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Wednesday, February 25, 2015



Can I just start by saying by how amazing the GHD ECLIPSE is? I got this beauty as a gift, but by doing a quick search on Google, it retails for about $299 AUD? It's pretty expensive for a hair straightener, but the in-built mechanics of the hair straightener itself really proves to be worth investing in for your hair.

From my knowledge, it uses a tri-zone technology plate which automatically adjusts its heat seating for your convenience when you're straightening your hair. Its plates are aimed for precision and heats up real quick!

Upon opening the package, the new sexy sleek black straightener definitely caught my eye, and I have to say hands down - it's probably the best straightener I have ever owned.
With this, you only need to press one button - to indicate that it's warming up and when it's ready you hear a cool sound which allows us to start straightening!

With straightening, my hair became sleek and shiny. There was no dry bits or frizzy ends, as I did my hair in parts to make it easier to straighten the frizz out.
I definitely enjoyed how quick it took for me to straighten my hair, a good 3-4 minutes and I was done! You can simply turn off by pressing the button and then it will quickly sound off. To store the product, it comes with a heat guard which is ideal as it doesn't burn or lead to any unsafe environment!
The product seems quite durable and of high quality! The box itself is sturdy and I enjoyed the packaging itself. (This is where I actually store the GHD product, to protect it from getting scratched.)

The plates itself do become hot, but that's ok because when you grip all around, it's made to not get you burnt!
Easy for making curls and straighten, there are so many ways you can use this awesome hair straightener!
This product comes in black and white in the Eclipse range, however the black is definitely suited for me!


  • Leaves your hair shiny and sleek. 
  • Durable look and comes with heat guard. 
  • Fast heating time about 5-10 seconds! 
  • Faster to style hair, for hair straightened, took me about 5 minutes. 
  • Black and sleek looking hair straightener
  • Comes with tri-zone technology plates which means it adjusts heat automatically. 
  • Turns off by itself if left on idle for about 5-10 minutes, (Another great safety feature.) 


  • Pricey $$ but does it's job :) 

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