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Thursday, April 23, 2015


Hi all, 

Have you guys heard of the RY (Recreate Yourself) online beauty store at www.ry.com.au? They are Australia's largest online hair care and beauty store where they stock the latest and most favorite products at unbeatable prices.

 Ordering online is super easy and delivery is unbelievably quick. Online shopping is just a click away and what's great is that they're stocked with the latest brands for hair care, skin care, gift sets, etc. 

When I first checked out their website, I was surprised to see such a long list of well known names such as Clarins, Pelactiv and Decleor at such an affordable price. Their customer service is tops and if you ever need assistance, they have a LIVE CHAT feature so you can ask as many questions as you fancy while browsing products. (Now how awesome is that..) 

Furthermore, let's get cracking with some reviews... Today I will be discussing the skincare agenda. What motivates me to cleanse my face everyday is that I want to ensure that it stays healthy and glowing. I get quite uncomfortable when my skin turns oily and flaky after a days out. With Winter arriving, my skin needs the fullest attention I can give it. That's why it is so worthwhile investing in the right products to treat your skin and improve your radiance and glow. Cleanse and pamper - girlfriend! 

For the products I have tested out and I highly recommend to get are of the following skincare products (which can be found on the RY website): 
  • Clarins - Pure & Radiant Mask 50ml (With pink clay) 
  • Payot - Lotion Tonique Fraicheur Exfoliation Lotion 200ml. 
  • Pelactiv - Gentle Foaming Cleanser 150ml 
  • Decleor - Tonifying Lotion 200ml 

These are incredibly (hands down) a great skincare combination for when you need a luxurious pamper session. They all come in all different types of packaging and I love the feel of each item. My skin has never looked so much better by using these beauties. Now for the reviews...

Clarins - Pure & Radiant Mask 50ml (With pink clay) 

I have used so many face masks in the past and I always tend to pick one out that's not suitable for my skin or makes me break out. Well, not for the Clarins mask. I found it to really suit my oily-normal skin combination - by giving me a nice and matte finish. I'm a rose scent lover and for this mask to smell of roses, I was very amazed! It has a pleasant floral subtle fragrance and it's not too harsh at all. 

For those wanting a face mask and not sure which one to select in beauty stores, let me recommend a very rose subtle mask where it will leave your skin looking very radiant and pure. How the product works is that it's basically a deep purifying mask which contains Pink clay and Alpine willow herb. The ingredients work to assist in cleansing, tightening and refining your pores with a matte-looking result. This can be achieved within 6-7 minutes of applying and rinsing off the mask thoroughly. Not only does it look to cleanse, it also works to soften and smooth out irritated and redness on the skin which contains Linden extract. The texture is very non-drying and it doesn't feel uncomfortable when left to dry on skin. It rinses very easily and does not leave any residue behind. 

I've been using the product for a few days now and I can really see my face being less oily after every cleanse. I felt it helped brightened my skin and made it feel more radiant after I washed off the mask. I have obvious pores on my face and nose - so with using the mask, I have found that my face and pores felt tighter and toned. My skin looks very matte and I have finally rid the shininess from my face. My skin feels really soft and smooth just like baby skin once again. 

I had some red irritation near my cheeks and after popping the mask on, it reduced my redness. I am glad this product was able to tone down the redness from my blemish spots. The mask isn't too thick so this is good because you only need a little product to apply on. It's a very lightweight product - so when you have the mask on your face, it does not feel like you're packing on cream. The palm and coconut oils in the product is what keeps skin feeling so soft and smooth. 

The packaging of the Clarins mask is in a little green squeezable bottle which makes life so much easier. It's fuss-free and won't get messy. It also stands well on my bathroom cabinet making the product fully visible and easier to grab hold of. As for the product fragrance, it smells like a bed of freshly cut roses. I feel it makes face-mask pampering session more fun and pleasant.

The feel to the product is in a white-cream based texture. You only need a minimal amount when applying it on because a little goes a long way for this special product. It feels soft and extra lightweight when you apply it onto your face. After rinsing, your skin just feels so refreshed and matte. I felt the excess oils were gone for now and my complexion just looked really healthy after a few days of using this mask. To continue with a having more of a radiant glow, it's best to use a face mask every 2 days per week. 

