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Monday, April 27, 2015


Hey beauties, 

I hope you're all well and having a good start to the week! To start off, I shall be talking about the awesome Ardell Lashes and Puretopia. Both are definitely familiar brands for me and why not get ready by cleansing with Puretopia skincare range, treat your hair with their hair serum and finish off with beautiful pair of Ardell lashes. 

The products included in the review are: 
  • Ardell Lashes - Edgy - 402 
  • Ardell Lashes - Edgy - 404
  • Puretopia - Smooth and Renew, Gentle Exfoliating Face scrub
  • Puretopia - Pure protect - Repair & Nourish Hair serum. 

Ardell Lashes - Edgy - 402 

These sexy, flirty looking pair of Ardell lashes in Edgy 402 is a black pair of faux lashes - not human hair that's really made to accentuate outer corner of your eyes. I felt that the lashes provided an accentuated edgy look when matched with eyes and it's quite a fierce look with this pair of lashes. I found them to not clump with my eyelash glue, nor did it smear near my eyes. When put on near my eyelids, I felt these to be very super lightweight. They are definitely so easy to remove and I experienced no problems in the process. 

I noticed these pair of lashes started off short inside and expanded to thicker and longer lashes on the outside part of the lash. I trimmed the lashes to fit with my eye size and I am so loving the look of these edgy looking lashes! When you apply adhesive glue to the lash band, just remember to wait at least 30 seconds until you find the glue to be of tacky consistency - then use a pair of tweezers to adjust the lashes onto your lash band. Next, secure the lashes by pushing and pressing onto the lash band with either your fingers or tweezers very gently. 

Overall, the process of putting the Ardell lashes was very easy and removal process was not a hassle for me. I am currently re-using these lashes by making sure I thoroughly clean off the dried glue with an alcohol based make-up cleaner. I'm in love with these lashes and definitely giving it a 5/5 stars! 

  • Gives you flirty and sexy looking lashes.
  • Easy to remove the lashes. 
  • Can be re-used
  • Faux lashes. 
  • Lashes do not clump. 

  • Zilch. 

  • Trim lashes to fit with your eyes. If too long, trim a few (mm) off
  • Secure the lashes by pressing onto the lash band with tweezers or fingers very gently. 


Ardell Lashes - Edgy - 404

Wait till you see these Edgy in 404 lashes, they're very unique and start off with thicker looking lashes on the outside and criss-crossing patten on inside part. You'll find that you'll get a bolder look with the your outer corner eyes. This pair of beauty definitely adds extra volume and length to your outer lashes. Again, they come in a pair of faux looking lashes and if you're wanting to accentuate those outer corner lashes, then this is the pair for you. The lashes feel very natural and lightweight to wear. They feel comfortable and definitely combining these with a funky outfit is ideal. 

Overall, I find that the Ardell lashes are of really good quality and so sturdy that you can re-use them many times. (Well this depends on how well you clean and protect them in little storage containers.) Ardell comes in many varieties and that's what I like about the brand. You can experiment with them by choosing a more funkier and edgier look! From normal to dramatic to over the top looking! So many choices guys!! 
The Ardell lashes are sold at your local pharmacy such as Priceline, Big W or Target. 

For this style of lashes, I am giving this a 4.5/5 stars! 

  • Gives you more voluminous and thicker lashes on the outer part of your eyes. 
  • Feels comfortable.
  • Can be re-used. 
  • A funkier look! 

  • Zilch. 

  • Trim lashes to fit with your eyes. If too long, trim a few (mm) off
  • Secure the lashes by pressing onto the lash band with tweezers or fingers very gently. 


  • Priceline
  • RRP $9.99
  • Ardell's official website: http://www.ardelllashes.com/product/180/

Onto the next brand... and so this week, I got to try out Puretopia's range! In the images above, I have tested out (Left-hand side) The Repair & Nourish Hair Serum and (Right-hand side)  the Gentle Face Exfoliating Scrub. 

Puretopia - Smooth and Renew, Gentle Exfoliating Face scrub

What makes the Puretopia's face scrub different and so great about it is that it's 100% sulfate, paraben and soap free! Being an extremely friendly face scrub, I have found that this product was able to scrub away the dirt and grime on my face. Everyone has dead skin cells, too much oil on their skin and make-up left over on their skin on a daily basis. I felt that this scrub made my skin feel very soft and extremely clean from it all. 

