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Sunday, May 31, 2015



If you love lipsticks and lip glosses, keep on reading because I've just discovered a beauty icon that's just coming back to the market. Red Earth, if you're not familiar with the brand was established back in 1991 in Melbourne, Australia. It's been evolving for around nearly 25 years and is available not just in Australia but has also hit the International beauty market too. I was only a kid back in the 90s but it's great to know that a brand has come back to the beauty market to deliver even better products than ever. 
Their new motto says: A new look, new voice and new direction. 
Their belief resonates with women who is most comfortable in their own skin. This is when women are truly, beautiful. Being comfortable is what you really need to look at when applying on make-up and using skincare products. 

For those wanting to snap up the latest Red Earth new releases, they are now available at Australia's premium destinations including Emporium Melbourne and Sephora Sydney (That's right Sydney has their first ever Sephora store located at the heart of Pitt Street Mall. Check it out there ladies!) 

I checked out Red Earth's following colour cosmetics: 
  • Red Earth - Pure Colour Lipstick in 19 Pinkberry Cream & 13 Sweetheart Cream. 
  • Red Earth - Lip Passion Premium Plumping Gloss 

I am so excited to share with you of my thoughts with these Red Earth beauties because I was so surprised by how pigmented they were and how well it looked on my lips. 

I'll start off with telling you guys all about...

 Red Earth - Pure Colour Lipstick in 19 Pinkberry Cream & 13 Sweetheart Cream

Red Earth's Pure Colour lipsticks are 3.6g and retail for about $24 each and is also available in 20 shades. They are incredibly pigmented, super moisturising to wear and also the packaging is quite sleek in a sort of black metal casing. It doesn't feel cheap or plastic which is a great aspect about Red Earth's product packaging. 

19 Pinkberry Cream is more of deep dark reddish/pink of lipstick where it gives off a cream finish to your lips. The formula is very beautiful and glides on so well when applied onto lips. Of course, I included a swatch test of all the lipsticks and lip gloss down below, so be sure to check them out as their colours are really bright and beautiful. The pigmentation base is quite decent for Red Earth and I am amazed by how well and long is lasted on my lips which was for a good 3-4 hours before I needed to re-apply and retouch my lips. The colour wear on my lips was beautiful and elegant and it would definitely be ideal for if I was heading out to an event. 

13 Sweetheart Cream is more of a light baby pink type of colour which gives a really nice creamy, texture to the lips. I love the Sweeheart cream colour because it's more girly when worn on lips and also it felt comfortable all day long. The lipstick is full of good and rich vitamins which is what really makes your lips retain moisture to them. 
In my swatch test you can actually see how moisturising these actually look! The feel of these lipsticks have more of a butter formula to them and gives more of a smooth look to your lips. This colour is beautiful looking on lips and would go well with a neutral coloured outfit. They're definitely a 5/5 stars for me overall. 

  • To ensure long wear, be sure to re-touch after a few hours of wearing the lipstick. 

  • RRP $24
  • Sephora Sydney, Australia. 
  • Emporium Melbourne. 
  • Otherwise also available through their Official Red Earth online website: www.redearth.com 

Red Earth - Lip Passion Premium Plumping Gloss 

This is a different kind of lip gloss which not only adds shine to your lips but what it also does is that it looks to deliver colour, shine and also plumps up your lips. You get all of the three elements and benefits through using this lip gloss which is so ideal for if you're shopping around for a good type of quality lip gloss. 

The product includes a blend of rich vitamins to your lips which is also great for if you wanted to plump up your lips hence you don't really need a lip balm as the base for full moisturisation purposes. The texture of the lip gloss is non-sticky which I really like and also it left a really nice and wonderful shine and gloss look for my lips. You can alternatively use a lip liner as well to line the lips, but I just used it on its own for my swatching purposes. My lips definitely looked more plump and juicy after applying. It's great for those who really want to achieve bigger looking lips because it's not permanent and you can play around with your lip sizes. (Just have fun with it)  It's definitely a nice type of lip gloss which leaves your lips looking much shiny and more plump. Definitely a good look for if you are going to be taking a lot of photos, then be sure to use a nice plumping lip gloss such as from the Red Earth brand to stand out from the crowd. I am so impressed with this lip gloss as it's so handy to have in my handbag as well but also because I get that 'shine' I want to achieve without too much effort. 

