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Friday, April 24, 2015


The Body Shop makeup and skincare product. 

Hi beauty lovers,

I hope you're all having a wonderful day..

Today is a beautiful day because the sun is out to play! So happy it's Friday and I am surrounded by such gorgeous weather...(and products too.) 

I've been using The Body Shop skincare products for a long time now, especially with their moisturising creams and butter. But today, I'd thought I do something different and touch-base on what more The Body Shop can offer in their stores. I have tried and tested these pretty packaged products and I can't wait to share my thought with you all. 

For today's products I will be discussing includes: 
  • The Body Shop - Colour Crush Lipstick - Rush of Pink (Made in Italy) 
  • The Body Shop - Colour Crush Lipstick - Darling Blush (Made in Italy) 
  • The Body Shop - Honey Bronze - Bronzing Powder - Shade 03 
  • The Body Shop - Coconut Beautifying Oil 
  • The Body Shop - Vitamin C Skin Boost 

Left-Right: Colour Crush Lipstick in Darling Blush & then Rush of Pink. 

The Body Shop - Colour Crush Lipstick:
Rush of Pink 
Darling Blush 

If you're wanting to make a statement with your lips, then you have to check out The Body Shop the next time you're in stores... because they recently launched a new line of Colour Crush lipsticks. The lipsticks has a very high impact colour and they're really moisturizing. 

The colours in ''Rush of Pink" and "Darling Blush" are amazing because they're both made for different looks. One being a dressy colour and the other being a natural look. It really is made for different occasions and they're so vibrant and creamy on lips. 

The lipsticks were really pigmented and had a creamy based texture. It definitely has good consistency to the cream of the lipstick .When I glide it onto my lips, there are no dry flaky bits, nor does it look or feel sticky. When I applied it onto my lips, they felt so moisturizing and did not dry at all. I also checked the labels to see where they were made from which was Italy. So...I'm sure the Italians take great pride when making their products with the finest pigments. The lipsticks come in an elegant packaging where it it's in a silver tube (If you're wanting to check out your reflection) and also a red and brown coloured translucent cap depending on what shade you get. To identify the type of shade it is, just check the bottom sticker for the number. All I can say about the packaging is that it's simply gorgeous! I really love the look and it's very easy to use. (Twist to open and close) 

The fact that these lipsticks are already super nourishing on lips, you don't even need to use a lip balm as a base. This is perfect for those seeking to wear more lippies during winter because there's less hassle to put on gorgeous looking lips. I would suggest to exfoliate your lips with a good lip scrub before applying to ensure a smooth application. I have found that this lipstick is very silky on lips and the staying time is about an hour. Be sure to apply another coat when you feel that the glossiness has disappeared. One good thing about this is that your lips will still moisturized for a few hours! 

There is a subtle rose fruity scent to the lipstick making it very appealing to wear. The fact that it's also 100% cruelty free and 100% vegetarian does not make me feel guilty wearing this lipstick. It also contains marula oil that's been sourced from Namibia. Overall, they are fantastic shades and I would recommend anyone who's looking for high impact colour to check out their other shades too! 

I'm giving this Colour Crush lipsticks an overall rating of 4.5/5 stars! 

  • High impact colour. 
  • Very moisturizing lipstick. 
  • Contains marula oil. 
  • Very pigmented and vibrant. 
  • Has a creamy soft texture. 
  • Colour glossiness may fade easily but just re-apply to retain glossiness to lips. 
  • Make sure you exfoliate your lips with a good lip scrub before applying the lipstick on. 
  • The Body Shop AU online website http://www.thebodyshop.com.au/make-up/lips/colour-crush-lipsticks.aspx#.VTmzHSGqqko
  • RRP $19.95

Colour Crush™ Lipsticks main view
Image from The Body Shop Australia website (http://www.thebodyshop.com.au/) 

Swatches of the Colour Crush lipsticks. 

The Body Shop - Honey Bronze - Bronzing Powder - Shade 03 

The Body Shop also provides a range of amazing bronzing powders for those wanting to highlight their cheekbones for a more of a subtle sun-kissed look. This beautiful honey bronze, bronzing powder comes in a compact case included with a good quality mirror. I felt this bronzer gave me more of a matte-look to my skin and left it really naturally glowing. I loved how this bronzer didn't look fake or too dark. The shade in 03 Medium really suited my skin and you don't even need to use a lot of the powder. It also gives a silky finish when you dust the bronzer over your forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. The Honey Bronzer also contains honey, beeswax from Cameroon and marula oil from Nambia. 

