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Thursday, April 30, 2015


Hello beauties, 

It's quickly nearing the end of the week and what can you say - time really flies when you're busy in the beauty world! 

Today, I want to chat about why night treatment for your skin is so essential for your daily routine. Skin recovers overnight and that's how it gets replenished by the various types of treatment that you use. 

Have you ever heard of TRILOGY products? They're available from selected Myer, Priceline pharmacies and health stores worldwide. Trilogy products give you the maximum effect on your skin and the minimum effect on the environment.

For the products I have tested out are of the following: 
  • Trilogy Eye Contour Cream
  • Trilogy Cream Cleanser
  • Trilogy Rosapene Night Cream 

Trilogy Eye Contour Cream

This Trilogy eye contour cream is made to restore and revive delicate skin around the eye areas, where it assists in reducing puffy eyes. This eye cream instantly soothes around the eye areas and what's great about it... is that it's 100% fragrance free! The consistency of the cream is in an aloe vera cream base. It absorbs really well when on skin where it instantly revives and tones well. When used effectively, the application of make-up goes on even smoother.

The product is formulated without any artificial or synthetic active ingredient. It contains mostly natural botanicals which are full of green plant proteins which in a sense works to target puffiness, dehydration, any fine lines and signs of ageing. I've been using the eye cream around the contours of my eye areas and I have found that it's looking more firm and smoother. 

The ingredients contained in the products has been reformulated to incorporate Trilogy's unique ingredient which is Rosapene (which contains a blend of nourishing certified rosehip oil and super anti-oxidants which protects skin from radical damage). If you happen to suffer from signs of ageing, especially near the eye areas (e.g. fine lines) then this product is suitable for you in trying to target any visible signs of ageing. 

Furthermore, this eye contour cream is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. The consistency of the cream is in a gel-cream form and is quite easy to use on the eye areas. The other nutrients included in the product are aloe vera, carrot oil and Vitamin E which assists with skin repair and renewal. This product is filled with so many healthy ingredients which all effectively assist your skin to become more replenished.The product comes in a white squeeze tube where it includes a small nozzle with a lid which you can screw on and off with. 

My eyes were looking dry and my eye bags were becoming more visible before I used the eye cream. I felt after using it, it provided much relief to the areas where it was feeling a tad dry. The product absorbed onto my skin really well and I found no irritations or redness after applying it on. I would say that this product can be used for longer, because you only require a small amount. A little goes a long way for a 20ml tube. I apply this eye cream every night just before I moisturise my whole face. Also, I have tiny fine wrinkles around my eye areas so this definitely makes it ideal for me to tone and smooth out any fine lines. I've noticed that my eyes don't seem puffy as usual and I am very happy with the continuing results of using this eye cream every night. 

In the longer term, this cream will help reduce puffiness and gradually fade my dark circles. It will also act as an anti-ageing eye cream which works to prevent any sign of ageing. This is by far the best eye cream I have tested out and I am truly amazed at how Trilogy has developed such a wonderful and effective product for the eye areas.

Overall, I am giving this a 5/5 stars as it's one of the best eye creams I have definitely tried out.

  • Restores and revives around the eye areas. 
  • Banishes puffy and tired eyes. 
  • Incorporated with Rosapene where it helps to fight against free radical damage. 
  • Prevents visible signs of ageing. 
  • For all skin types. 
  • Fragrance free! 
  • Gel-cream formula. 
  • Minimises the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eye areas.
  • Certified natural under the internationally NATRUE Natural cosmetics standard. 
  • Tried and Tested winner in UK's prestigious Green beauty bible. 
  • Zilch. 
  • Apply the cream gently around the contours of eye areas using fingertips. 

Trilogy Cream Cleanser

Cream cleansers are the new way to cleanse your skin in one simple step. It features with rosehip, evening primrose and carrot which are all daily essentials needed to give you soft and smooth looking skin. It's considered as one of the best sellers of the Trilogy skincare group and really luxurious and smells amazing of natural plant oils.