What you'll notice is that the lip gloss does look like it has some element of sparkles and glitter to it but when you apply this onto your lips, it won't look anything like glitter which is always a great thing because it can be worn even on a casual basis. 

  • To ensure long wear, be sure to re-touch after a few hours of wearing the lipstick. 

  • RRP $20.00 and available in 20 different shades. 
  • Sephora Sydney, Australia. 
  • Emporium Melbourne. 
  • Otherwise also available through their Official Red Earth online website: www.redearth.com 

 Up close and personal with the Red Earth Rich Pigment Lipsticks. 


 Swatches of Red Earth Lipgloss and Lipstick. 


07 Glamour - Lip Passion Premium Plumping Lip Gloss - Red Earth

You get a really nice plumped look to your lips and if you keep re-applying over a few hours, you'll find that your lips will continue to maintain its shine and gloss. This didn't even feel sticky at all which is the best thing because I can eat and drink without worrying too much about my lip gloss. 

19 Pinkberry Cream Pure Colour Rich Pigment Lipstick - Red Earth 

This lipstick colour is more bolder looking and is more reddish looking as compared to the other lipstick that I used. It's so creamy and moisturising when on lips and it really pops out with a very beautiful colour. If you want to make a statement with your lips, this is the colour you need to try on your lips. 

13 Sweetheart Cream - Pure Colour Pigment Rich Lipstick - Red Earth

This colour is more on the girly and elegant side of things. Great to wear on a casual basis for if you want to quickly pop out to the shops but also maintain some colour pop to your lips without it looking like you have too much on. You can really get away with this shade of colour and it looks lusciously beautiful. 

Hope you enjoyed this post, make sure you look to check out Sephora Sydney for these beauties! 

Happy reading (and shopping!) 

Livia xo

Thank you RED EARTH BEAUTY for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support.



This Autumn, Lush has released their new range of sensual and wonderful range of massage bars. It's a great alternative to using scented oils because instead you can enjoy all of the sensual and relaxing experience while you bathe or shower. The choice is yours really. 

So...why should we look to try out these new massage bars? They contain the most essential oils in the bars which look to really smooth out your skin leaving it feeling pampered, relaxed and silky smooth. There's no packaging for the massage bars which is great because you're really saving the environment with every purchase from the massage bar range. 

The new massage bars are easily available at LUSH shops nationwide or you can visit their online shop which is packed full of LUSH goodies (I swear I am always online on their website looking for what better products they offer) Their online store is: www.lush.com.au

You will also notice that the LUSH massage bars are packed without any packaging, meaning they're completely naked. This means that LUSH reduce their amount of preservatives that's required and the packaging sent to then landfill.  LUSH have always been about saving the planet so I thought this idea was super awesome and it's great to support this idea - especially with a body care product. 

Back to the massage bars, I looked to try out their massage bars of the following scents: 

  • LUSH - YES YES YES massage bar. 
  • LUSH - TENDER IS THE NIGHT massage bar. 
I am so excited on sharing my thoughts, so please scroll down below to see what I thought guys! x


This is a massage bar filled with the most romantic oils. It's good to note that this product is definitely suitable for Vegans. So I really needed to wind down and this was the perfect massage bar to use as it smelt of blended Shea and Murumu butter where it glided so smooth and effortlessly on my skin. I found that by using this massage bar, that it helped to lock in moisture to my skin and did not leave it drying out my skin. The bar felt luscious and sweet of Fair Trade Vanilla Absolute and Shea butter and I seriously can't get over this massage bar! The bar did not foam up as much which I quite enjoyed and this is more of a massage bar so all you need to do is glide it along your legs, arms, stomach and all over your body. 

  • I would say to store this in LUSH soap holders or tins to avoid the product melting away too quickly. 
  • After using, I would pop this right into the soap case just to preserve its longevity. 