For contouring purposes, the shade in 03 Medium is light and if you're looking for a darker shade then there is Shade 04 for which you may also consider. I simply just added more applications of bronzer to my brush and then applied onto my cheeks. You don't see the bronzer with one shade so you need to really build onto this to achieve the look that you're after. For me, it's not a problem adding on more product because this is what bronzers are all about - building up shades! It's a really good natural look for a bronzer and I am glad this shade isn't too dark for me. It gives me hint of glowiness to my complexion and I am very satisfied with the results. 

I felt this shade gave me brighter and matte looking skin. So for example, if you have your concealer and foundation on - you can simply dust some of the bronzer onto the areas of your face that you wish to contour. I found the product to be very lightweight and it's perfect to wear everyday as it is not heavy on skin. I always look for a lightweight type of bronzer because I am always out for long hours of the day, so I need to feel comfortable in my own skin. I applied the bronzer by using a fluffy brush and I felt it glided on so well where it created a nice matte look. I always look to hide the shine from my face so with this bronzer in handy, it makes it a perfect and ideal product to keep in your bag or wallet. The bronze lasts for the whole day (about 8 hours straight) and so touching up is not really essential. I found there to be no fall out with the texture of the bronzer because it's cream based so it provided me with more of an even finish. 

The packaging of the bronzer is presented in a brown, cute compact case along with a mirror. The cream based product is printed in a honey-beeswax shape, so this makes the product look fun and exciting to look at. This is definitely a powder I see myself using daily over my concealer and foundation as a way to matte the look of my skin. There are so many ways to experiment with using this bronzer...whether it's to be used to decrease shine from your face, give it more a matte look, contour your nose or cheeks or you can even use it as base for your eyeshadow! Be experimental guys!! 

I am in love with this bronzer and I don't think I can find any negatives with the product at all. I am giving this a 5/5 stars overall! xx

  • Great to use for a matte look 
  • Good for finishing powder over your concealer or foundation. 
  • Cream based product so you can get an even finish. 
  • Comes in a compact and handy case with mirror. 
  • Lasts on for a good 7-8 hours. 
  • Very light weight powder. 
  • Gives you a light sun-kissed glow. 
  • Zilch.
  •  Use a fluffy brush to distribute powder evenly over your face. 
  • The Body Shop AU online website http://www.thebodyshop.com.au/make-up/bronzing/honey-bronze-bronzing-powder.aspx#.VTnJPiGqqko
  • RRP $22.95 
Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder main view
Image from The Body Shop Australia website (http://www.thebodyshop.com.au/) 

The Body Shop - Vitamin C Skin Boost 

Listen up for those who experience dry and dull looking skin! I wasn't sure what this little yellow bottle could do for me, but I was really gobsmacked by the results when I tested this one out. It really is not bad for a Vitamin C skin boost, literally. 

It's a unique product from The Body Shop and to educate you all on this, it gives you silky smooth looking skin. Also, it works to give you a radiant and healthy glow. So really, if you just woke up and your face is feeling just (blah) just blend in a little of this Vitamin C Skin boost onto your skin and you will feel more awakened with skin looking more radiant. 

When pumping out the Vitamin C skin boost onto my palms, I made sure to rub my palms together to really warm up the gel/oil. Next, I went ahead and massaged my face in circular motions making sure I covered my whole face. I found that it's an AMAZING product and I can really say it helped plump up my skin, fill in my obvious pores and fine lines. I'm so happy I could use this as a base primer for my face because there's Vitamin C ingredients which all assist to give skin a much needed boost to radiance and glow. My skin looked healthier and I kept getting comments from my friends on what product I used.
The product's consistency is in a form of a gel + oil but I think it's more of an oil. It's not too oily for me so that's good. Just be sure to use a tiny amount, otherwise you'll just end up with too much product on your skin. A tiny amount about the size of a five cent coin is adequate enough for application usage.  

