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Thursday, April 30, 2015


Hello beauties, 

It's quickly nearing the end of the week and what can you say - time really flies when you're busy in the beauty world! 

Today, I want to chat about why night treatment for your skin is so essential for your daily routine. Skin recovers overnight and that's how it gets replenished by the various types of treatment that you use. 

Have you ever heard of TRILOGY products? They're available from selected Myer, Priceline pharmacies and health stores worldwide. Trilogy products give you the maximum effect on your skin and the minimum effect on the environment.

For the products I have tested out are of the following: 
  • Trilogy Eye Contour Cream
  • Trilogy Cream Cleanser
  • Trilogy Rosapene Night Cream 

Trilogy Eye Contour Cream

This Trilogy eye contour cream is made to restore and revive delicate skin around the eye areas, where it assists in reducing puffy eyes. This eye cream instantly soothes around the eye areas and what's great about it... is that it's 100% fragrance free! The consistency of the cream is in an aloe vera cream base. It absorbs really well when on skin where it instantly revives and tones well. When used effectively, the application of make-up goes on even smoother.

The product is formulated without any artificial or synthetic active ingredient. It contains mostly natural botanicals which are full of green plant proteins which in a sense works to target puffiness, dehydration, any fine lines and signs of ageing. I've been using the eye cream around the contours of my eye areas and I have found that it's looking more firm and smoother. 

The ingredients contained in the products has been reformulated to incorporate Trilogy's unique ingredient which is Rosapene (which contains a blend of nourishing certified rosehip oil and super anti-oxidants which protects skin from radical damage). If you happen to suffer from signs of ageing, especially near the eye areas (e.g. fine lines) then this product is suitable for you in trying to target any visible signs of ageing. 

Furthermore, this eye contour cream is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. The consistency of the cream is in a gel-cream form and is quite easy to use on the eye areas. The other nutrients included in the product are aloe vera, carrot oil and Vitamin E which assists with skin repair and renewal. This product is filled with so many healthy ingredients which all effectively assist your skin to become more replenished.The product comes in a white squeeze tube where it includes a small nozzle with a lid which you can screw on and off with. 

My eyes were looking dry and my eye bags were becoming more visible before I used the eye cream. I felt after using it, it provided much relief to the areas where it was feeling a tad dry. The product absorbed onto my skin really well and I found no irritations or redness after applying it on. I would say that this product can be used for longer, because you only require a small amount. A little goes a long way for a 20ml tube. I apply this eye cream every night just before I moisturise my whole face. Also, I have tiny fine wrinkles around my eye areas so this definitely makes it ideal for me to tone and smooth out any fine lines. I've noticed that my eyes don't seem puffy as usual and I am very happy with the continuing results of using this eye cream every night. 

In the longer term, this cream will help reduce puffiness and gradually fade my dark circles. It will also act as an anti-ageing eye cream which works to prevent any sign of ageing. This is by far the best eye cream I have tested out and I am truly amazed at how Trilogy has developed such a wonderful and effective product for the eye areas.

Overall, I am giving this a 5/5 stars as it's one of the best eye creams I have definitely tried out.

  • Restores and revives around the eye areas. 
  • Banishes puffy and tired eyes. 
  • Incorporated with Rosapene where it helps to fight against free radical damage. 
  • Prevents visible signs of ageing. 
  • For all skin types. 
  • Fragrance free! 
  • Gel-cream formula. 
  • Minimises the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eye areas.
  • Certified natural under the internationally NATRUE Natural cosmetics standard. 
  • Tried and Tested winner in UK's prestigious Green beauty bible. 
  • Zilch. 
  • Apply the cream gently around the contours of eye areas using fingertips. 

Trilogy Cream Cleanser

Cream cleansers are the new way to cleanse your skin in one simple step. It features with rosehip, evening primrose and carrot which are all daily essentials needed to give you soft and smooth looking skin. It's considered as one of the best sellers of the Trilogy skincare group and really luxurious and smells amazing of natural plant oils.

The product I have in the image above is in the travel-friendly 100ml tube where you can conveniently take this with you when travelling overseas. It's not too heavy and very practical to pack in your make-up case. It not only removes make-up but also works leave your skin feeling supple and soft - preparing it for serums and moisturisers. I would use the cream cleanser during the mornings and nights to get more of the moisturising benefits.

