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Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Hello beauty lovers, 

I hope you didn't miss me too much because this review is just about to get even more exciting! 

I'd thought I would share what I thought of a really popular Brush tool brand, namely Real Techniques by Sam & Nic Chapman; and also the 1000HOUR Natural lashes. 

Here are the listed product information if you were curious to see what I'll be reviewing today in my Eye beauty essentials review! x 
  • Real Techniques - On Location: Travel Essentials (2-1) Case + Stand!  
  • 1000HOUR natural lashes - Black Vogue
These beauty eye essentials are an awesome idea if you want flirty looking lashes! I was curious to see what the quality of the lashes were and I was amazed. As for the brushes, they're simply so soft and I'm loving how it's packaged in a convenient case where I can just take it with me on the go. 

Please keep on reading to find out more of what I thought of these :) 

Packaging of Real Techniques - Travel essentials. 

 From the image above, (From Left-Right): Essential Foundation Brush, Multi-Task Brush and Domed Shadow Brush. 

Real Techniques - On Location: Travel Essentials (2-1) Case + Stand! 

So here it is for the Travel Essentials, it comes with a case which you can transform into a stand. This is so convenient for a 2-1 idea where you can simply convert it to a stand when you need to reach for the product during make-up session. What makes these brushes really ideal is that at the end of the brush, there's a solid grip to the ends. This makes it very useful and handy to hold onto the brush without dropping it on the floor. I feel the grip gives me more control and motion when applying on my makeup. And the best thing about them is that they're made out of aluminium! 

The set includes 3 FULL-SIZED brushes plus the case which are: 
  • Essential Foundation Brush
  • Multi-task Brush
  • Domed shadow Brush
  • Panoramic Brush Case (2-1) Case + Stand 
What I've found useful for the Essential Foundation brush (Orange coloured brush) is that it's great for foundation and concealer placement and also for a liquid contour or a highlighting placement. The brush is extremely soft and does not hurt my skin. It's definitely perfect for a cream highlighter base for when you need to highlight your cheekbones. If you want to contour the bridge of your nose, this brush feels very soft when you touch the brush. I felt this brush blended liquid and cream concealers properly as compared to the other brushes I've used. I was able to use this brush under my dark circles too without it being too harsh on the delicate around my eyes.
With the Multi-task brush (Pink coloured brush), it's a an effective brush for when you need to apply loose powder, blush or bronzers onto skin. I would consider this to be suitable for an all-round type of brush as it is very dense and soft with its bristles. I wouldn't contour using this brush because it's slightly big so I would only suggest you to use this for any loose powder application. Applying my regular blush on everyday made it easier for the powder to be equally distributed on my face with the soft and dense brush. It gave me an airbrushed natural look when I used the loose powder to finish over my foundation. 

As for the Domed Shadow Brush (Purple coloured brush), it has a tapered like design where it's made to smooth and define the eyes with eyeshadow. I used this brush as a base eyeshadow brush - only because it is smooth and could spread the eyeshadow evenly over my eyelids. Personally, this gives my eyes a smoother application with eyeshadow and I am overly impressed with the quality of the brushes. 

  • By using the brushes, it can give you an airbrush, natural look. 
  • Panoramic brush case, 2-1, Case + Stand (For your convenience) 
  • Very soft plush bristles which are synthetically hand-cut, 100% Cruelty free.
  • Extended aluminum handles. Very light to hold. Easy to use. 
  • Comes with a convenient brush holder. 
  • Blends your product well especially with the Multi-task brush. 
  • Does NOT shed. 
  • Awesome to collect all types of brushes. (Make it your goal!) 
  • So affordable! 
  • They don't come sold individually. 
  • Make sure to keep your brushes super clean once a week after every use to avoid bacteria and so forth. 
  • Keep your brushes in a brush holder or the case it comes with for extra added protection. 

To top it off, I am giving this brush set a 4.5/5 stars! 

1000HOUR Natural Lashes - Black Vogue

 Image of the 1000HOUR Natural lashes surrounded by incredibly tasty Bounce Protein Balls. 

1000HOUR Natural lashes - Black Vogue

I love falsies because they give you extra volume to your eyes and your eyes definitely look more intensified. If you're wanting the dramatic look but not sure of which lashes to choose, then keep on reading to see what I thought about the 1000HOUR Natural lashes in Black Vogue. 

The 1000HOUR Natural lashes are amazing and it simply enhanced my look even more. These lashes in Black Vogue are wonderfully natural looking and does not look too much when you have these on. The Black Vogue lashes basically start thick from inside and spans out with a thin lash look. The band on the lashes are quite thick and so applying the eyelash adhesive (which oh by the way also comes with the lashes!) is even easier for me to do so because I am not struggling to constantly lining thin bands with glue. The lashes are of top quality and so I am re-using this currently. You just simply clean off the excess glue after wear and store away in an eyelash container to protect it from wear and tear. The fact I can re-use the lashes many times is much better because I get many uses from just a pair of lashes. If you're not too fond of the eyelash adhesive that comes with the lashes, you can always use an alternative eyelash glue. 

Overall, this is definitely a 5/5 stars for me! 

  • Dramatic and voluminous looking lashes. 
  • Sticks well. 
  • Lashes are of good quality. 
  • Can be re-used
  • Affordable.
  • No negatives. 
  • Be sure to trim the corners and lashes so that they fit the length of your eyes before applying them on. 
  • Also, I would bend the lash band to make it easier to shape onto your eyes. 
  • After you apply glue onto the lash band, wait for a few seconds until it looks like the glue has settled on the lash band. Then you apply onto your eyelids after. 
Oh and I'm not finished yet guys! Just one last thing I just wanted to share with you - I tried out these awesome treats called BOUNCE PROTEIN BALLS and they were so delicious !! I just had to point it out there for those who haven't tried these before....They're wheat free, gluten free, GM free, no artificial additives + most importantly this was like my protein intake for the day. (It has 14g of protein in it....which keep me going with my beauty reviews!) 

Have you tried out the beauty products I've mentioned?

 If so what did you think? 

Happy reading! 


Thank you REAL TECHNIQUES & 1000HOUR natural lashes for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support.

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