To fit this into my daily routine, I would use this during mornings because that is when it's best to plump the skin and re-freshen it up. Another good thing about this amazing skin booster is that it acts to hydrate and make your skin look smooth and soft. So for those suffering from the harsh winter weather, this product can 100% help in giving you the needed moisture to skin. Also, I tend to get oily skin occasionally so when I applied a hint of the Vitamin boost, it worked to even out my skin by giving a smooth look. (Goodbye shine!) 

Additionally, Vitamin C is an essential ingredient where it helps to protect our skin from the sun and pollution. To have the extra added protection is always safer for our skin. You can also use this as a primer base because I noticed my concealer and foundation went on really well and also lasted me a good 7-8 hours of my make-up wear. 

The product comes in a 30ml sized pump bottle and is so easy to use without being messy. It's very hygienic and the texture comes in a clear like gel/oil which feels very light on skin. It smells wonderfully fruity like citrus oranges and berries.  

I'm 110% loving this product because I have truly found my Vitamin Boost for my skin! 

  • Gives you a natural radiance look. 
  • Evens out your skin tone, especially if you have oily skin. 
  • Works as an effective primer base for make-up. 
  • Very light weight. 
  • Gel/oil consistency for smooth application. 
  • Comes in a hygienic pump bottle. 
  • Enriched with Amazonian camu camu berry and Community Fair Trade Brazil but oil.
  • Acts as skin boost with Vitamin C properties found in berries. 
  • Gives you moisturising skin. 
  • Contains light reflective particles. 
  • Zilch.
  • Use during mornings to awaken skin and or before putting on make-up for longer lasting effect. 
  • The Body Shop AU online website http://www.thebodyshop.com.au/skincare/serums/vitamin-c-skin-boost.aspx#.VTnd0iGqqko
  • RRP $29.95

The Body Shop - Coconut Beautifying Oil 

Now to the oils....I really love a good oil where it can be used just anywhere such as your face, body and hair! This oil is made to rid dryness and bring back your replenished soft skin or it can also nourish your hair. It contains a blend of kukui nut oil, sweet almond oil, marula nut oil and of course smells like fresh coconuts! These natural ingredients are all made to moisturise and hydrate your skin and hair. For an oil, it's non-greasy, non-sticky and so easily absorbed on skin or hair. 

The product comes in a 100ml flip top lid where it's easy to use and mess-free as it has a small hole which disperses the oil into small amounts. When I applied some oil onto my skin, I could feel the oil being easily absorbed. I felt my skin feeling really soft and smooth and it had a pleasant pure coconut smell to it which is highly addictive. (I love coconuts!) 

I definitely did not see the product being too greasy for me - even with my hair because I used a tiny amount and that was it. In terms of applying the oil on, just make sure you don't go overboard with applying lots of it. You just need a tiny amount for each section. I would use this during evenings when I'm in need of pampering and looking to beautify my skin and hair again. If you're suffering from dry skin, using a small amount of oil on the prone area will definitely assist in hydrating and moisturising it. 

Removing the oil is easy as it comes off easily with water. Also, the best time to apply the oil would be after having a really hot shower. 

Overall, it's a good all rounder type of oil for your face, body and hair. It's ideal for many purposes and you can look to experiment with this product. I am giving this product a 4.5/5 stars! 

  • Non-greasy formula. 
  • Hydrates and moisturises skin. 
  • Smells of fresh coconuts. 
  • Comes in a handy flip top bottle. 
  • Mess free
  • Easily absorbs into skin. 
  • Rids dryness. 
  • Don't apply too much oil onto your hair otherwise it will be too oily, just use a small amount. 
  • Apply the oil after a hot shower. 

I had so much fun putting together this review because my skin smelt so goooooooood! I am overall very impressed with The Body Shop skin and cosmetic products. Who knew their make-up range would be so highly pigmented and of such high quality. As for the body skin care range, they have always kept up to speed with delivering to their customers. I sure love the ingredients in their products and I am always happy to support The Body Shop because they're all about trying to protect the planet, defending human rights and activating self esteem. 

All of their products are ideal if you're wanting to pamper up in your own spa session. They are of good quality and beautiful products and I hope you've enjoyed reading my review on this. 

Happy shopping and reading guys, 

Beauty & love,


Thank you THE BODY SHOP AUSTRALIA for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support.

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