The product I have in the image above is in the travel-friendly 100ml tube where you can conveniently take this with you when travelling overseas. It's not too heavy and very practical to pack in your make-up case. It not only removes make-up but also works leave your skin feeling supple and soft - preparing it for serums and moisturisers. I would use the cream cleanser during the mornings and nights to get more of the moisturising benefits.

After using the cleanser, I felt my skin to be really smooth and clean. There wasn't any harsh foaming agents present in the product and I felt it was super gentle when used on skin. It did a great job in scrubbing away my make-up and it didn't even make my skin feel tight or dry. I would rate Trilogy's cream cleanser as one of my top five natural creamy cleanser because it seriously is effective in cleaning my skin and makes it supple and very soft. What I enjoyed about this cleanser is that it gave me a really 'clean' result by not containing harsh chemicals at the same time which can really dry out the skin if there were any present.

The cream cleanser gives me a gentle thorough cleanse and I am definitely happy to have really tried on an effective cream cleanser that works for all skin types. The natural and beneficial ingredients of evening primrose, jojoba and certified rosehip oils all combined can make your skin feel really nourished and with your complexion looking and feeling smoother. I love how the product is presented in a handy tube which is perfect for traveling. It comes with a flip-top lid so there's not really an excuse to be messy when using the cleanser.

Overall, it's an amazing cream cleanser from Trilogy's range and I am giving this a 5/5 stars!

  • Thoroughly cleanses without making the skin dry
  • Removes make-up entirely. 
  • Makes skin feel supple, soft and moisturised after cleansing. 
  • Can purchased a travel friendly 100ml tube. 
  • Contains natural ingredients that benefit the skin including: Evening primrose, jojoba and certified rosehip oils.
  • Zilch!
  • Cleanse morning and nights for soft and smooth looking skin. 
  •  Myer
  • Priceline
  • Health stores worldwide
  • 100ml tube RRP $21.95 or 200ml for the bottle at RRP $36.95
  • Visit the Trilogy website for more info: http://www.trilogyproducts.com/

Trilogy Rosapene Night Cream 

So are you looking for an effective night cream which features a blend of botanical active ingredients which all help your skin to be restored and re-hydrated overnight?
Named the Best Night cream in 2014 NZ Best in Beauty Awards
Take a new love to bed.... with Trilogy's Rosapene Night cream. 

How this night cream works is that it works overnight while we sleep. It assists hydration in giving you an intensive nourishment that leaves your skin looking and feeling so smoothy and healthy. 
Fact: The production of skin cells is at its greatest while we rest and key functions, such as rate of water loss and blood flow, are significantly higher...so the skin is at its most receptive to nourishing natural actives at night.
What makes this night recovery cream unique is that it contains an antioxidant called Rosapene which is basically a certified organic blend of repairing rosehip oil and super antioxidants such as lycopene from tomato and phystosterol from acai berry. The multivitamins of the goji berry extract aids regeneration, the mineral-rich manuka honey helps with hydrating the skin and finally there's avocado oil which nourishes the skin. Hence, there are many amazing natural ingredients present in the night cream, which makes it very beneficial for your skin. You would want your skin looking silky smooth. 

The smell of the cream is very light and smell of roses and geranium. It's pleasant and I don't mind the scent at all.  I actually love the therapeutic scent it brings out. The best thing about this night cream is that it's also suitable for those with sensitive skin. When using the product, I felt no redness or irritation. The cream is not of heavy consistency which is great because it makes it very lightweight and rich when you apply the cream onto your face. The product comes in a beautiful dark 60ml jar and comes with a twist to open cap. I definitely will look to repurchase this night cream once I run out because the jar is very durable and keeps the cream fresh.

From using this night cream, I didn't breakout or get any blemishes. Before using this, I was getting redness around my skin due to using too much hot water, so I applied the cream to the areas and found that my redness was significantly reduced. I also noticed that it did not even clog my pores so it's a great product that gave me soft and smooth looking skin every morning after using it overnight. It's definitely a heavenly product I'd recommend to anyone wanting a long-term night cream. It delivers the best results overnight and for anyone who hasn't used this - definitely a must try!

