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Sunday, April 5, 2015


Hi all, 

I couldn't wait to blog about Benefit's Stray, Don't stray eyeshadow primer. It's the first ever eyeshadow primer I've ever tried on and it's so good as a primer base for my eyeshadow that it just sticks on so well. I couldn't help resist Benefit's marketing for their make-up range as I am a sucker for cute, quirky and sassy product packaging. 

Benefit has invented a remarkable product where it acts as a stay-put primer for eyeshadows and concealer which simply means, it stays.. it won't stray for a period of time. This is the first time Benefit has released a "Dual-action" eye primer as its first primer which acts to assist in allowing your make-up (eyeshadow or concealer to last even longer)

This is ideal because without a good eyeshadow primer, your make-up will not last (mainly your eye-makeup) and you will simply end up with blotchy make-up. I found this primer ideal for me in the mornings and also at night. I applied during the morning so that my make-up will stay put throughout the day as the primer protects and perfects my makeup. 
One thing I've noticed about this primer is that it dries up real quick so you got to be quick when applying the primer on, else you'll end up with dried up primer which isn't a pleasant feeling for your eyes. 

What more is that my concealer or eyeshadow does not crease when I have the layer of primer on my eyes which is something I look for when priming my eyes and ensuring that I get the full coverage of my eyeshadow colours to really stay on my face. The ingredients in this primer include sodium hyaluronate which is supposedly known to hydrate the skin and also has Vitamins C and E which is known to fight ageing. Wow... now what kind of primer does that right? 

The Stray, Don't stray product comes in two colours including two neutral shades (light/medium AND medium/deep) which now comes in a "dib and dap wand" which I didn't get. I got the pump application which is so much hygienic for my use and I would rather prefer this than a "dib and dap" applicator. 

So here are my thoughts to pros and cons: 


  • Long lasting primer that assists in making your eyeshadow and concealer stay on for longer 4 hours plus. 
  • Ingredients are known to hydrate the skin such as sodium hyaluronate 
  • Contains Vitamin C and E known for fighting ageing. 
  • Comes in two shades, convenient for all skin types. 
  • Dual-action eye shadow and primer/concealer effect. 
  • Easy application pump. 
  • Comes in a liquid consistency. 
  • You don't need too much to cover eyes. 


  • Only comes in a 10ml bottle, RRP $45, mid-high end range brand. 
  • Dries up real quick when product is pumped out.


  • Try applying three tiny dots under your eyes and start blending with your fingers or a concealer blending brush. 
  • Apply three tiny dots on your eyelids and blend through. 
  • Let primer set. 
  • Apply concealer and then eyeshadow on-top. 
  • You can wear this primer along to even out eyelid discolouration or conceal your dark circles...amazing!
  • I tend to use this primer when I also want a no-make up look. (very basic) 


Stay tuned for my other posts where I will releasing more beauty and skin care posts in the upcoming weeks! So excited! 

I hope you enjoyed reading, have a great weekend :) 

Take care,
Livia xox

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