I found this massage bar to smell really nice of a Jasmine fragrance type. I am a big tea drinker, so when I first smelt the massage bar - I thought of my favourite jasmine herbal tea.I felt the massage bar to glide on so easily onto my skin and it just left a luscious, fresh jasmine scent onto my skin. The floral scented perfume is what lingered onto my skin all day long after using the massage bars. The printed word 'YES' on the massage bar was quite cool to look at and just made the bar look really interesting. 

So really using these range of massage bars is equivalent to using a sensual oil all over your body. It's a great alternative and I am so glad I tried out the YES YES YES bar because it smells amazing and makes my skin feel super moisturised. 


So there you have it guys with my take on the NEW LUSH Massage Bars! 

Pop in to your local LUSH store to check it out. 

Happy reading, 

Livia xo

Thank you LUSH FRESH HAND MADE COSMETICS AUSTRALIA for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support.

Saturday, May 30, 2015



I hope you're all well and rested because it sure has been a long week for us all. I tested out the Ak'in by Purist skincare range this week to take it on a road-test to see whether it worked for me. I've always walked by the Priceline and David Jones store featuring the Ak'in skincare products - but never quite tried it out...until now. I was definitely impressed and amazed by these products as they have given me a great experience while using it. 

For those who haven't heard of the Purist company, they're 100% Australian owned and have been around for 15 years where they have been creating the most, natural and effective skincare products. The brand speaks natural and they've crafted their science into the Power of Purity Process - where basically all pure and natural ingredients have been extracted and carefully selected for compatibility of each skin type. I noticed that for the products I have tested out, on the packaging label it specified which specific skin type it was made for. So this aspect was really helpful for me as I made sure that the skin care product was designed for my skin type. 

Ak'in skincare products are all ingredient-rich, vegan and made with 100% natural botanical actives. It's good to know that they have been formulated without parabens, sulfates, ethoxylated or any petrochemical cleansers, propylene glycol, silicones, phthalates, mineral oils, DEA and any other artificial colours. This is definitely a long list of harsh chemicals of which you do not want present in the product that you're using on your skin and face.

For the Ak'in related products that I will be sharing my thoughts with you guys include: 

  • Ak'in - Healthy & Radiant Looking Skin - Rose De Mai Antioxidant Facial Day Creme 
  • Ak'in - Refresh & Revitalise - Sandalwood & Neroli Pure Facial Cleansing Gel 
  • Ak'in - Refresh & Soothe - Orange Blossom & Chamomile, Refreshing and Soothing Toner.
So please have a read down below to see what I thought of these beauties!

Ak'in - Healthy & Radiant Looking Skin - Rose De Mai Antioxidant Facial Day Creme

First things first. Ak'in products are completely VEGAN free, so this is definitely suitable for all you Vegans out there looking for vegan skincare products. 

The product selected is for Normal and Combination skin which looks to revitalise and your moisturise your face every morning. All you need to do is simply massage the cream onto your face with using a circular motion when doing so. The Aki'n Rose De Mai Antioxidant Facial creme sure sounds fancy. When you've used this for a few days, you'll realise that this is essential for if you're wanting to keep your face and skin really moisturised in the morning. What's the first thing that comes to mind, after washing your face in the morning? Moisturise! That's right, using the correct moisturiser for our skin type is essential because you don't want oily looking skin or breaking out of acne in the middle of the day.

Upon testing out this creme, it quickly absorbed onto my skin and the product just felt really lightweight. It's filled with an anti-oxidant rich formula combined with the most active ingredients for skin including vitamins A, B5, C, E, alpha lipoic acid and vipers bulgoss (omega 9, omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acids) to help fight wrinkles and also increase the skin's suppleness and elasticity. 

