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Sunday, May 11, 2014


During my seasonal vacation trip to the United States, I managed to stop by Sephora which is the central place for all the beauty lovers out there. Armed with shelves of concealers, different shades of lipstick colours, high quality lashes and absolutely divine colour eye shadow palettes, we are greeted by the friendliest customer service at Sephora. They are there to always lend a hand to assist you on what products are the best for your skin and provide you with tips on how to apply them. Of course this all comes down for them to make a decent sale, and to be honest - I am totally sold...whether it be for me to purchase make up to glam up or skin range  for better looking skin. 

The above image show a few products I picked up at the make-up stores at the States where I was looking to try different all sorts of brands.

They ranged from: 

  • Ardell - lashes 
  • Duo - lash glue 
  • OPI nail ranges
  • Benefit - Brow Zings
  • Sephora Draw Line Eyeliner Set 
  • Elf Plush - Pink 
  • Urban Decay Brow Gel 
  • Urban Decay Brow Set in Light Ash Brown 
  • Urban Decay - Naked 2 Colour Palette
  • Urban Decay - Naked Basic Palette 
  • Sephora Brush Set
  • Eco Tools Brush Set 
  • Clinique skin ranges: Skin Brightening Corrector, Pore Minimiser & BB Cream
  • Clinique Eyeliner Crayon 
  • Clinique Blush and Mirror set 
  • And plenty more! 
Compared to the stores in Sydney, Australia - America beauty stockists are ten times better! Only because of the service and price we get which is so worth buying from there. In Australia to buy from a shop front, there's Myer and David Jones also similar to Macy's or Nordstorm but ten times not that great! Thank gosh, Sephora is coming to Australia rumoured to be opening in December early 2014....move over DJs and Myer!  (Let the truth be revealed: http://www.vogue.com.au/beauty/news/sephora+is+coming+to+australia,30353

One of the reasons of why I love travelling is because of the shopping and latest fashion. Australian fashion is quite behind on the trends...maybe it's because we don't live fast paced lifestyle as New Yorkers do!