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Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Hi Beauties!  

I am so excited to share my thoughts on the Argan Five - Argan oil, Ultra-rich body butter product I got try out over these few past days as my skincare body product. It's a wonderful cream that provides full hydration and replenishes the skin very well. 
It contains Moroccan Argan oil with other four nourishing oils including coconut oil which is known for its high moisturisation benefits.

I found that by using this amazing product, my skin was not dry or flaky. It certainly is a life saver in making my skin feel so soft and hydrated. I would moisturise the body butter during day and night after showering, as I would apply the product onto the dry areas of my skin. It's very rich for its cream texture and consistency and it contains many omega fatty acids and antioxidants where helps to protect your skin's barrier and shield it from any free radicals. Skin is instantly boosted and feels much smoother.

I have noticed that my skin was getting stronger in elasticity and I could feel it being super healthy after a few days of using it. My knees, elbows and ankles are constantly dry because I don't moisturise enough on those specific areas and so my skin is always left feeling dry. After applying the butter onto the areas, I found a huge difference to the skin and I am very satisfied with the results. Now that it's getting really cold and winter is coming, I'm glad I can rely on Argan Five to assist my skin in getting its moisture levels back!

The product absorbed really well onto my skin and I found that my skin looked more glowing and radiant. I am amazed that the cream contained many interested oils such as Baobab, Kukui, Moringa and Sacha Inci - which all benefit the skin by restoring, regenerating and nourishing the skin. It even has Vitamin E, A, D, F, Carotene (antioxidants) and Omega 6 which all provide the skin to feel super nourished and hydrated. 

The texture of the product was light and rich - making this essentially easy to use on skin because it quickly absorbs without leaving a sticky feeling like other body butters out there. The fragrance is AMAZING and smells really light and sweet. I couldn't get over how DELICIOUS the body butter smelt! I can use this on myself all day long and not get tired of it. The product left me smelling very sweet and pleasant and left my skin feeling so nice and soft.

The product is presented in a 300ml plastic jar where it is very easy to twist to open the lid. You simply dip your finger into the jar or alternatively, you can use a spoon or spatula to distribute the product onto your skin. The gold lid makes the product feel more luxurious and it sits well on my bathroom cabinet. 

Overall, I love the Argan FIVE body butter and it's MADE in the UK which makes this product very unique. I am definitely giving this a 5/5 stars! 

  • Very nourishing and moisturising. 
  • Light and rich.
  • Absorbs really well onto skin. 
  • Good for those with dry skin. 
  • Combines coconut oil with Argan + Synergy. 
  • Rich in vitamins and oils. 
  • Has antioxidants to help boost moisture levels + hydrate skin.
  • Skin feels smoother and well conditioned.
  • Zilch.
  • Use after showering, by massaging in circular motions onto dry areas of the skin. 
This is such an amazing body butter infused with so many types of beneficial oils! In the end, it helped to relieve my skin from the dry weather conditions and I am definitely satisfied with the Argan Five range. 

Hope you enjoyed my post as I was so excited to talk about this product! 

Take care all, 

Livia xox

Thank you ARGAN FIVE for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support.

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