The consistency of the scrub is that it foams up quite nicely (not too much) with gentle exfoliating particles which act to smooth skin. I definitely felt my skin being really clean, super hydrated and moisturised because it contains 'Panthenol' which is a natural ingredient that can be found in plants - in the form of vitamin B5! So these are all natural ingredients present in the exfoliating scrub which help your skin feel so moisturised. It also contains Aloe vera to smooth out any redness on the skin and look to calm and moisturise the skin. And it doesn't even stop there, there is even witch hazel present in the product to clarify and also soothe the skin. 

The smell of the exfoliating scrub consists of fresh oranges, mandarin and grapefruit. It's a pleasant fruity smell and when used on skin, it's very refreshing to use. I used this scrub every two days to ensure that I am scrubbing away all of the dry flakes on my skin. Some may even use this once a week if their skin is sensitive. What makes this scrub ideal is that it is suitable for all skin tones including sensitive skin. So it's definitely an easy product to use for all skin types.

I love the fact Puretopia has all natural ingredients present in the scrub and is definitely cruelty free. The texture of the beads are of fine and small sand particles which all in a way is able to reach the hard-to-get spots on your face such as the sides of your nose and so forth. The particles are all blended in a gel consistency which makes this feel very calm and soothing when you are cleansing your skin. I have found that by using this face scrub, that I do not break out or get blemishes which is always an important aspect when choosing face scrubs for me. The product is presented in a 75ml bottle with a flip top lid making it easy to get product without any mess. 

Overall, it's such a great natural product that helps to cleanse and smooth out skin. It leaves a wonderful glow at the end of the cleansing process and my face always feels hydrated every time I use this face scrub. 

Overall, this product is definitely brilliant for an exfoliating scrub and I would give this a 4.9/5 stars! 


  • 100% Sulfate, Paraben and soap free! (Making this a very gentle and natural cleanser) 
  • Has a pleasant fruity and citrus smell to the product. 
  • Beads are natural granules. 
  • Product works wonderfully by cleansing and smoothing skin. 
  • Contains aloe vera to soothe any redness from the skin. 


  • Use twice a week maximum. 


  • Use only twice a week to ensure your dry flake skin bits are being exfoliated. 
  • Avoid contact with your eyes. 
  • Use on face and neck only. 


Puretopia - Pure protect - Repair & Nourish Hair serum

I personally love to take care of my hair because from time to time, it becomes so damaged and dry from using hair straighteners, hair dryers and the sun. 

The Puretopia repair and nourish hair serum is 100% sulfate free. The product is very lightweight and does not feel heavy at all. It's free of any silicones and is definitely useful for your hair if you have flyaways. When I applied this serum into my hair, I felt my hair getting smoother because it also contains good ol' argan oil which makes your hair appear very healthy and shiny. It also contains ylang ylang which controls split ends from growing.

The scent to this hair serum is of rose oil and it smells so soft and gentle. I don't mind the fragrance because it's very pleasant to use and smell. Rose oil is known for its moisturisation properties and can really make your hair feel very hydrated and soft. I like the last element of what's contained in the serum which is sunflower seed oil which really is a heat protectant for your hair and protects it from any heat styling tool. You don't realise but you can really damage your hair through using heat styling tools occasionally, and the likelihood of getting damaged hair is highly likely if you are using the heat styling tools and without using any hair serum.

To use this hair serum, I just applied to my hair after washing my hair by rubbing my palms first with the product. I would run the serum through my ends and then use my hair straightener to go through it to give it a clean and sleek look to it. 

The packaging and product are all made in Australia and from recycled packaging which makes this really environmentally friendly. I couldn't even find a flaw about this product and I am very satisfied with how my hair turned out. It's luscious and healthy looking and I didn't even need to go to salon to get the final results! 

I like this hair serum and I don't think I've found an environmentally friendly one like this before. Overall I am giving this the full 5/5 stars! I'm amazed by how it worked on my hair. 


  • Made in Australia
  • Sulfate free.
  • Smells amazing and pleasant. 
  • Contains Argan oil to make your hair feel soft and smooth. 
  • Contains Ylang Ylang to combat split ends.
  • Tames any flyaways. 
  • Product packaging made from recycled packaging.
  • Contains rose oil to moisturise hair. 


  • Zilch. 


  • Make sure to rub your palms together with the serum first and then distribute evenly on your hair ends.
  • Use the hair serum after you wash your hair and towel dry it. 


Overall, these are all definitely product worthy to talk about and I have no complaints about using the Ardell and Puretopia brands. They all benefited my looks in some way and I extremely glad that I am happy about these products. 

I hope you enjoyed my review and happy reading! 

Livia x

                           The logos are click-able to the brand's official website. 

Thank you Portobello, Ardell and Puretopia for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support.

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