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Sunday, April 19, 2015


Attention beauty lovers, 

Current mood: Makeup fever. 

Subject: Arbonne makeup

I want to introduce you to (if haven't heard of yet) to an international, well known brand - Arbonne. It all started back in 1975 in Switzerland where one man namely Petter Morck together with a group of leading biochemists, biologists and herbalist all came together to fulfill his vision, Arbonne. 

Their make-up range is so pigmented for their mineral cosmetics and it's definitely suitable for all skin types out there. So if you're feeling curious as to what else Arbonne offers, keep reading on to learn more about the following products that I've tried and tested out: 
  • Arbonne Lip polish (5.9ml) in CORAL 
  • Arbonne Lip polish (5.9ml) in PEARL 
  • Arbonne Blush (4.5g) in MERLOT 
  • Arbonne Eyeshadow (2.2g) in LILAC.

Arbonne's product packaging. 

 Testing out Arbonne's make-up range. 

Arbonne Blush (4.5g) in MERLOT 

If you're needing a good and pigmented based blush, then you should look to check out the Arbonne blush in Merlot. 

The blush in Merlot is so incredibly lightweight where it's infused with mineral pigments so this creates a natural looking red and pinky glow to your cheeks. This is definitely suitable for all skin types to use and I feel that it's not too heavy on skin for a mineral blush application.  It's definitely good to wear on the cheeks if you're wanting the angelic-doll make-up look.

The product is very pigmented for a red-pinkish blush and you only need to swipe a little of the product with a blush brush as over-applying too much can look like you really have too much on. Nevertheless, a little goes a long way for this super mineral packed blush. The texture of the product is quite creamy and not at all chalky. This is certainly a plus for me as I tend to enjoy applying cream blushes as the pigmentation is quite stronger coloured than a chalky texture. As I have light coloured skin, the red-pinkish blush looks amazing and shows more of a contoured look when I apply onto my cheekbone area. 

The packaging of this blush is so durable and I'm so loving opening and closing the blush. The part where you flip it open looks tough/durable and I feel that the product will be fully protected if you snap it lock tight. No-one likes their blush packaging to open up in their purse because if that's the case you can be left with spilled and broken pieces of blush in your bag! 

This product is made in the USA and coming from personal experiences, I don't think they produce bad quality products. When it comes to quality, USA does deliver on their standards. Also, talk about vegan blush! (No animal content is added into this product.) 

Overall, this is a great alternative because of the high pigmentation of the blush. I would give this product a rating of 4/5 stars! 

  • Highly pigmented blush
  • Not chalky and quite creamy
  • Vegan
  • Lasts longer on skin. 
  • Made in USA
  • Natural looking red colour. 
  • Mineral powdered based blush. 
  • Just be sure not to over-apply with the brush, a little goes a long way! (Which means that it can used for longer.) 
  • Apply on cheekbones lightly with a blending blush brush. 

Arbonne Eyeshadow (2.2g) in LILAC

I would say the Arbonne eyeshadow in lilac has a really nice shimmery purple sheer to the pigmentation. I tend to enjoy using really highly pigmented eyeshadow because it just opens up my eyes more by giving it more colour to it. 

Arbonne eye shadow is infused with super packed minerals making this eyeshadow long wearing and very blendable. What makes this eyeshadow also good is that it comes with many beneficial ingredients which include cucumber extract, Vitamins A, C and E. If already familiar with Arbonne, you'll find that their products are usually vegan! (Which means that there are no animal derived ingredients present in the product itself). I always tend to go for products that are healthy, cruelty free and with this particular eye shadow - it's also gluten and paraben free. Fact, they are not tested on animals. 

When using this product, I felt that the product went on very, very smoothly. I have also found that there is a silky texture when applied onto my eye lids - where blending is so much easier to do when trying to create an ombre look. For the LILAC colour, it's such a nice and beautiful shimmery purple to it and I can't stop looking at the colour! The eyeshadow is not too obvious and the shimmer is very subtle. What I enjoyed about this eyeshadow product is that the texture is not too chalky and instead feels like more of a cream based eyeshadow. 

