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Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Hi beauties, 

This week I got to test out the beauty range from Colour Theory's Cosmetics which is available at your local Amcal chemist. My overall impression is that for a drugstore brand, it's so affordable and if you're looking to get the basic essentials under your budget then this brand would be ideal as the colours, quality and packaging of the makeup range all suit my standards and I would definitely explore more into other colours that they offer. The fact that the product is so affordable, you can't go wrong with your daily basic necessities. 

Further links and information will be provided down below, so please keep reading to discover my experiences I had with Colour Theory's selected make up range including: 
  • Colour Theory's 'Isle of Red' nail polish
  • Colour Theory's Lipstick in Coral Reef, Love Boat & Ahoy Sailor! RRP $6
  • Colour Theory's Mascara Lengthen
  • Colour Theory's Bronzer Natural Glow
  • Colour Theory's Eyeshadow 'Calm before the Storm' 

1. Colour Theory's 'Isle of Red' nail polish: 

I'll start off with the nail polish which I tested out. It mentions that it's MADE IN AUSTRALIA and it only takes two coats for a thick finish to your nails. I found that it offers a very nice glossy finish after applying it onto mynails and the drying time is minimal. It's also said to be Formaldehyde free and has more than 22+ awesome shades. I got the shade in 'Isle of Red' which for $4 is such an amazing price for a shade of red. (Why not!)  

My first impression of the nail polish was that it was simple, round and had a white lid. For the brush itself, it's short but I've found that it helps me with applying my coats without me moving my hands around a lot and to also reach the tiny spots I always find it hard to coat. 

  • So affordable to purchase for a simple nail polish.
  • Made in Australia
  • Formaldehyde free. 
  • Quick drying formula. 
  • Long wearing of about a week. 
  • Amazing colour range. 
  • Vibrant colours. 
  • Not too fussed about the short brush, some may find it different...but for a small nail polish bottle.
  • Apply top coat for extra added shine and protection to your nails. 
Overall, I am satisfied with the nail polish I tested out as it gave my nails the sexy and fierce look. I can mix and match my clothes according to this lovely red colour. The nail polishes come in 6ml bottles and so storing all these in your cabinet wouldn't be a problem. 

I would give this nail polish a 4.5/5 stars! 

Image of my nails coated with Colour Theory's 'Isle of Red'.

2. Colour Theory - Mascara Lengthen

The very first thing I realised upon seeing this mascara was that it was Made in Italy. When applied on, I found that it made my lashes really lengthened and quite thick. I used my eyelash curler before and after application to give it a more dramatic and flirty look. For me, my lashes are already thin, so for an extra application of mascara over my lashes, it looked defined, bold and more dramatic. 

The brush bristles are helpful in attaining more product from the mascara and when applied over the lashes, there's enough to cover each lash. Colour Theory has used a mix of waxes and polymers which in a way assists your lashes to get that dreamy look. I also noticed that this mascara didn't have a fragrance which is ideal for those with sensitive skin or eyes. 
When looking for a mascara, it's always ideal that I know what contents are in the product. I found that there are no preservatives, no fragrance and no parabens! (Score!) 

Again this is an affordable price for a drugstore mascara! I found no clumps in using this type of mascara and I would say this is more focused with your tiny lashes as it works to create more volume there through its bristle brush. 

  • Affordable
  • Made in Italy.
  • Paraben free.
  • Fragrance free. 
  • No preservatives. 
  • Gives your lashes lengthened volume. 
  • If you want the flirty look, you can try this simple mascara. 
  • No clumps.
  • Even though there's no smell, don't fear the black inky mascara! 
  • Be sure to curl your lashes before and after applying on the mascara to give it a much needed boost to the volume. 
Overall I would give this mascara a 4/5 stars! 

3. Colour Theory Lipsticks in colours: Love Boat, Coral Reef and Ahoy Sailor! 

Now comes the exciting products!

 We all can't resist a good colour lippie, which is why Colour Theory has brought out their moisturising range of lipsticks which is known to hydrate lips by making them feel really nice and soft. 

The formula that they've used features a creamy texture which allows the pigmented colour to absorb on the lips really nicely and without it being harsh. 

The lipstick packaging is amazing and so simple that you can distinguish it from other range of lipsticks by its clear, see through lipstick packaging. Upon opening the lipstick packaging that was wrapped around the lipstick, there was lots of unwrapping of the sticker and the packaging. But I guess they wanted to really protect the lipstick! Removing the stickers were not a pain and very simple and easy (without leaving any sticky marks.)
Twisting the top of the lipstick is also easy and I found no problems with opening and closing the packaging of the lipstick. I can easily monitor when my product runs out by just looking at the length of the lipstick bullet. 

When applied on, I felt that the lipsticks were very moisturising and it didn't even feel like I had lipstick on. It's lightweight and can be worn with many occasions as the look is not too overly dramatic. 

The colour in Coral Reef (See swatch colour below) is a nice peachy, pink and orange tone which looks lovely on lips. Especially when you want to make a statement with your lips, then this is the colour for you. It was so pigmented when I swatched this onto my arms and also, I could feel the lipstick was going to last for a while. 

