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Thursday, April 16, 2015


What's in those LUSH packages? 

How can you not resist FRESHLY handmade bars of soap that smell so extravagant and addictive? 

Well I am happy to reveal the products now and tell you all about my experiences that I had with the LUSH range of soaps available at your nearest LUSH store. I will be discussing about the following soaps - so please keep on reading: 
  • MIRANDA SOAP ($6.95 for 100g) 
  • SOFT COEUR (The Honeymooner) massage bar ($10.50) 
  • BUFFY (Body butter bar) - And no it's not the Vampire! ($13.95 each) 
These bars of soap has never smelt so amazing! The best thing about LUSH soap is that. their scents don't smell too artificial, they're highly addictive and come in super cute shapes. 

From left to right, (Clockwise): Soft Coeur massage bar, Buffy Body butter bar and the Miranda soap. 

Miranda Soap


Here's my take on the Miranda soap bar. LUSH says that it's a fresh and fruity soap that was initially inspired by the famous samba singer, Carmen Miranda who wore extravagant, fruit covered hats. The soap bar itself is so addictive, packed with the nutritious Vitamin C, has a creamy soap texture and looks gorgeous as a green and rainbow striped bar. 

I can definitely smell the kiwi fruits embedded in the soap bar and it has already lasted me for days in the shower. I can still smell the Kiwi fruits lingering in the bathroom which is such a pleasant smell. The soap was very gentle on my skin and there was no irritation found from using the product. I am definitely satisfied with this type of soap as it's bursting full of Kiwi fruit aroma. Bergamot oil known for being helpful for some skin conditions has also been added to the soap bar to accentuate the smell of oranges. And for those looking to brighten the skin, they have also included toning ylang ylang and juniper berry oil for gentle ease of the skin. (So many benefits!) 

After using the soap, my skin felt really fresh and fruity for the whole day where I didn't even need to use perfume or deodorant to touch up. I'm a fruity type of scent person which is why I really enjoyed the fruity aroma. I keep thinking to myself... Fresh kiwifruits, exotic oranges and fruity essential oils. The soap lathers quite nicely and with the bits and pieces of kiwi fruit present in the soap, it acts as an exfoliant that scrubs away all the dead skin cells on your skin. 

Overall, I'd give this Miranda soap a good ol' 4/5 stars! 

  • Fruity kiwi and orange pleasant smell. 
  • Packed full of Vitamin C which assists to revive your skin. 
  • Kiwi fruits act as an exfoliant assisting in smoothing out your skin. 
  • Zilch
  • Store the bar of soap in a soap case to avoid the product dissolving too quickly. 



It certainly captures your interest and attention by just at it how looks. The LUSH Soft Coeur AKA The Honeymooner is a beautiful heart-shaped shea and cocoa butter massage bar. The simple ingredients are honey and cocoa powder. There's a soft core in the soap and when you gently rub against the skin, you'll find the soap melting away revealing the molten honey and cocoa scent. 

My first impression of this delicious bar was that it had bits of chocolate infused in the soap itself. You don't need to use a lot of the bar as you just simply glide this over the skin and the product will melt off. My skin felt super moisturised and smelt of simply cocoa and shea butter. I found it very easy to use this massage bar, especially when I have dry skin - it made it feel more moisturised, smooth and soft. 

The scent is strong, sweet and really delicious...if only this was edible! As for storing away the massage bar, I would recommend you to pop this in a soap case or somewhere cool, dry and out of direct sunlight. The packaging came in just a wrapped plastic, I guess it's sold as bars of soap and not necessary for the packaging itself. The main importance is the soap and how you use and store it. LUSH offers many cool boxes that you gift the soap in so have no fear! 

To use the product, I just simply glided the massage bar over my dry skin where it melted upon contact... just like a molten chocolate volcanic rock! (Just not edible!) Massage bars are usually made out of natural butters and oils so just be wary that the product has been fully absorbed into your skin otherwise your clothes will smell like lovely honey and cocoa! 

Overall, this was a fun product to massage my body with as I always love to pamper myself with sweet smelling products! I would rate this a 4.5/5 stars! 

  • If you like cocoa and honey, you'll love this! 
  • Smells like honey and white chocolate.
  • Scent lingers for a long period during the day.
  • Highly moisturizing. 
  • Inexpensive. 
  • Can dissolve and melt away quickly, so if you're wanting for it to last longer - store it away in a cool, dry area otherwise pop it into a bar soap case. 
  • Massage the soap until it's completely absorbed in your skin, you'll feel like the soap is melting, literally. 

BUFFY Body Butter Bar

What a perfect way to exfoliate my skin with...this is the perfect body exfoliator guys! I have little bumps on my skin that is caused by dead skin cells (every time I forget to exfoliate), so this one time I started to use the BUFFY and I found that it buffed away the dead skin cells that were lingering on the back of my arms and thighs. My skin felt softened and very smooth to touch after rinsing all of the residue off. 

Embedded in the Buffy bar, there are bits of rice, almonds and beans - all important and healthy ingredients for a fantastic vegan meal! I felt that there was no need to moisturise after using the Buffy bar as the cocoa and shea butter present in the soap already acts to soothe any dry bits on your skin. 

If you want to relax to the smell of lavenders, then this is the ideal bar as you get a 2-1 package - the relaxing and rejuvenating Lavender scent and the perfect body exfoliant. I adore this buffy bar as I feel that in the long term, it will definitely make my skin soft and smooth all around without worrying to moisturise! 

Overall this is definitely a 4.5/5 stars for me! 

  • Make yours skin feel soft and smooth to touch. 
  • Good for cellulite issues. 
  • Smells very relaxing through the lavender scent. 
  • Good body exfoliant. 
  • For the price you pay, you get the added value through the product being super moisturising!
  • Again, store this bar in a soap bar case to preserve the longevity of its use! 
  • Massage the soap until it's completely absorbed in your skin, you'll feel like the soap is melting, literally. 

I hope you enjoyed reading all about LUSH bath and beauty soaps! If you have never used them or purchased them, get going to your nearest LUSH store because once you're in there, you'll be able to touch, smell, feel, explore more into whichever soap suits your preferences, needs and tastes. The staff at the LUSH stores are definitely super helpful, and I'm talking from personal experience! They are there to help you with the best service and knowledge of soap! Good work to the LUSH team! 

Enjoy ladies, 


Thank you to LUSH (Fresh Handmade Cosmetics) for supporting me for this awesome review. My reviews are based on my actual personal and 100% true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support. 

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