For a more added effect to my eyes, I found that by simply wetting my eyeshadow brush and then dabbing this into the eyeshadow, it helped to create a more blendable look. Overall, I would give this product a rating of 4/5 stars! 

  • Nice subtle shimmer
  • Silky based like texture. 
  • Product includes cucumber extract, Vitamin A, C and E. 
  • Vegan products. 
  • Gluten and paraben free. 
  • Blending is easier.
  • Zilch. 
  • Wet the eyeshadow before applying the product to enhance more of an ombre look. 


Arbonne Lip polish (5.9ml) in CORAL and PEARL

From using the shades in Coral and Pearl for the Arbonne lip polish range, I've found that it gives a semi-sheer effect to your lips when applied on. An awesome aspect of it is that it's non-sticky and you'll find that it's comfortable to wear during the day. You can gradually build up the layers with this lip polish and your lips will look amazing. It finishes off with a satin gloss to it. 

Both colours shown in the images are in Coral and Pearl. The coral colour is a light pinky peach colour of which gives a tint of glossiness and pink shade to your lips. After applying about 2-3 shades of the gloss onto my lips, I've found the gloss to be very long lasting of about 2-3 hours. This is essential for me because I feel the need to buy a long lasting gloss which can last me for a few hours as compared to 30 minutes or so. 

The packaging of the lip glosses were presented in 5.9ml in a perfect sized tube for a lip polish. It feels very luxe and gorgeous to just be carrying these around in my bag. I adore the way the lip polish packaging is presented as it's so sleek and stylish for their black unique boxes. They're super convenient to just apply on the go whenever I am out and needing a quick lustrous fix to my lips. The applicator comes in a doe and foot affair brush where reaching for product is easy and convenient to do so. I love sponge applicators as they're easy to apply and spreadable on my lips for full coverage. I've also noticed that it's labelled as a 'Lip Polish' and not a 'Lip Gloss' because it gives more of satin glow finish and it really is long lasting on lips. 

The lip polish felt smooth and not too sticky on my lips. It felt lightweight and I didn't feel like I had anything heavy on my lips. The shade in PEARL is absolutely ideal if you are wanting a nude look for the day. I found this to be very pigmented and glossy. I absolutely love it! Just top this off after using a lip balm as a base primer and you'll feel lustrous and simply love the look of it. With the shade in CORAL, I've found it to give your lips a little bit more colour with a pinky and orange shade. It's not too bright and very subtle for a gloss so I definitely enjoyed using these lip polishes. 

  • Fun and sexy lip polish. 
  • Gives a really sheer and satin glow finish. 
  • Leaves lips feeling silky and smooth. 
  • Available in 7 shades. 
  • Can be worn for day and night. 
  • Long lasting of about 2-3 hours. 
  • Non-sticking. 
  • Zilch, good lip polish so far.
  • Perfect wear for warmer months especially with the CORAL shade. 

Check out the below pictures for a swatched and tested products. I have swatched them onto my lips and arms for a vivid picture to show you the colour and texture. 

Overall, this is definitely a rare find and for the price you pay, you get the added value of a lip polish being super lightweight, very moisturising and also lasts long on your lips. I'm giving this a 5/5 stars. 

Lip polish swatches in (Top) PEARL and (Bottom) CORAL. 

Lip polish in PEARL. 

Lip polish in CORAL. 

Overall, my experiences with Arbonne was so far so good. I enjoyed the make-up range and have found that their quality is of a high standard and for the price you pay, it's really worth investing into. To know that I am using a vegan product makes me happy to know that no animals were hurt! 

For those who haven't checked this range out, be sure to see what it can really do for you. It's AHHHHH-mazing. 

Take care y'all and happy reading! 


*Thank you Arbonne for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support. 

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