What's more to the creme is that it includes many active ingredients of the following: 

  • Alpha Lipoic acid - which is a powerful anti-oxidant 
  • Vitamin A - retinol which helps with regeneration. 
  • Vitamin B5 - this is the beauty vitamin which helps to heal and soothe skin. 
  • Vitamin C - provides more clarity, lighten up skin and promotes collagen production. 
  • Vitamin E - for anti-ageing purposes and protects the skin. 
  • Omega 9, omega 3 & 6 Essential Fatty Acids - which helps with ant-wrinkles and anti-inflammatory. 
Not only does the creme can be used for a moisturisation basis, it can also be used as a make-up base. I used this under my make-up and my face felt super smooth where my foundation and concealer just went on so well. I enjoy the fact that when you apply the cream onto your face, it just glides on so easily and absorbs into my skin without leaving any residue behind. The fragrance of the creme is so refreshing and smells of a light citrus fruit and of rosehip oil. The result of using this moisturiser is that my skin feels more lush, hydrated, soft and smooth. It's so light on my skin that it's very comfortable wear. I am glad it's not of a thick and creamy feel to it. Seriously, this moisturiser is so effective when it was on my skin because not once did I get dry and flaky skin. I was in an air-conditioned environment for such a long period and not once did my skin react in a negative way. This is definitely a true investment for if you're looking for a good type of moisturiser to go under a sunscreen or foundation. The only thing this product doesn't have is SPF UV protection but that's understandable because the main focus here is the moisturiser itself. You can just easily apply sunscreen protection over it if you were concerned about the sun protection part.

The best part of the cream is that it also comes with the most important vitamins for your skin's best treatment. It's packed full of vitamins A, B5, C, E, Omega 9 and other important essentials - is what makes this moisturiser so unique and great to use. Overall it's a 5/5 stars for me!  

  • Massage onto cleansed face every morning. 
  • RRP $39.95 for 50ml 
  • David Jones, Priceline, selected health stores. 
  • Otherwise check out for more information here.

Ak'in - Refresh & Revitalise - Sandalwood & Neroli Pure Facial Cleansing Gel 

The Ak'in's Facial Cleansing Gel in Sandalwood and Neroli is for normal, combination and oily skin. It really is made to remove excess oil, make-up and impurities off your skin. The product has combined Panama Bark, Witch Hazel and Vitamin B5 which actually works to cleanse, clarify and soothe the skin. I found that by using this cleansing gel that I didn't experience any redness or skin irritations. My make-up was easily removed by the cleansing gel and my face just felt super clean afterwards. All traces of any excess sebum is completely removed as this is why I felt my skin feeling more refreshed and smooth. 

The cleansing gel is a pH balanced type of cleansing gel where it has a non-drying formula which is what actually leaves your skin feeling so smooth. Since using this cleansing gel, I found that my face looks more clearer and brighter. The smell of the gel is amazing and really nice to use when cleansing. I got a really thorough clean from using the cleansing gel and the best part of it all is that it didn't feel too dried up or irritated which is always a good thing to consider. 

The product is presented in a plastic, durable bottle in 225ml and comes with a cap where you basically have to flip the lid to squeeze out product. It's supposed to be used upside for a reason and it's good to know that this protects it from any bacteria and impurities.  Since using the cleansing gel, I have found that my face was left feeling so clean at the end of the day and also feeling refreshed. It does not lather up but instead comes in the form of a gel like form so this makes cleansing so much easier. After cleansing my skin, I didn't feel my skin becoming tight or anything so the product is very gentle to use on skin. 

The proven ingredients found in the product include of the following: 
  • Vitamin B5 - calms and soothes the skin. 
  • Chamomile - also calms and soothes the skin. 
  • Sandalwood oil - is basically an anti-septic and anti-inflammatory ingredient. 
  • Natural Panama Bark - which is your natural cleanser. 
  • Witch Hazel - refines pores. 

  • Massage during morning and night onto facial skin with damp fingers and rinse off. 
  • RRP $29.95 for 50ml 
  • David Jones, Priceline, selected health stores. 
  • Otherwise check out for more information here.

Ak'in - Refresh & Soothe - Orange Blossom & Chamomile, Refreshing and Soothing Toner.

The Ak'in in orange blossom and chamomile is a really refreshing toner which is a non-alcoholic witch hazel based toner. It has been enriched with the most pure botanics of Witch Hazel and Orange blossom. The Ak'in toner actually removes any last traces of excess oils and makeup on your skin. When I first used this toner, I was really impressed by how gentle it was and it didn't even smell like alcohol. Usually the other toners in the beauty market are made to smell like alcohol but this product steps away from that element. Therefore it makes this toner a really gentle type of cleanser for your skin where it leaves it so refreshed, rebalanced, toned and hydrated. 