Overall, this product made me feel wonderfully refreshed, my pores were tightened and toned andalso  my skin felt so smooth and soft. I believe this mask has what it takes to deliver for being a top face mask because it gives you many benefits as mentioned. 

I am rating this mask a full 5/5 stars because this really delivered to my expectations. I will continue on using Clarins as my face mask.

  • Key ingredients include: Coconut, Linden, Alpine Willow Herb, Tanaka & Pink Clay. 
  • Tightens pores.
  • Tones skin.
  • Leaves skin feeling soft and smooth. 
  • Removes any excess oils. 
  • Comes in a 50ml tube. 
  • Comforts irritated skin.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin. 
  • Non-drying texture.
  • Can be pricey but for the ingredients and benefits present in the product - it truly is worth it! 
  • Apply the mask 2-3 times a day, leave on for 6-7 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water.
  • Use a toning lotion after this process.

Payot - Lotion Tonique Fraicheur Exfoliation Lotion 200ml

So we've discussed about face masks but what about ze lotion! I would like you meet the Payout - Lotion Tonique Fraicheur Exfoliation Lotion. It's from a luxury skin care brand where its high performance never ceases to disappoint. The lotion is designed to improve your skin tone. It acts to boost radiance to your complexion and leave your skin feeling super toned.

The lotion has cranberry extracts which protect and improves your skin tone; Pineapple extracts which has natural gentle exfoliation properties; Olivine which combats stress looking skin and also Bioecolia - that regulates and restores balance. 

I have noticed my skin becoming more radiant and clear after using the Payot lotion and I am always looking for a good skin toner which can make my skin feel refreshed. By using this lotion everyday, it will give you smooth looking skin because it also helps to exfoliate all of the dry skin flakes away. I also felt that it left my skin feeling moisturized and very refreshing. I would recommend this product to be used after the final steps of cleansing because it acts to prepare your skin for treatment. I felt this was a different way of exfoliating your skin because the lotion acts to remove any impurities and improve skin tone. I felt my pores being really cleansed because the lotion would seep into my pores to help tighten and balance out my skin. 

The packaging of the lotion was presented in a 200ml pump bottle which is easily accessible and mess-free. The product smelt refreshing and I had no issues with the fragrance.

Overall, this is one a kind for an exfoliation lotion product that leaves skin feeling vewry rejuvenated. I am rating this a 4.5/5 stars! 

  • Will refresh and give you a radiant complexion. 
  • Exfoliates and tones skin. 
  • Balances eperdermis. 
  • Helps to hydrate and protect skin. 
  • Has cranberry extracts for protecting and improving the skin tone. 
  • Has pineapple extract for exfoliating purposes.
  • Comes in hand pump bottle for convenience.  
  • Zilch. 
  • Use a moistened cotton pad and simply wipe over face and neck to cleanse. 

Pelactiv - Gentle Foaming Cleanser 150ml

For those with normal, oil and acne skin - you'll find that the gentle foaming cleanser will be ideal for removing any surface impurities, oils, pollution and excess makeup. It's also great for leaving the skin feeling balanced, soft, clean and feeling very refreshed after use. It does not give you breakouts from using the cleanser because it's already formulated to prevent any further breakouts on skin. 

For sensitive skin people, you'll find that this cleanser will be very gentle to use and does not cause any particular irritation or redness. Alternatively, men can also use this as a shaving gel as it contains turkey bush extract - a deep cleansing extract made for a thorough cleanse. It also has desert fuschia rose extract - an antibacterial property made to soothe and calm down your skin. What I also found interesting is that it has collagen to plump into the skin making it look renewed. 

It has been a few days since using the Pelactiv cleanser and already I can see my face being cleared up and it has a radiant glow to it. The product is non-comedogenic which means it doesn't clog pores. I have observed no clogged pores to my face after using this morning and night. The good thing about the cleanser is that it's Australia made and owned which is also free from artificial colours and fragrances. I have also found that the foaming cleanser does not dry out my face like other foaming cleansers. It's pH balanced so I can continue to use this without worrying that it will dry my skin. 

