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Sunday, September 28, 2014


I used to love drinking red/white wine, Vodka cranberry, pineapple, Tequila, Patron - don't get me wrong they were good to enjoy once in a while. So I stopped drinking at the beginning of 2014 and my experiment so far has turned out to be a long term experiment - so it seems. Results so far: Feeling better than ever, energised, less pores and I feel amazing. Beauty complexion improved as compared to my early 20s.

So what exactly are the benefits? See below for the major benefits of foregoing drinking:

1. Your eyes become brighter, less dark circles, bags, anything that makes you look tired.

The puffiness reduces and your complexion looks much healthier as compared to when you drink. When you do drink, the alcohol absorbs into your bloodstream allowing more toxins and wastes to go into your system! Minus alcohol, you will have less red eyes, less dark circles and puffiness to your eyes.

2. Healthier looking skin, smooth and shiny complexion that you don't get naturally when consuming alcohol.

I'm talkin' about damaging your livers as it becomes overloaded by wastes and toxins...totally unecessary if you're trying to be healthy here. The more water (H2O) that you consume, the more you can flush out of your system, hence healthy looking skin.

3. Feeling more shaped from face to hips to body to face again.

Face will feel younger and those "flabby" bits will slowly fade/sink whatever you want to call it. Yes you need to exercise as well to achieve a more sculptured look. Alcohol leads to bloating and making you always feel puffy..mainly because alcohol has may calories and the more you don't burn this, the more toxins will stay in your body.

This of course leads to the next point.....

4. Lose those kilos!

It's called "Liquid fat" for a reason and knowing how much you consume is really sometimes too hard to keep count right? After all alcohol makes you lose concentration? It takes more to burn off the fat... but with me I chose to abstain from it completely because I would rather exercise and don't waste those intense sessions of working out by drinking again.

5. Less wrinkles on the forehead and eye areas....

Did you know that alcohol is extremely dehydrating and hence you need replenish by drinking lots of water to keep yourself hydrated and more balanced. This effectively creates more wrinkles because your skin is asking to be hydrated so it loses water, hence the more sagging of the skin.

The choice is yours though!

x Livvy



For those in love with Chanel No.5, the hair mist is a lighter version for your hair if you're feeling like some nice fragrance on the go or to even add to your morning/evening routine.

The bottle will leave your hair smelling sweet and fresh...easily to carry in your purse for the 60ml bottle size. It's a great idea to mask the smell of pollution or other external factors that may leave your hair smelling a bit dull...

  • Elegant and top quality notch hair mist
  • Smells sweet and fresh with a hint of Jasmine
  • Easy to carry in your purse, bottle seems solid.
  • High end product but quality serves its purpose.
Overall an awesome good hair mist product that doesn't fade quick!


I was in need of a good pore-refining product and of course Clinique came to mind. As recommended by one of the Sephora sales assistants in New York during my vacation there and I was amazed by how well this product actually works.

I usually get oily skin around the T-zone section of the face so by using a little of this product really made my face feel so hydrated. It also filled in the pores so that it wouldn't look obvious as opposed to not using it. It's perfect if used under foundation or your daily concealer.

This product is designed for those wanting a matte and soft and smooth complexion look with or without make-up. It helps fight that oily shine to your face instantly. It comes in a dry combination to oily...so suitable for those with dry or oily skin.

  • Instantly mattifies the skin
  • Has an oil free formula designed to counter oily faces by staying like that for about 8 hours.
  • Instantly refines the pores.
  • Non-acnegenic.
  • Best results if applied twice a day
  • Does not irritate the skin
  • Can be pricey in Australia (RRP $60)
  • Could come in a bigger bottle, currently comes in a 50ml bottle hence no larger sizes.
You can find the product here:

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


So I was wanting to try a new lip balm, so I opted to go for the NIVEA SOFT ROSE "Underlines the natural rosiness of the lips"... 

It smells amazing and most importantly comes as UV protection which is great for your lips especially when it comes to sun protection. There's a nice tint to it so if you're wanting some colour of pop for your lips then this is ideal especially if your lips are light...although it might leave your lips feeling a bit greasy...makes me question the formula Nivea has used for their new lip ranges. 

  • Definitely moisturizes the lips 
  • Can be found at local supermarkets, pharmacists (drugstores) 
  • Gives of a natural colour to your lips
  • Better to put on a SPF lip balm layer first, then put the Nivea Rose lip balm on after. 
  • Contains Jojoba oil leaving your skin feeling nourished and soft. 
  • Smell of roses..
  • Shimmery pink tint to the balm 
  • Can be greasy, clay like on your lips... 
  • Feels like crayon...but I guess everyone has their own opinion on it.