  • Award winning Night cream
  • Contains botanical actives to help revive, restore and rehydrate complexion
  • Very nourishing night cream to use. 
  • Leaves skin looking radiant, smooth and soft. 
  • Enriched with antioxidant complex Rosapene. 
  • Ingredients contained in the cream help to regenerate, hydrate, repair and nourish skin.
  • Zilch! 
  • Apply a small amount to the areas on your face.
I am so happy with Trilogy skincare products because of the luxurious and benefits I gain from using their products. I hope you enjoyed reading about the Trilogy beauty products and I've helped you with making your decision in getting these beauties! 
Happy reading guys,
Livia xo

Logos below are clickable onto the Official Trilogy website for more information! 


Thank you Trilogy + Maxtedthomas for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Hi beauties,

I know summer is officially over but that really doesn't stop us from getting silky and smooth looking legs this season! It's time to get your waxing session on at home and what better way to spend it on awesome Waxaway products! They have many products which may be suitable for you and I love how you get the extra value in them such as soft quality wax strips to sachets of conditioning oil wipes! 

I'm so excited to do this review because it's a relevant post for those who just want to step outside the box and see what other brands such as Waxaway & Bump Eraiser can offer in their new product range. 

There are so many brands of wax to choose from whenever you're at your local chemist or supermarket, but wait till you read my thoughts on these beautiful salon products by Waxaway and Bump Eraiser. 

In this review, you'll learn all about the following new products that CaronLab has launched this season: 
  • WAXAWAY - Sensitive - Ready to use Wax Strips 
  • WAXAWAY - NEW! Aqua wax Roll on Kit (3 in 1 total body waxing) 
  • BUMP ERAISER - Medi Paste 
  • BUMP ERAISER - Triple Action lotion

Scroll down to see why these products gave me soft and smooth looking skin! 

WAXAWAY - Sensitive - Ready to use Wax Strips 

These Waxaway Ready to use Wax strips for sensitive skin comes in a really convenient and compact blue box. It contains 20 wax strips with a softer fabric feel to the strip and they're so easy to use - so much you can also use it on the GO! (If you were really needed to wax off any excess hairs on your body + considering you had oil wipes in hand too..)

These strips are made for sensitive and delicate skin so you don't get irritation when using the wax strips. They have been designed for an easy, quick hair removal on your body and they also have a "hypoallergenic" salon formula which is present on the soft fabric strip where it's able to gently remove the hair from your body (legs or arms). 

From using these wax strips, they were super easy and mess-free to use. I've used it about a week ago and I don't even see the hairs on my legs growing yet! It's said to last about four weeks and I sure will be counting! I don't mind waxing my legs often because I find that my legs look smoother for longer and the hairs grow back slowly. I used the wax strips on my legs to rid of any excess leg hair. It took me only a minute to heat up the wax strip - by rubbing the strip with my hands together. It's very easy to peel the two sheets apart and apply the sheet with the sticky wax onto your legs or your ideal waxing spot. Once it's laid firm, I would lift the strip in a one-way motion and I do not experience any pain at all. (Waxing is really not that bad!) The process is repeated so that I cover most parts of my legs and after it all, I felt my legs looking smooth and silky.

I found the strips to effectively eliminate most of my leg hairs and it felt really smooth and soft. The box came with 20 x wax strips, 1 x sachet of After care wipe and 1 x sachet of Bump Eraiser Medi paste. The After care wipe was amazing as it fully conditioned my legs by making it all smooth and soft. It also removed all the wax residue left behind from waxing and helped soothe any redness on my skin. For such a small packet, it can do many wonder such as replenish your legs and skin making sure that it stays smooth looking. 
As for the small sachet of Bump Eraiser's Medi Paste included in the box (which I will give a full detailed review down below) basically is a highly concentrated spot treatment that eliminates any ingrown hairs, bumps and pimples! I call it the 'magical ingrown treatment.'