The colour in Ahoy Sailor! (See swatch colour below) is more of a red and bold tone. It speaks fierce, sexy and sharp! For the perfect basic red lippie without going over the top - this is the ideal look for when you have events during the day or night. 

Last but not least, there is the colour Love Boat which features a gold shimmery tone to the dark red lippie. It has a bit of a sparkle to its colour and it's perfect for those going out for a dance, birthday occasion, wearing neutral colour tones and so forth. I love this colour as it's not too bold when applied to your lips so you can easily get away without applying too much to achieve the bold look to your lips. 

  • Bright and vibrant colour. 
  • Very moisturising. 
  • Affordable. 
  • Creamy. 
  • Soft
  • Very pigmented. 
  • Removing the stickers initially when unwrapping the product should not be a problem.
  • Make sure to blot the lips to make your lippie last longer. 

Overall I enjoyed Colour Theory's lipstick range! They have such a divine range of colours and for me personally as a lover of brightly coloured lippies, these certainly were my favourite products! 

I would give the lipstick range a 4/5 stars! 

Colour Theory lipstick swatches on my arm. 

4. Colour Theory Natural Bronze Glow

This is a simple bronze powder glow for those wanting a beautiful pressed and lightweight sun-kissed glow. It's super lightweight and it comes with such a smooth formula, it adds to the face with a light layer of colour - a look so natural you won't need to be caked on with bronzer. It has a soft and creamy powder feel to it and when I tested this out, I felt that it was not cakey or dry when applied on during the day. It also is shimmer-free so for those who want the matte-look effect, you can achieve the look while having a hint of bronzer to it as well. 

The formula for this bronzer glow has been created to reflect light and look to give the skin a healthy and glowing look when it is applied on. It comes in a durable flip top case where it's so cute and handy to pop in your purse whenever you're on the go. It's perfect for touching up as a powder finish or if you wanting a sun kissed glow look. 

Upon opening the powder glow, there is a beautiful pattern that kind of reminds me of 'Chanel'. I'm glad there's a nice pattern to it as I feel it's a great product to look at when applying the bronzer on. 

To apply the bronzer, I would focus on the points of my high cheekbones and sweep the bronzer through using blush powder brush. 

  • Lightweight
  • Gives a natural glow. 
  • Smooth formula.
  • Affordable. 
  • Cute packaging and product pattern. 
  • Gives you a matte look. 
  • No shimmer. 
  • No negatives.
  • Apply towards your high cheek bones using a blush blending brush. 

Overall, I would rate this bronzer a 4/5 stars! 

5. Colour Theory Eyeshadow in 'Calm before the Storm'

Colour Theory also offer eyeshadows from their range and I got the colours in 'Calm before the Storm' which features sparkling and shimmering colours in black, silver, grey, light blue grey and light peachy pink. Of course they are all the colours featured in a nautical light. For a budget and drugstore eyeshadow, it actually does wonders to your eye if you want to achieve a dramatic or neutral look.

The eyeshadows are of good quality and well medium pigmented for its price. It has a creamy texture and has a tinge of sparkle and satin to its colours except for black. For longer wear of the eyeshadow, it's recommended to wear an eye primer under the eyeshadow as it will bring out the colours even more. Without a primer, it's average for staying power and I'd say to definitely use a primer. 

I think the colours in these eyeshadow shades are tailored to each different taste. For me, I don't mind the colours as I can mix and match the look from basic to formal. It's also convenient for Colour Theory to include 5 shades in a small and compact packaging - as you can look to pick out a different look using the different shades. I found that I could wear the eyeshadow everyday and the colours are so rich - that you don't need plenty of product to accentuate your ideal look. The product is also paraben free which is definitely a plus as I always look for some healthy aspect of make-up as I apply it on my skin everyday and I don't want to bombard it with harsh chemicals. 

The eyeshadow is of high quality and definitely did not disappoint as it's finely milled and has some sort of medium pigmentation to it too. The product does not settle in the creases or fine lines of my eye lids which is a plus for me as I know that the eyeshadow lasts longer throughout the day. The eyeshadow palette comes with two small brushes, one sponge brush being double ended to assist in applying the eyeshadow on the eyelids - however I like to always use my eyeshadow brush to apply evenly over my eyelids. 

There was no mirror that came with the clear eyeshadow palette but this didn't bother me as I tend to apply eyeshadow against a proper mirror. 

  • Paraben free. 
  • Medium pigmented. 
  • Sheer and shiny finish
  • Rich in colour
  • Creamy and soft
  • Finely milled. 
  • Doesn't settle in your creases. 
  • Colours are matched to suit any look you wish to achieve. 
  • No mirror but I wasn't too fussed with this. 
  • Use eye primer before applying the eyeshadow for longer lasting effect. 
Overall, I would give this palette a rating of 4.5/5 stars! 

Swatch of the eyeshadow in 'Calm before the Storm'

I had such a fun time testing out the range from Colour Theory. It's such great value for money and for the products - they're also of medium to high quality. You can purchase them from any Amcal store which makes it so convenient the next time you visit your local Amcal store for any cosmetic needs. 

Take care for now and I hope you enjoyed my reviews! 


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*Thank you Beauty Theory for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support. 

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