After using the cleanser, I felt my skin to be really smooth and clean. There wasn't any harsh foaming agents present in the product and I felt it was super gentle when used on skin. It did a great job in scrubbing away my make-up and it didn't even make my skin feel tight or dry. I would rate Trilogy's cream cleanser as one of my top five natural creamy cleanser because it seriously is effective in cleaning my skin and makes it supple and very soft. What I enjoyed about this cleanser is that it gave me a really 'clean' result by not containing harsh chemicals at the same time which can really dry out the skin if there were any present.

The cream cleanser gives me a gentle thorough cleanse and I am definitely happy to have really tried on an effective cream cleanser that works for all skin types. The natural and beneficial ingredients of evening primrose, jojoba and certified rosehip oils all combined can make your skin feel really nourished and with your complexion looking and feeling smoother. I love how the product is presented in a handy tube which is perfect for traveling. It comes with a flip-top lid so there's not really an excuse to be messy when using the cleanser.

Overall, it's an amazing cream cleanser from Trilogy's range and I am giving this a 5/5 stars!

  • Thoroughly cleanses without making the skin dry
  • Removes make-up entirely. 
  • Makes skin feel supple, soft and moisturised after cleansing. 
  • Can purchased a travel friendly 100ml tube. 
  • Contains natural ingredients that benefit the skin including: Evening primrose, jojoba and certified rosehip oils.
  • Zilch!
  • Cleanse morning and nights for soft and smooth looking skin. 
  •  Myer
  • Priceline
  • Health stores worldwide
  • 100ml tube RRP $21.95 or 200ml for the bottle at RRP $36.95
  • Visit the Trilogy website for more info: http://www.trilogyproducts.com/

Trilogy Rosapene Night Cream 

So are you looking for an effective night cream which features a blend of botanical active ingredients which all help your skin to be restored and re-hydrated overnight?
Named the Best Night cream in 2014 NZ Best in Beauty Awards
Take a new love to bed.... with Trilogy's Rosapene Night cream. 

How this night cream works is that it works overnight while we sleep. It assists hydration in giving you an intensive nourishment that leaves your skin looking and feeling so smoothy and healthy. 
Fact: The production of skin cells is at its greatest while we rest and key functions, such as rate of water loss and blood flow, are significantly higher...so the skin is at its most receptive to nourishing natural actives at night.
What makes this night recovery cream unique is that it contains an antioxidant called Rosapene which is basically a certified organic blend of repairing rosehip oil and super antioxidants such as lycopene from tomato and phystosterol from acai berry. The multivitamins of the goji berry extract aids regeneration, the mineral-rich manuka honey helps with hydrating the skin and finally there's avocado oil which nourishes the skin. Hence, there are many amazing natural ingredients present in the night cream, which makes it very beneficial for your skin. You would want your skin looking silky smooth. 

The smell of the cream is very light and smell of roses and geranium. It's pleasant and I don't mind the scent at all.  I actually love the therapeutic scent it brings out. The best thing about this night cream is that it's also suitable for those with sensitive skin. When using the product, I felt no redness or irritation. The cream is not of heavy consistency which is great because it makes it very lightweight and rich when you apply the cream onto your face. The product comes in a beautiful dark 60ml jar and comes with a twist to open cap. I definitely will look to repurchase this night cream once I run out because the jar is very durable and keeps the cream fresh.

From using this night cream, I didn't breakout or get any blemishes. Before using this, I was getting redness around my skin due to using too much hot water, so I applied the cream to the areas and found that my redness was significantly reduced. I also noticed that it did not even clog my pores so it's a great product that gave me soft and smooth looking skin every morning after using it overnight. It's definitely a heavenly product I'd recommend to anyone wanting a long-term night cream. It delivers the best results overnight and for anyone who hasn't used this - definitely a must try!

  • Award winning Night cream
  • Contains botanical actives to help revive, restore and rehydrate complexion
  • Very nourishing night cream to use. 
  • Leaves skin looking radiant, smooth and soft. 
  • Enriched with antioxidant complex Rosapene. 
  • Ingredients contained in the cream help to regenerate, hydrate, repair and nourish skin.
  • Zilch! 
  • Apply a small amount to the areas on your face.
I am so happy with Trilogy skincare products because of the luxurious and benefits I gain from using their products. I hope you enjoyed reading about the Trilogy beauty products and I've helped you with making your decision in getting these beauties! 
Happy reading guys,
Livia xo

Logos below are clickable onto the Official Trilogy website for more information! 


Thank you Trilogy + Maxtedthomas for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support.

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