This cleanser is nearly creamy and it only foams up a little. I have noticed with the other cleansers I have used, they tend to foam up a lot. For this - it's only a little and is what makes this cleanser bearable for me to use in the long run. The smell is uplifting and very refreshing consisting of lemon and orange rind scent. 

It's very easy to use, I just wet my face, rub my hands together and then massage in circular motions with the cleanser. Once I'm done I would simply rinse off thoroughly with using lukewarm water. I definitely was very satisfied in using this cleanser because it left my skin feeling warm, brighter and more radiant looking. It doesn't feel tight after rinsing and you don't really need a moisturizer because I felt my skin to be already hydrated. I didn't have to use a large amount, but instead only a small dollop of the product can give you a thorough cleanse. 

This is an amazing product for a cleanser and I love the Pelactiv range! I am rating this product a 5/5 stars! 

  • Suitable for normal, oily combination skin.
  • Removes surface impurities. 
  • Non-comedogenic, does not clog pores. 
  • Free from artificial colours and fragrance. 
  • pH balanced to be gentle on skin and not dry it out. 
  • Smell is so nice.... oranges and lemon. 
  • Keeps skin feeling hydrated. 
  • Men can use this as a shaving gel. 
  • Has collagen to plump and renew skin. 
  • Contains turkey bush extract - deep cleansing extract. 
  • Anti-bacterial properties made to soothe and calm skin. 
  • Leaves skin feeling soft and supple. 
  • Zilch. 
  • Wet face first, then rub hands together to emulsify. 
  • Massage onto face in circular motion. 

Decleor - Tonifying Lotion 200ml 

This Decleor Tonifying lotion is considered the second step in your cleansing process and it has a lovely fragrance that leaves skin feeling soft and fresh. There's no restricting feeling on skin and it tones beautifully. It's claimed to improve the effectiveness of your make up removal while keeping skin feeling nourished and awakened.

I've always switched from each toner to toner. But I've found that if you don't start using them, your skin doesn't feel awakened or rejuvenated. Skipping a toning step has always left me with an oily face with blemishes, or else it could be dry and flaky during the cold weather. 

When used with a moistened cotton pad, I felt that my neck and face were getting balanced and comforted by the lotion's ingredients. It leaves my skin feeling so fresh and soft! I've never heard of the brand until now and I can say Decleor is a good quality toner that will leave your complexion looking really good. Even though it's a mild toner, it's very gentle on skin which means for those with sensitive skin - this won't be a problem. It's also not greasy and doesn't dry out my skin which I love. Beauty therapists may use this lotion within their treatments as to complete or enhance the cleaning process of skin. The lotion actually balances out the skin's natural pH so it does not dry out the skin - leaving it feeling so refreshed and re-hydrated. 

The active ingredients included in the lotion are: Detoxifying green tea essential water which assists in removing any impurities and tighten pores - leaving you with a more toned complexion and skin feeling tight, radiant and fresh. 

The product comes in an elegant pink bottle with a flip top lid. The scent is irresistible - it smells of fruity essence and like a spa! Kind of reminds me when I'm in a spa and the candles and oil they use are calming and relaxing. This product is not ideal for those who are sensitive to fragrance as this is more of a pampering lotion. It's the really fragrant Neroli Essential Oil which acts to help protect and repair skin against the external environment. 

My skin combination along with this product is a good mix for getting the ideal complexion I want. I tend to use this during the night after cleansing my skin and then applying moisturizer over it. 

I can't find any flaws within this product so I am giving this a 5/5 stars! 

  • Smells really nice as if you've come back from a spa/pamper session. 
  • Has detoxifying green tea essential water which acts to remove any impurities, grime, dirt.
  • Does not dry the skin. 
  • A very fragrant lotion. 
  • Leaves skin feeling tight and toned. 
  • Can be pricey but it s worth investing into. 
  • Use a cotton pad and swipe it on your face and neck with the product. 

RY is definitely a good online shopping beauty hub if you're wanting to grab hold of these products. They even stock many more brands with so much variety which is what I like to see in an online beauty store. Good stuff RY!  

So be sure to always take care of your skin and I hope this was useful :) 

Until then,



You can check out RY online website by clicking on the image below: 


Thank you RY for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support.

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