For the price and value of the product, you get covered with the whole body wax treatment and it's seriously worth it if you're wanting a home style salon waxing treatment for your body. I also thought it's worth mentioning, that this wax strip product is super ideal for if you were going overseas and needed a quick fix to your hairy legs! Sometimes, carrying a shaver requires us to carry Universal adapters which can always be a pain! So...the easier way is to just pack a box of Waxaway wax strips in your suitcase, because it comes with plenty of strips and with the necessary samples of the conditioning wipes and ingrown treatment for your skin. It's definitely super handy for me and it will be a "must bring necessity" for when I next travel overseas. 

Overall, I had no problems with using these wax strips as my skin didn't show any signs of irritation or redness. It's definitely a high quality product that can remove even the most coarse hair you have on your legs. It's totally a winner for convenient wax strips - suitable for sensitive skin! I am giving this a 5/5 stars! 

  • Comes in 20 wax soft fabric strips. 
  • No heating is required. (Just rub the strip between your palms together.) 
  • Leaves no irritation or redness after waxing.
  • Removed my coarse hair on my legs effectively. 
  • Comes with a conditioning wipe and ingrown treatment sachet. 
  • Worth it!!!!
  • Zilch! 
Beauty tips:
  • Hold strips between your hand/palm and rub for 1 minute to warm up the strip and get it ready for waxing! 
  • Waxaway strips cannot be removed with water, use Waxaway After Waxing oil or Waxaway After care lotion. 
Where to purchase: 
  • Priceline
  • My Chemist
  • Chemist warehouse
  • Target
  • Big W
  • Alternatively, for more information you can also check out their website: http://www.waxaway.com.au
  • RRP $10.45 

WAXAWAY - NEW! Aqua wax Roll on Kit (3 in 1 total body waxing) 

This is the new WAXAWAY Aqua wax roll kit which is made for 3-1 total body waxing including for face + small areas, delicate areas and lastly for your legs and body! 

The product is essentially a 'Roll on kit' which is made for home waxing. It's different as it contains a microwaveable cartridge which comes with a roll-on application! There is no need for a wooden spoon or spatula in this process. What is great about this wax kit is that there is no sticky residue left behind as it water soluble which means it can simply be washed off with water! It comes with three unique rollers to suit all relevant areas of the body - so this only makes waxing easier and convenient for you. It's a safe product to use even on your face, bikini, legs and body. The Aqua wax doesn't even contain any harsh chemicals making this very VEGAN FRIENDLY!  (Woooo vegan love) 

When you open the pack, it comes with the following: 
  • 1 x 80ml Wax cartridge 
  • 3 x Roller different type of heads
  • 12 x Reusable wax strips
Furthermore, it also comes with a cute sample sachet of Bump Eraiser's 'Medi paste' perfect for treating any ingrown hair or pimples on the skin after waxing. 

I have tried so many types of waxing treatments such as the wax pots, strips and so forth. This is definitely mess-free to use and I love how I can do this right before I shower because you can just wash away the wax residue! The wax removed the hair on my body effectively and I needed to fully dedicate myself to a session of home waxing to really see great results!

 This is my favourite type of waxing product because being an easy to use product, you just simply pop the wax cartridge into the microwave where it heats up real fast of about 10 seconds. I found with using the rollers is that it dispenses an equal amount onto the skin so this makes it an ideal product where I don't even have to measure up how much wax to use. I just clip the heads to the wax cartridge and off I go waxing my legs. It's that easy! The strips are re-usable and this is perfect because I can just clean them again for another time usage. 

The wax washes off easily and I am glad that I can remove the excess whilst showering. I would like to see them selling re-fills for the Aquawax range as I would love to use this in the longer-term. 

Overall, for this amazing wax-roll-on kit I am giving this a 4.5/5 stars! Superb waxing kit! 

