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Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Hello hair care lovers!

Ever heard of the name "Moroccanoil treatment" but never got a chance to read more into it...? Well great news, an interesting product where I swear this really worked for me since I have dry and brittle hair and through usage of this oil, my hair felt so good! 

I would like to review one of the best hair oil treatments my hair I have tested and dusted for my hair care range. Introducing the Moroccan Oil treatment that's graciously embraced hairdresser shelves and their hair salons. At first, when I first discovered the name... I thought to myself oil on hair? What makes me think I would want to cake on more oil onto my scalp and ends? Well..it goes to show that if your hair is suffering from dry brittle ends, split ends or just simply it has no texture or volume to it...then your hair is in dire need of a hair treatment, so that's why I decided to experiment with Moroccanoil treatment and see how it all goes. My overall rating for this awesome hair oil treatment, 4.5/5 stars! 

Moroccanoil Treatment is the product where the oils (such as antioxidant rich Argan oil) are supposed to help improve hair appearance. It's needed when you want to style your hair (straighten or curl) as hairstyling from the high heat appliances can leave your hair feeling dry and damaged. I'm no hair expert but when it comes to simple products and simple ways to take care of your hair, this is the ideal hair treatment for me so far. 

Moroccan oil is also used to condition hair, leaving hair feeling so smoothed and new after application. Your hair just feels strengthened and you get more of a shine from the product's vitamins and boost. Highly recommend for those wanting a salon feel for their hair and prevent breakages from occurring. (It's a good temporary excuse to apply onto your hair, but if you want to retain soft and smooth hair, best to use the oil has a weekly ritual.) 

So now for some of my personal thoughts Pros and Cons, 

  • Leaves your hair feeling shiny, smooth and soft. 
  • Conditions your hair so well. 
  • Gives it a salon feel to it. 
  • Infused with antioxidant-rich argan oil which strengthens hair proteins and boosts shine. 
  • Speeds up drying process. 
  • Leaves hair de-tangled (for those who always have tangled hair) 
  • Hair feels so nourished. 
  • Easy to use bottle. 
  • Non-greasy
  • Smells good. 
  • Hair feels so moisturized. 

  • Can be pricey for 100ml bottle (RRP $43) but argan oil is always luxurious and full of needed vitamins so I would purchase this. 

  • Apply 1-2 pumps onto your hand and then massage into towel dried hair, starting from the mid to the ends of your hair. 
  • Blow dry hair as usual or alternative you can allow to dry naturally. 
  • Using a high heat hair straightener, in this case I use a GHD, pull hair and straighten as usual. 
  • And then you're done, easy! 

  • For extra straight hair, go over your hair 2-3 times again when you straighten your hair. 
  • There's also the Moroccanoil treatment in LIGHT, it has been created for those with fine and light coloured hair. Ideal for those with light and fine hair as this texture is lighter and not too strong. 


I hope you enjoyed reading this review, enjoy ladies! 


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