What's great about this toner is that it's catered for all skin types including those with sensitive skin. It's definitely ideal for daily use in the morning and evening. When I first used the toner, I found that it really removed all traces of my mascara, foundation, eyeshadow and blush off my skin and any last trace of impurities. It left my face to absorb moisturiser so much better after using it on my face. I am so happy with the toner because it's really refreshing and soothing to use. It is enriched with witch hazel, Vitamin B5 to really look to balance and hydrate your skin. This definitely is essential when you're in a colder environment and especially when winter is around the corner. I know it's just Autumn here down in Australia but the weather temperatures are really over the place and sometimes I feel that my face needs be readily prepared for the season. 

For the product packaging, it's in a recyclable type of bottle with a small hole at the centre for easier grab of the toner.  The small nozzle actually allows you to squeeze an adequate amount onto a cotton pad and this isn't wasteful at all as you can conserve the amount of toner that you use. I love how the toner is quite natural to use and goes really gentle onto skin. I didn't experience any burns, irritations from using it. 

When applying the toner, I would apply the toner onto a clean cotton pad and then sweep this all over my face, making sure that I cover the T-section of my face. I would follow this by applying moisturiser afterwards. 

The key ingredients to note that are present in this amazing toner are: 
  • Chamomile - calms and soothes the skin. 
  • Witch hazel - refines the pores. 
  • Horse Chestnut - encourages micro-circulation and eliminates any puffiness. 
  • Vitamin B5 - calms and soothes the skin.

  • Apply a small amount to a cotton pad and onto cleansed face. 
  • RRP $19.95 for 50ml 
  • David Jones, Priceline, selected health stores. 
  • Otherwise check out for more information here.
Overall I had a great experience using the Ak'in skincare products for the first time. Definitely a 5/5 stars for me! 

Happy reading and hope you're having a wonderful weekend, 

Livia xo

Thank you A'KIN  BY PURIST for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support.

Friday, May 29, 2015



Do you suffer from dry hair, split ends, dull looking hair...?

I've recently took this new Australian salon professional hair care range called bhave™ on a road test to really see whether it could help in smoothing out my hair and look to nourish it more. Can I firstly say how impressed I was with the Rescue - Intense Repair haircare range which included the shampoo and conditioner. I was so amazed to see how effective these helped my hair to feel stronger, smoother and more silkier.

bhave™ is a new and dynamic type of Australian owned brand that specialises in haircare where they are completely free of nasties which includes formaldehyde, sodium chloride, parabens and sulphates. I've tried the Rescue range and I am just astounded by how amazing and soft it has left my hair looking and feeling. bhave™ is the first haircare company that offers new functional keratin based hair restoration technology in their haircare products. 

On a constant basis our hair is left feeling dry, unruly and simply damaged from using the hair dryer and other heating hair products quite frequently. When your hair is completely exposed to these elements, you'll find that your hair will feel dry and even develop split ends.  My hair was always constantly damaged and I was getting tired of brittle and dry looking hair. I couldn't style my hair properly too so I needed a hair fix urgently. 

I've used the bhave™ Rescue Intense Repair Shampoo and Conditioner which includes NEW Raw Natural Keratin technology that basically means that it can look to penetrate hair shaft and look to repair any damage by rebuilding each strand. I've found with regular use of the shampoo and conditioner, the functional keratin forms a protective shield around your hair strands. What's present in the product is actually naturally derived and extracted proteins from the wool of New Zealand sheep which works to rebuild the hair structure, restores strength back to your roots, elasticity and definitely gives your hair more of an amazing shine. 