  • The wax cartridge heaps up real quick in the microwave in under less than 10 seconds.
  • Very convenient to use.
  • Comes in three types of heads. 
  • Water soluble, washes off under water. 
  • Wax strips are reuse-able
  • Mess free. 
  • Zilch! 
Beauty tips:
  • If your hairs aren't removed in the first time this can be due to dead skin cells, so be sure to exfoliate before waxing. 
  • Make sure to pull the strip back quickly as possible and close to the skin. 
  • Take extreme care when waxing near your face and bikini line.. can be quite sensitive there! 
  • Use Bump-Eraiser Medi paste to eliminate any ingrown hairs after waxing! 
Where to purchase: 
  • Priceline
  • My Chemist
  • Chemist warehouse
  • Target
  • Big W
  • Alternatively, for more information you can also check out their website: http://www.waxaway.com.au
  • RRP $14.95


I've spoke so much about the Bump Eraiser Medi Paste and it's about time I review what the buzz is all about with this amazing ingrown skin product! It basically is a highly concentrated spot treatment which works to prevent and eliminate ingrown hairs, razor bumps and pimples. It acts to reduce redness and swelling while preventing further infection. It's been scientifically proven with Salicylic acid, Tea tree oil, Triclosan and Vitamin A to draw out any infection rapidly without causing any irritation or trauma to the skin. This paste is definitely suitable for all around the body and can be used twice a day. 

I tend to get ingrown hair from removing my leg hairs and it can be quite frustrating. I am so glad I got to test out the Bump Eraiser Medi paste because it can be used just anywhere on the body and is supposed to prevent any ingrown hair. So far, I have not noticed any ingrown hairs and I am glad it's working for me. The consistency of the product is in a white, thick cream where it is smooth and dense. The smell consists of tea tree oil and ointment mixed together. It's quite pleasant and comfortable to use and isn't harsh or anything. The cream feels quite cool and soothing on skin. It absorbs easily and does not feel thick when applied on. It leaves a light protective clear layer on skin where it made my skin feel super smooth and soft. I am so glad I used this product after my hair removal treatment. 

 If you're suffering from really bad ingrown hair, use the Medi paste daily by massaging the cream into the infected follicle for a good week or so. You should start seeing a slight improvement to your skin's condition. This cream really is a miracle treatment because gradually you'll find your skin looking healthier and with no ingrown hairs! I used the Medi paste after each hair removal session to ensure that I am preventing any ingrown hairs from growing and so far the results are looking good. 

A brand-winning product that you should definitely use if you're experiencing ingrown hairs on your body. I am giving this a full 5/5 stars rating! Best invention ever!

  • Removes ingrown hairs, bumps and pimples on the skin. 
  • Highly concentrated cream. 
  • You'll start noticing results from day 2. 
  • Scientifically proven with Salicylic acid, Tea tree oil, Triclosan and Vitamin A 
  • Zilch! 
Beauty tips:
  • Use after hair removal session to prevent ingrown hairs, bumps and pimples from surfacing
Where to purchase: 
  • Priceline
  • My Chemist
  • Chemist warehouse
  • Target
  • Big W
  • Alternatively, for more information you can also check out their website: http://www.bumperaiser.com.au/
  • RRP $16.75

BUMP ERAISER - Triple Action Lotion

If you need a triple action lotion, then look at BUMP ERAISER'S TRIPLE ACTION LOTION! It's basically a 3-1 ingrown hair treatment. This is used PRIOR to hair removal for ease and removal of hair. Secondly, it's used AFTER hair removal as the enzymes contained in the lotion weaken the papilla and hair follicle by retarding hair growth. Thirdly, it works to ensure you prevent ingrown hair from coming back. It's also ideal for those with coarse and thick hair. It's suitable for all parts of the body and to get the best results, be sure to use this on a daily basis. 

The lotion is another alternative for if you are wanting to treat any ingrown hairs. The paste is ideal but if you're wanting a lotion base, you're looking at it right now! I felt that when I first applied this onto my skin that it left a slight tingle. I would recommend this lotion for those seeking for a smoother application. After using this lotion daily, I found my ingrown hairs to have decreased as compared to the time of using no ingrown treatment. This lotion allows hair to grow straight and not stray into infections or create red looking bumps on your skin. 

