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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Bella Bamba Benefit Blush REVIEW

What exactly are you doing? Browsing the Benefit official site for new or existing products. Really interested in the Bella Bamba blush product and what it entails. 

When did this occur? Morning after my run. 

Where are you? At home

What prompted or triggered this? I remembered I was watching a Youtube tutorial online and they reviewed one of the products from the Benefit range. 

Why did you choose use this to get beauty information, news or inspiration ?
It's the official Benefit website and I think it's a really attractive and informative website for my needs and wants. You can definitely find more about beauty products by surfing and browsing the Web as it offers immense information!  

What are the good things about this method of getting beauty information, news or inspiration? Get an insight into the new products and what's being offered. 

What are the not so good things? Can't test out the product but only read about the pros and cons. 

How are you feeling at this time? Excited because I love the Benefit ranges! 

What do you think of the product? Approximately 63% would definitely purchase the product again (Source: https://www.makeupalley.com/) An average rating of the product was given a 4.0 (which is pretty high on the scale considering the lightweight box of the blush)

The colour of the blush I would say is watermelon with gold shimmer which I believe the gold shimmer brightens my face even more (acting like a face illuminating powder). 

Also totally loving the floral and fruit scent that comes from using the blush! Smells luscious and fresh and can't wait to get more of that blush on my face.

A little goes a long way from using this type of blush and overall it lasts all day for me which is perfect as I don't have to always reapply my blush.

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