL, Beaute - RRP $168 (200ml) 

This amazing lotion looks to provide a refining benefit for your skin as it contains Glyco Bright Complex and Tree Peony extract which helps to leave your skin glowing and looking healthier once again. My skin texture was instantly smooth after using this lotion every night during my nightly skincare routine. If you're looking for a lotion that has a brightening complex within its lotion and aiming to get radiant looking skin, then you definitely need to check out their Bright Refining Lotion from the Blanc Pur Couture range.

The lotion looks to brighten and clarify the skin by exfoliating, moisturising and even acts as a serum booster for the skin. If anything, it's a wonderful product that has all of the benefits that I need for my skin. This lotion definitely helps with my multiple skin needs all in the one product which is ideal for my busy daily schedule. 

How the lotion works is through its "peeling action" as the glycolic acids works to remove the dead skin cells on your skin's surface, and it really prepares your skin for a more radiant complexion. I found that this lotion really looked to prepare my skin for my moisturiser and serum routine and overall I am highly impressed with this lotion's formula. It works amazingly for my skin and what better way to achieve immaculate skin clarity! 

These are available at the David Jones stores across Australia. 

Bright Reveal Moisturiser, Blanc Pure Couture Creme, YSL Beaute - RRP $168 (50ml) 

Guys if you're looking for a moisturiser that can leave your skin feeling silky soft and looking quite radiant - then you need to check out the YSL Bright Reveal Moisturiser creme. As soon as you apply on the moisturiser, you can instantly feel the creme absorbing really nicely onto the skin, leaving it feeling hydrated and super soft. 

Before using this product, my skin would occasionally feel dull and dry, but ever since I have been using the Bright Reveal Moisturiser on a nightly basis, I'd notice an incredible improvement to my skin's moisture levels which is great to know. The moisturiser leaves your skin with a 24 hour hydration feel which means you will no longer feel any dryness or dullness to your skin. These are available at the David Jones stores across Australia in case you were wondering where this can be purchased. 

Essano Rosehip, Certified Organic Mist Toner, RRP $12.99 (120ml) 

This mist toner is enriched with Kakadu Plum and Green Tea which makes it a beautiful scent Certified Organic Mist Toner that looks to deliver instant moisture for the skin. Should you be having dry or dull looking skin, simply spray the mist toner onto your face and immediately you should feel that refreshing and uplifting feeling. You can even spray the mist toner onto your face several times a day to maintain that radiance and also prevent excessive dryness. 

As for the scent itself, it's quite zesty and fresh smelling. I don't mind the scent because if anything, it really looks to refreshen my complexion and would make a handy mist toner to carry around in your handbag. With continued use of the mist toner, I found that my skin became smoother and I could tell that it has helped to brighten my skin. My skin looked more glowing and radiant than usual which is perfect for what this mist toner can look to deliver for the skin. Overall, it's an ideal mist toner to have in my beauty cabinet as it's so easy to use on a day to day basis. The fact that it also acts as a toner really makes it even more useful so that you receive the toning benefits for the skin. 

For more information, make sure to head over to http://essano.com.au/


Have you checked out any of the products as mentioned above? 

Let me know on your thoughts! 

Livia x 

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