Overall, it's a simple type of lotion for smoother application to prevent ingrown hairs. Certainly does the trick but I like how Bump Eraiser offers us two types of products in different consistencies to use on our skin. Hence, I am giving this product a 4.5/5 stars! 

  • Triple action lotion 3-1 
  • Ideal for those with coarse and thick looking hair. 
  • Smoother application. 
  • Zilch! 
Beauty tips:
  • Use daily before and after hair removal process to prevent further ingrown hairs. 
Where to purchase: 
  • Priceline
  • My Chemist
  • Chemist warehouse
  • Target
  • Big W
  • Alternatively, for more information you can also check out their website: http://www.bumperaiser.com.au/
  • RRP $16.75

HAPPY READING GUYS and may you have pleasant and happy waxing adventures! 

If you have any questions, feel free to comment down below :) 

Stay tuned for another BUMP ERAISER product review in my upcoming posts as I've got a little surprise up my sleeve! xx

Cheers and take care beauties!

Click onto the pictures below to go to the brand's official website for more information! x

Thank you Waxaway  + Caronlab for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support.

Monday, April 27, 2015


Hey beauties, 

I hope you're all well and having a good start to the week! To start off, I shall be talking about the awesome Ardell Lashes and Puretopia. Both are definitely familiar brands for me and why not get ready by cleansing with Puretopia skincare range, treat your hair with their hair serum and finish off with beautiful pair of Ardell lashes. 

The products included in the review are: 
  • Ardell Lashes - Edgy - 402 
  • Ardell Lashes - Edgy - 404
  • Puretopia - Smooth and Renew, Gentle Exfoliating Face scrub
  • Puretopia - Pure protect - Repair & Nourish Hair serum. 

Ardell Lashes - Edgy - 402 

These sexy, flirty looking pair of Ardell lashes in Edgy 402 is a black pair of faux lashes - not human hair that's really made to accentuate outer corner of your eyes. I felt that the lashes provided an accentuated edgy look when matched with eyes and it's quite a fierce look with this pair of lashes. I found them to not clump with my eyelash glue, nor did it smear near my eyes. When put on near my eyelids, I felt these to be very super lightweight. They are definitely so easy to remove and I experienced no problems in the process. 

I noticed these pair of lashes started off short inside and expanded to thicker and longer lashes on the outside part of the lash. I trimmed the lashes to fit with my eye size and I am so loving the look of these edgy looking lashes! When you apply adhesive glue to the lash band, just remember to wait at least 30 seconds until you find the glue to be of tacky consistency - then use a pair of tweezers to adjust the lashes onto your lash band. Next, secure the lashes by pushing and pressing onto the lash band with either your fingers or tweezers very gently. 

Overall, the process of putting the Ardell lashes was very easy and removal process was not a hassle for me. I am currently re-using these lashes by making sure I thoroughly clean off the dried glue with an alcohol based make-up cleaner. I'm in love with these lashes and definitely giving it a 5/5 stars! 

  • Gives you flirty and sexy looking lashes.
  • Easy to remove the lashes. 
  • Can be re-used
  • Faux lashes. 
  • Lashes do not clump. 

  • Zilch. 

  • Trim lashes to fit with your eyes. If too long, trim a few (mm) off
  • Secure the lashes by pressing onto the lash band with tweezers or fingers very gently. 


Ardell Lashes - Edgy - 404

Wait till you see these Edgy in 404 lashes, they're very unique and start off with thicker looking lashes on the outside and criss-crossing patten on inside part. You'll find that you'll get a bolder look with the your outer corner eyes. This pair of beauty definitely adds extra volume and length to your outer lashes. Again, they come in a pair of faux looking lashes and if you're wanting to accentuate those outer corner lashes, then this is the pair for you. The lashes feel very natural and lightweight to wear. They feel comfortable and definitely combining these with a funky outfit is ideal. 

