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Thursday, May 28, 2015



I hope you're all well and rested because tonight I shall be reviewing the cleaning essentials for your make-up brushes AKA Make-up Brush Cleaner and also the Nail Polish Remover Acetone product by Beauty Theory. For those newcomers who aren't familiar with the brand, I have been mentioning and raving on about the Beauty Theory range. You can find stockists at your nearest Amcal store. For more information, make sure you look to check out their official online store which makes shopping more convenient nowadays.http://www.amcal.com.au/

Are you prepared for my thoughts when I took these products on a road test? Please keep reading on below to see what I thought guys! x


So here's my take on Beauty Theory's Make-up brush cleaner. It's 100% Made in Australia which is a great aspect of the product. The product comes in a 200ml spray type of bottle and it's very easy to hold and control when looking to clean your make-up brushes.

What makes this product so different is that it looks to assist in prolonging the life of make-up brushes. It cleans as well as protects the brushes' bristles. I tested this on an old brush of mine to see what it could really do for my favourite old blush brush. I found that it entirely removed any excess make-up off the brush and this could be visibly seen on the tissue paper. You don't require water in this process, how it works is that you simply lay the brushes onto a wet cloth or you can use tissue paper. Next, ensure that you spray onto the bristles directly so that it soaks in with the brush cleaner alcohol. You really want to ensure complete saturation with the bristles and the alcohol based cleaner. Then, you gently brush back and forth by trying to force any excess onto the tissue paper or your wet cloth. What this really also aids to is that you can keep your brushes in a certain shape because you can literally reshape them to your desired shape. 

This is definitely a great product for if you want to bring your old brushes back to life and ensure a consistent clean to your brushes in the most easiest and effective way. By using the spray, you're not exposing the brush to harsh chemicals or any detergents. All you need to do is spray onto the bristles and know that your brushes will be squeaky clean after the whole process. Plus they're be ready to use right after! 

After gently brushing the bristles back and forth onto the tissue paper, I could see the excess pink blush being transferred out of the brush bristles and onto the paper. This is my overall aim. I am definitely impressed by how much excess product came out of my brush. 

The cleaner spray comes in handy whenever I am rushed for time and require to use my brushes in the most cleanest form. Sometimes I find that when I do wash my brushes that they're still wet to even be used onto my clean skin. I find this extremely time consuming and inconvenient because all I want to do is use my clean favourite brush! Thankfully for Beauty Theory's Make-up brush cleaner, it's definitely a super handy product to use and you don't have to worry about re-using dirty brushes because with just a spray and some gentle brushing back and forth, you can really look to apply on your make-up without any hassles. It's a 5/5 stars for me. 

  • Don't require water to clean your make-up brushes. 
  • Acts as a cleaner for both synthetic and natural cosmetic brushes.
  • Made in Australia. 
  • Removes excess make-up and residue. 
  • Zilch!
  •  When you spray on the brush cleaner onto the brush bristles, make sure to gently move the bristles back and forth onto the alcohol to ensure you remove any excess make-up or dirt off the brush on a wet cloth or tissue paper.
  • You can check out http://www.amcal.com.au/ for your nearest Amcal stockist or otherwise you can purchase online, along with your other online shopping batch. 

 Here, I'm spraying on Beauty Theory's Make-up brush cleaner onto an old blush brush of mine. 

As you can see, the findings of using the make-up brush cleaner is that my brush is super clean again!


To the nail lovers out there... imagine you could remove your nail polish in a formula that's acetone free! That's right with Beauty Theory's Nail polish remover in an acetone free formula, it claims to be non-whitening and acts as an effective nail polish remover for your nail polish. I found this product to be extremely helpful for those that are rushed for time and really want a quick fix when it comes to removing off their old nail polish from their nails. At first, I was expecting to pour some liquid onto a cotton ball and use this on your nails. What's even better is that you just simply dip your finger into the core of the foam and let it soak for about 10 seconds. Then, make sure you brush your nail against the foam to exfoliate and remove the polish. It's that easy! No messiness or hassles whenever it comes to removing nail polish. No longer do we have to keep rubbing down on our old nail polish to try and rid it.  

Again, this product is made in Australia which makes this brand so affordable to buy at your local Amcal store. This was my first time using a product that require you to just stick your finger into the core of the product and really just let the nail polish remove itself off your nails. I am really impressed with how this all works and I definitely will repurchase once I run out of this beauty! 

My nail polish was instantly removed within 5-10 seconds of sticking my finger into the core and making sure I ex-foliated against the foam. For some reason, it felt really therapeutic because it was so easy to remove nail polish in less than one minute. This includes for the left and right hand side. Definitely a bonus for me because I always look for the best and quick fix when it comes to daily beauty regimes. A 5/5 stars for me!  

  • Quick, fix in removing nail polish from your nails. 
  • Saves time. 
  • Zilch!
  •  Stick your finger into the core and exfoliate against the foam inside. 
  • You can check out http://www.amcal.com.au/ for your nearest Amcal stockist or otherwise you can purchase online, along with your other online shopping batch.
  • RRP $10 (So affordable!) 

How the core really looks for a nail polish remover! Not your average looking nail polish remover - even more funkier looking!

As easy as sticking your fingernail into the centre, it's that simple. 

I hope you enjoyed this interesting post, let me know if you have any questions! 


Cheers all, 
Livia xo

Thank you BEAUTy THEORY & AMCAL for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support.

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