• Alternatively if you have baby shampoo lying around in your house, this could also be a great way to cleanse them 
  • Baby shampoo is soft and won't be too harsh for your brushes compared with other hair shampoo/conditioner. Also it won't dry out your bristles. 
  • So first soak your brushes with hot water or under a hot running tap. 
  • Pour some baby shampoo into a ceramic bowl 
  • Next dip and dab your brushes into the bowl and move in circular motions in the bowl to ensure you are cleaning out all of the dirt and grime trapped in the brushes. 
  • This will form a murky colour on the bristles...note: this is the grime and dirt. 
  • Flick the brushes forward with fresh clean hot water again and towel dry them and lay them flat. Don't attempt to rub the brushes with the towel and you may cause the shape to change. 
  • And now you have clean brushes! Enjoy x