Overall, I find that the Ardell lashes are of really good quality and so sturdy that you can re-use them many times. (Well this depends on how well you clean and protect them in little storage containers.) Ardell comes in many varieties and that's what I like about the brand. You can experiment with them by choosing a more funkier and edgier look! From normal to dramatic to over the top looking! So many choices guys!! 
The Ardell lashes are sold at your local pharmacy such as Priceline, Big W or Target. 

For this style of lashes, I am giving this a 4.5/5 stars! 

  • Gives you more voluminous and thicker lashes on the outer part of your eyes. 
  • Feels comfortable.
  • Can be re-used. 
  • A funkier look! 

  • Zilch. 

  • Trim lashes to fit with your eyes. If too long, trim a few (mm) off
  • Secure the lashes by pressing onto the lash band with tweezers or fingers very gently. 


  • Priceline
  • RRP $9.99
  • Ardell's official website: http://www.ardelllashes.com/product/180/

Onto the next brand... and so this week, I got to try out Puretopia's range! In the images above, I have tested out (Left-hand side) The Repair & Nourish Hair Serum and (Right-hand side)  the Gentle Face Exfoliating Scrub. 

Puretopia - Smooth and Renew, Gentle Exfoliating Face scrub

What makes the Puretopia's face scrub different and so great about it is that it's 100% sulfate, paraben and soap free! Being an extremely friendly face scrub, I have found that this product was able to scrub away the dirt and grime on my face. Everyone has dead skin cells, too much oil on their skin and make-up left over on their skin on a daily basis. I felt that this scrub made my skin feel very soft and extremely clean from it all. 

The consistency of the scrub is that it foams up quite nicely (not too much) with gentle exfoliating particles which act to smooth skin. I definitely felt my skin being really clean, super hydrated and moisturised because it contains 'Panthenol' which is a natural ingredient that can be found in plants - in the form of vitamin B5! So these are all natural ingredients present in the exfoliating scrub which help your skin feel so moisturised. It also contains Aloe vera to smooth out any redness on the skin and look to calm and moisturise the skin. And it doesn't even stop there, there is even witch hazel present in the product to clarify and also soothe the skin. 

The smell of the exfoliating scrub consists of fresh oranges, mandarin and grapefruit. It's a pleasant fruity smell and when used on skin, it's very refreshing to use. I used this scrub every two days to ensure that I am scrubbing away all of the dry flakes on my skin. Some may even use this once a week if their skin is sensitive. What makes this scrub ideal is that it is suitable for all skin tones including sensitive skin. So it's definitely an easy product to use for all skin types.

I love the fact Puretopia has all natural ingredients present in the scrub and is definitely cruelty free. The texture of the beads are of fine and small sand particles which all in a way is able to reach the hard-to-get spots on your face such as the sides of your nose and so forth. The particles are all blended in a gel consistency which makes this feel very calm and soothing when you are cleansing your skin. I have found that by using this face scrub, that I do not break out or get blemishes which is always an important aspect when choosing face scrubs for me. The product is presented in a 75ml bottle with a flip top lid making it easy to get product without any mess. 

Overall, it's such a great natural product that helps to cleanse and smooth out skin. It leaves a wonderful glow at the end of the cleansing process and my face always feels hydrated every time I use this face scrub. 

Overall, this product is definitely brilliant for an exfoliating scrub and I would give this a 4.9/5 stars! 


  • 100% Sulfate, Paraben and soap free! (Making this a very gentle and natural cleanser) 
  • Has a pleasant fruity and citrus smell to the product. 
  • Beads are natural granules. 
  • Product works wonderfully by cleansing and smoothing skin. 
  • Contains aloe vera to soothe any redness from the skin. 


  • Use twice a week maximum. 


  • Use only twice a week to ensure your dry flake skin bits are being exfoliated. 
  • Avoid contact with your eyes. 
  • Use on face and neck only. 


Puretopia - Pure protect - Repair & Nourish Hair serum

I personally love to take care of my hair because from time to time, it becomes so damaged and dry from using hair straighteners, hair dryers and the sun. 

