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Sunday, May 31, 2015



If you love lipsticks and lip glosses, keep on reading because I've just discovered a beauty icon that's just coming back to the market. Red Earth, if you're not familiar with the brand was established back in 1991 in Melbourne, Australia. It's been evolving for around nearly 25 years and is available not just in Australia but has also hit the International beauty market too. I was only a kid back in the 90s but it's great to know that a brand has come back to the beauty market to deliver even better products than ever. 
Their new motto says: A new look, new voice and new direction. 
Their belief resonates with women who is most comfortable in their own skin. This is when women are truly, beautiful. Being comfortable is what you really need to look at when applying on make-up and using skincare products. 

For those wanting to snap up the latest Red Earth new releases, they are now available at Australia's premium destinations including Emporium Melbourne and Sephora Sydney (That's right Sydney has their first ever Sephora store located at the heart of Pitt Street Mall. Check it out there ladies!) 

I checked out Red Earth's following colour cosmetics: 
  • Red Earth - Pure Colour Lipstick in 19 Pinkberry Cream & 13 Sweetheart Cream. 
  • Red Earth - Lip Passion Premium Plumping Gloss 

I am so excited to share with you of my thoughts with these Red Earth beauties because I was so surprised by how pigmented they were and how well it looked on my lips. 

I'll start off with telling you guys all about...

 Red Earth - Pure Colour Lipstick in 19 Pinkberry Cream & 13 Sweetheart Cream

Red Earth's Pure Colour lipsticks are 3.6g and retail for about $24 each and is also available in 20 shades. They are incredibly pigmented, super moisturising to wear and also the packaging is quite sleek in a sort of black metal casing. It doesn't feel cheap or plastic which is a great aspect about Red Earth's product packaging. 

19 Pinkberry Cream is more of deep dark reddish/pink of lipstick where it gives off a cream finish to your lips. The formula is very beautiful and glides on so well when applied onto lips. Of course, I included a swatch test of all the lipsticks and lip gloss down below, so be sure to check them out as their colours are really bright and beautiful. The pigmentation base is quite decent for Red Earth and I am amazed by how well and long is lasted on my lips which was for a good 3-4 hours before I needed to re-apply and retouch my lips. The colour wear on my lips was beautiful and elegant and it would definitely be ideal for if I was heading out to an event. 

13 Sweetheart Cream is more of a light baby pink type of colour which gives a really nice creamy, texture to the lips. I love the Sweeheart cream colour because it's more girly when worn on lips and also it felt comfortable all day long. The lipstick is full of good and rich vitamins which is what really makes your lips retain moisture to them. 
In my swatch test you can actually see how moisturising these actually look! The feel of these lipsticks have more of a butter formula to them and gives more of a smooth look to your lips. This colour is beautiful looking on lips and would go well with a neutral coloured outfit. They're definitely a 5/5 stars for me overall. 

  • To ensure long wear, be sure to re-touch after a few hours of wearing the lipstick. 

  • RRP $24
  • Sephora Sydney, Australia. 
  • Emporium Melbourne. 
  • Otherwise also available through their Official Red Earth online website: www.redearth.com 

Red Earth - Lip Passion Premium Plumping Gloss 

This is a different kind of lip gloss which not only adds shine to your lips but what it also does is that it looks to deliver colour, shine and also plumps up your lips. You get all of the three elements and benefits through using this lip gloss which is so ideal for if you're shopping around for a good type of quality lip gloss. 

The product includes a blend of rich vitamins to your lips which is also great for if you wanted to plump up your lips hence you don't really need a lip balm as the base for full moisturisation purposes. The texture of the lip gloss is non-sticky which I really like and also it left a really nice and wonderful shine and gloss look for my lips. You can alternatively use a lip liner as well to line the lips, but I just used it on its own for my swatching purposes. My lips definitely looked more plump and juicy after applying. It's great for those who really want to achieve bigger looking lips because it's not permanent and you can play around with your lip sizes. (Just have fun with it)  It's definitely a nice type of lip gloss which leaves your lips looking much shiny and more plump. Definitely a good look for if you are going to be taking a lot of photos, then be sure to use a nice plumping lip gloss such as from the Red Earth brand to stand out from the crowd. I am so impressed with this lip gloss as it's so handy to have in my handbag as well but also because I get that 'shine' I want to achieve without too much effort. 

What you'll notice is that the lip gloss does look like it has some element of sparkles and glitter to it but when you apply this onto your lips, it won't look anything like glitter which is always a great thing because it can be worn even on a casual basis. 

  • To ensure long wear, be sure to re-touch after a few hours of wearing the lipstick. 

  • RRP $20.00 and available in 20 different shades. 
  • Sephora Sydney, Australia. 
  • Emporium Melbourne. 
  • Otherwise also available through their Official Red Earth online website: www.redearth.com 

 Up close and personal with the Red Earth Rich Pigment Lipsticks. 


 Swatches of Red Earth Lipgloss and Lipstick. 


07 Glamour - Lip Passion Premium Plumping Lip Gloss - Red Earth

You get a really nice plumped look to your lips and if you keep re-applying over a few hours, you'll find that your lips will continue to maintain its shine and gloss. This didn't even feel sticky at all which is the best thing because I can eat and drink without worrying too much about my lip gloss. 

19 Pinkberry Cream Pure Colour Rich Pigment Lipstick - Red Earth 

This lipstick colour is more bolder looking and is more reddish looking as compared to the other lipstick that I used. It's so creamy and moisturising when on lips and it really pops out with a very beautiful colour. If you want to make a statement with your lips, this is the colour you need to try on your lips. 

13 Sweetheart Cream - Pure Colour Pigment Rich Lipstick - Red Earth

This colour is more on the girly and elegant side of things. Great to wear on a casual basis for if you want to quickly pop out to the shops but also maintain some colour pop to your lips without it looking like you have too much on. You can really get away with this shade of colour and it looks lusciously beautiful. 

Hope you enjoyed this post, make sure you look to check out Sephora Sydney for these beauties! 

Happy reading (and shopping!) 

Livia xo

Thank you RED EARTH BEAUTY for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support.

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