I found that the formulation of the shampoo looks to cleanse my hair really well, but also looks to moisturise and restore my hair back to normal. After using, I can definitely feel that my hair has become more nourished, cleaner and more fresh. The best aspect of the shampoo and conditioner range is that it does not even include any harmful parabens, sulphates or sodium chloride which is always good to know. This makes the shampoo and conditioner so friendly to use and is definitely suited for ALL hair types. I would definitely recommended this product for those that suffer fro severe hair damage, chemical treatments and those that use heat appliances frequently. 

When used as a hair duo, it's definitely a 'must have' essential if you're in need of replenishing your hair and want to achieve more softer, silky looking hair. I used a small amount of shampoo and conditioner each when washing my hair because only a little amount is required. I love the smell of the shampoo and conditioner where it's really fruity and sweet which I absolutely enjoy. It's very addictive! 

The shampoo didn't even leave my hair line feeling greasy which was good. I found that the product itself is amazingly concentrated which really means that you don't require a large amount when washing your hair. 

Here are some pointers for the bhave™ Rescue Intense Repair Shampoo - 


  • Contains Raw Natural Keratin Technology (where it contains naturally derived and extracted keratin proteins form the wool of NZ sheep) This allows for your damaged hair to be rebuilt from its internal structure, restore strength, elasticity and bring back some shine to your hair. 
  • The formula has a sweet, nice and pleasant fragrance to it.
  • Shampoo really cleans, moisturises and nourishes. 
  • Made to fix damaged hair.
  • Left my hair feeling so soft and silky. 
  • Provides a shield against further damage. 


  • RRP $43.95
  • Comes in a 300ml convenient to use plastic bottle.
  • Available in hair salons and wholesalers nationwide.
  • Otherwise look to check their official website here

Here are some pointers for the bhave™ Rescue Intense Repair Conditioner:

  • Contains the same Raw Natural Keratin Technology just like the shampoo. 
  • Did not weigh my hair down or make it feel oily. 
  • Suitable for thick and fine hair. 
  • Helps to restore strength and condition hair. 
  • Infused with anti-oxidant rich Argan Oil which is high in Vitamin E
  • Looks to nourish hair and leaves hair feeling silky and soft. 
  • Protects the hair against further damage. 


  • RRP $43.95
  • Comes in a 300ml convenient to use plastic bottle.
  • Available in hair salons and wholesalers nationwide.
  • Otherwise look to check their official website here

Overall it's such an amazing and one of a kind type of shampoo and conditioner I have ever used. It works absolutely well and keeps my hair looking soft, smooth and shiny. It's definitely a full 5/5 stars for me! 

I hope you enjoyed reading all about the Australian bhave brand. Stay tuned for more bhave reviews in my next posts. 

Livia xox

Thank you BHAVE for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support.



At first, I was little hesitant that it was JUST some ordinary whitening toothpaste in the market. I've heard major reviews for this NEW brand line from Colgate and I was so curious to try this out. So, I decided to purchase this from my nearest Priceline store to see what the fuss was all about. So...the results? My teeth appeared gradually whiter than usual. I found that my teeth had a better appearance in colour to what it used to look like before. It also cleans so well, that my teeth just felt smooth and shiny the next day. I am a big tea drinker and that's five days a week I'll be sipping on hot tea. On a weekly basis, my teeth are constantly stained by tea and this was not a good look for me!
I used this product for weeks and I can definitely notice the stains slowly fading...this is rather a pleasant feeling for me because I don't even need to go to a professional dentist to get this sorted. I am looking for a quick fix and this certainly has topped my thoughts on a whitening toothpaste. Now, I never look to always use whitening toothpastes so that that's why I was surprised when this really worked for me. It made my teeth feel super squeaky clean. Using the product was quite easy. Just regularly brush your teeth and just squeeze a fair amount on your toothbrush and brush away but remembering of course not to swallow the product. Make sure that you rinse out your mouth completely. 
Smell wise...there was a strong smell but it was not unbearable. The whitening toothpaste have active ingredients that dentists also use. It also claims to deliver three shades of whiter looking teeth after four weeks of use. After a month of testing this product, I have found my teeth to look much whiter. No more yellow stains! In the long run, if I were to continue using this toothpaste at the rate I am now (which is literally every day) I can definitely not worry too much about getting yellow, stained teeth because I know for sure that I have the option to keep it controlled by using this toothpaste every morning and night. Overall I'd give this magnificent product a 4/5! 

