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Friday, April 10, 2015


Hi all, 

Introducing Olay Total Effects 7 in One Pore Minimizing CC Cream & Pore Minimizing Toner 

I felt the toner did slightly reduce the appearance of my pores - made it look more tighter and made my skin feel smoother.The toner also removed most of my make-up - so it also acts as a good make up remover as there was heaps of makeup residue left on the cotton pad after using the toner. But before applying the CC cream, I also tried the toner first which allowed the CC cream to blend well onto my face and didn't show my lines to be that obvious.

The CC cream did a good job in reducing my pores, I have big pores so this was a plus for me as I am always looking for a product to conceal my pores without making it so obvious. Not sure about whether the CC cream made my skin brighter, rather it gave my face a matte-effect look which is good because you don't want your face looking oily! It also left my skin feeling firm after and I felt that it was light on my skin compared to other CC creams out there on the market. It doesn't clog my pores so this is good to consider as I know that this product won't disappoint those looking to minimize their pores.

The CC cream covered slightly of my spots so this was an awesome factor of the cream. A little squeeze of the bottle goes a long way to smooth out the any spots or pores on the face.The CC cream packaging was easy and felt strong. It's convenient for if I was to just throw in my purse and take it around to touch up my make-up. I like how the cap screws on tight so it won't leave a mess! The product had a slight nice floral smell to the cream, which wasn't too over-powering which is good. The slight nice smell is better as compared to the metallic smell from other CC creams so I enjoyed this factor heaps.

The product itself reminded me of a matte-mousse feel which is great because you don't want CC creams to be too much in liquid form. It was wearable for up to 4-5 hours and I am glad it did not feel heavy on my skin. The fact that it covered well with a light appeal to it truly amazes me of what a drugstore product can do. 

I felt that that this product (immediate-use) is a great way if you were on the go and wanted to apply a cream that wasn't too heavy. It's also great that it has the SPF 15+ factor in the CC cream as I feel like I get all the benefits in one tube! It covered my complexions, dark spots well and I am very satisfied with this product. In the long term, I think this is a great daily product to go as it's convenient to hold - not too heavy at all! In the long run, as I am always shopping for a good drugstore CC cream, this will do as this may go under my budget as compared to the high end brands as it will be more affordable. 

I'd give it a 4/5 for an overall star rating! 

Hope you enjoyed my Olay post,


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