The Puretopia repair and nourish hair serum is 100% sulfate free. The product is very lightweight and does not feel heavy at all. It's free of any silicones and is definitely useful for your hair if you have flyaways. When I applied this serum into my hair, I felt my hair getting smoother because it also contains good ol' argan oil which makes your hair appear very healthy and shiny. It also contains ylang ylang which controls split ends from growing.

The scent to this hair serum is of rose oil and it smells so soft and gentle. I don't mind the fragrance because it's very pleasant to use and smell. Rose oil is known for its moisturisation properties and can really make your hair feel very hydrated and soft. I like the last element of what's contained in the serum which is sunflower seed oil which really is a heat protectant for your hair and protects it from any heat styling tool. You don't realise but you can really damage your hair through using heat styling tools occasionally, and the likelihood of getting damaged hair is highly likely if you are using the heat styling tools and without using any hair serum.

To use this hair serum, I just applied to my hair after washing my hair by rubbing my palms first with the product. I would run the serum through my ends and then use my hair straightener to go through it to give it a clean and sleek look to it. 

The packaging and product are all made in Australia and from recycled packaging which makes this really environmentally friendly. I couldn't even find a flaw about this product and I am very satisfied with how my hair turned out. It's luscious and healthy looking and I didn't even need to go to salon to get the final results! 

I like this hair serum and I don't think I've found an environmentally friendly one like this before. Overall I am giving this the full 5/5 stars! I'm amazed by how it worked on my hair. 


  • Made in Australia
  • Sulfate free.
  • Smells amazing and pleasant. 
  • Contains Argan oil to make your hair feel soft and smooth. 
  • Contains Ylang Ylang to combat split ends.
  • Tames any flyaways. 
  • Product packaging made from recycled packaging.
  • Contains rose oil to moisturise hair. 


  • Zilch. 


  • Make sure to rub your palms together with the serum first and then distribute evenly on your hair ends.
  • Use the hair serum after you wash your hair and towel dry it. 


Overall, these are all definitely product worthy to talk about and I have no complaints about using the Ardell and Puretopia brands. They all benefited my looks in some way and I extremely glad that I am happy about these products. 

I hope you enjoyed my review and happy reading! 

Livia x

                           The logos are click-able to the brand's official website. 

Thank you Portobello, Ardell and Puretopia for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support.

Sunday, April 26, 2015


Hi all, 

Feeling rushed with time and can't shampoo your hair in time?  Well thanks to DRY SHAMPOO by POLISHED LONDON - all your problems are now solved. You can conveniently pop these into your handbag and when it comes time to freshen up your hair, simply spray on and watch your hair feel and smell fresh! 


By using this type of dry shampoo, I have found it to be really well absorbing, made my hair feel so volumnised and what's more - it smelt so of fresh coconuts and I'm in love with the scent. To use this product, I basically sprayed the dry shampoo into my roots of the hair and massaged thoroughly.  

I use this dry shampoo during lunch times since my hair gets oily later in the afternoon. So by having a dry shampoo handy, it's so convenient to re-freshen up your hair. My hair felt tidy and clean after using and I Ioved the smell it had to it. I found there to be no white residue and I am so amazed by how it works. The formula is presented in a brown colour, so it's good that I can conceal the fact that I'm using dry shampoo! 

One good tip when using this product is to make sure you're holding the can at least 30cm away from your head because this will give you better looking results. Also, don't spray directly near your clothes because it may leave a few markings but it's not a problem if you spray from head to top. I would then brush my hair evenly out to distribute the dry shampoo. The product is very lightweight and I am amazed by how it does not even leave any sticky residue behind. 

I enjoy how well absorbing this product is and it's definitely product worthy for me as it's really good value. 

Overall, I can't flaw this product and I'm giving this a 5/5 stars overall!

  • Smells of a pleasant coconut scent. 
  • Well absorbing into hair roots. 
  • Makes your hair feel very volumnised.
  • Leaves hair feeling fresh. 
  • Zilch. 
  • Spray at least 30cm away from head. 
  • Brush throughout to evenly distribute. 
I hope you enjoyed my review and take on dry shampoos, happy reading! 


Thank you POLISHED LONDON for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support.