  • Cleans and whitens teeth within three days. 
  • Not harsh on sensitive gums. 
  • No harsh smell and rids stains quick. 

  • Product itself could come in larger size. 
  • Strong smell but given since it's a whitening toothpaste. 

I hope you enjoyed my my post and I hope I could assist you with your product choices! 


Livia xo 

Thursday, May 28, 2015



"If you want to keep it neutral, keep it simple!" - Myself. 

If you can remember, I raved on about the red coloured nail polish from Colour Theory a few months back - and I am so excited to share my review for their neutral looking nail polish range. 

Gosh I am in L O V E ! Firstly, if you know me by know - I love wearing neutral everything - clothes, nail colours, blouses, sweater, pants, shoes and even bags! I am really a girly girl when it comes to styling and I tend to reflect this throughout my beauty and make-up wear too. 

The colours being featured in this review includes of the following: 
  • Colour Theory - Mauve Mocha 
  • Colour Theory - Mochachino 
  • Colour Theory - Creme De La Creme 
  • Colour Theory - It's a Girl (Love the naming of this one) 

The Colour Theory range is available at your nearest Amcal store in Australia. If you want to learn more and see what else they offer, be sure to click HERE

The nail polish range are so playful and fun to use and with these new trendy shades, you can look to create a clean and sophisticated look for your outfit. What I loved about these neutral coloured nail polishes is that they're absolutely long wearing, it dries very quick and they're basically formaldehyde free. (Score) 

Currently Beauty Theory's brand ambassador is Rachel Finch where she promotes for this affordable line of beauty products that can be easily purchased at your local Amcal store. What I've found with the new Beauty Theory nail polishes is that the colour wear is really long lasting and really, priced at $4 each from Amcal - you cannot go wrong with these awesome nail polishes. Get one of every colour and you'll be squealing all the way home because they're of good quality and affordable which means, no matter what age you are - you can really look to purchase these cute looking nail polishes. 

The drying speed of these nail polishes is quite speedy and that's what I like about these. They can be easily applied for if you want to change the colours of your nails before heading out. No hassles, no time wasted, trust me! 

For the amount of coats I applied onto my nails, I used exactly two coats to ensure thick and solid looking nails. The product packaging of the nail polish comes in a cute 6ml glass little bottle with a small brush as the lid and brush applicator. What makes these brushes so great is that when you try to apply onto your nails, you can really get into the hard to reach areas of your nail. 

  • Dries quick. 
  • Cute, pretty looking neutral colours for your nails this season! 
  • Formaldehyde free. 
  • Solid colour. 
  • Made in Australia. 
  • Affordable $
  • Long wearing. 
  • Zilch. 
  • Use a top coat if you want added protection and shine to them. 

 Colour Theory - Mauve Mocha 

Offers more of a dark brown element of colour here. After two coats, the nail polish goes on very well and solid. The drying process took less than 5 minutes for it to dry too. I love this colour because it's sophisticated, has a bit of colour to it and also maintains its "Neutrality"

 Colour Theory - Mochachino 

If you're looking for more of a nude based nail polish, this is the ONE. Looks like your normal coloured nails but has a soft tone of light brown to it. Definitely cute to wear while you're at work without it looking like you have too much on. So I would definitely wear this if I want a hint of light brown to my nails. 

Colour Theory - Creme De La Creme 

Nude to the cream level with this colour. If you want more of white and cream based type of nail polish, the Creme De La Creme offers a subtle and soft look to your nails. So ladies, if you're wanting that angelic look... here it is! 

Colour Theory - It's a Girl 

Lastly we have It's a Girl -  loving the name of the nail polish because I love baby pink. It's such a girly and pretty type of nail polish that speaks CUTE and LOVING. I would definitely wear this daily because there's something about the colour which looks very warm and pleasant. Just keepin' it neutral! 

So there you have it for the neutrals trending this season! 

Look to these beauties out, 

Cheers all! 

Livia xo

Thank you COLOUR THEORY & AMCAL for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support.