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Friday, May 1, 2015


Hello beauties and all! 

This upcoming exciting post features Bump Eraiser's Zesty Antibacterial wash!

I am so excited to announce that I will be giving away 1 x Bump Eraiser's Zesty Antibacterial Wash. Keep reading to find out why this product may be suitable for you and how you can enter to win a bottle! 

So.. what makes the Bump eRaiser Zesty Antibacterial wash so ideal and unique? It's basically a face + body wash where it's made to clean, remove any excess oils, prevent any ingrown hairs and breakouts.

Have no fear guys because this Antibacterial wash is now designed to prevent any ingrown hairs after a hair removal treatment. Ever wondered what is the easiest way to prevent those annoying ingrown hairs? Look no further because this stuff is amazing! It's been scientifically formulated containing a combo of ingredients for an effective solution. 

So how does this work? The formula traps any ingrown hairs that's caused by inflammation which can form irritating papules or bumps on the skin. So when you use the Antibacterial wash over your body and face, your hairs are released and your skin will be free from any inflammation. Not only does it work to prevent ingrown hairs, but it thoroughly cleans your skin by removing any excess oil that's been caused by dirt and grime.

 There's Tea Tree oil present in the formula which makes it a great product for counteracting further breakouts on skin. The product also contains orange oil and guarana which boosts the skin's energy making it soft and clear looking. The great aspect of this is that it's suitable for ALL SKIN TYPES including sensitive skin - so for those who worry that this may be too strong, don't worry - it's very gentle on skin and won't dry it out further. This is an amazing zesty antibacterial wash launched by Bump Eraiser and I don't think there is a comparable product like this that removes bacteria, oil whilst preventing hair and germs from getting trapped in the skin. It's always helpful to exfoliate before using the wash because essentially you're scrubbing away the dead skin cells which makes it so much easier for the product to seep into your skin and cleanse it effectively. 

I usually get ingrown hairs from waxing and shaving! Before discovering about Bump Eraiser's range, I was just using the exfoliating mit and other exfoliating scrubs to help prevent ingrown hairs, however they all did not work effectively for me. I had to sometimes use tweezers to try and nip at the trapped hairs under my skin. After using their amazing products such as the Antibacterial wash, my skin, face and body felt super squeaky clean and my legs were super smooth and free from any ingrown hairs. I don't have to stress about picking them out anymore and I am definitely satisfied with the results. 

In the long-term with greater use of this antibacterial wash, my skin will definitely look and feel smoother. It will also make my process of removing hair easier as I don't have to worry about removing my ingrown hairs, bumps and pimples. It's definitely a must-have necessity for those who suffer from ingrown hair and you'll be amazed once you try this out! 
I love how clean it made my skin feel and for the price it's retailed at, it's definitely affordable and worthwhile getting one for yourself! 

The wash has a clean and zesty smell to it which is comfortable and pleasant to use. I found it to actually be really refreshing for my face and I love how there is a tangy orange scent to the wash. I washed my face and body daily, mornings and nights to feel the effects of cleaner looking skin. 

The product comes in a pump of about 250ml. You can easily keep this on your bathroom cabinet or shower (soooo handy) as it's very easy and convenient to use. For best results, it's recommended that you use this with an exfoliating mit, followed by the Medi paste and the Triple Action lotion. You can find these also at local stockists or online through Bump Eraiser's official website: http://www.bumperaiser.com.au/


  • Comes in a big 250ml size pump bottle. 
  • Very handy in showers. 
  • Rids and prevents ingrown hairs and bacteria growing on skin. 
  • Leaves your face feeling fresh and super clean. 
  • A nice zesty, fresh wash. 
  • Contains orange oil and guarana to boost skin's energy by making skin looking smoother and softer. 
  • Prevents further inflammation on the skin. 
  • Zilch!
  • Remember to exfoliate before using the wash for more of an effective use! 
  • Use a lotion afterwards to soothe skin. 
  • Visit Bump Eraiser's official website for your nearby stockist here: http://www.bumperaiser.com.au
  • RRP $16.75 
  • Australia - you can find it at Priceline, Chemist Warehouse, Big W, Shavershop and all leading pharmacies. 

VERDICT: Overall, I am giving this wash a 5/5 stars! xx 


.... So I promised you guys that I would surprise you in my Bump Eraiser's next review (which happens to be this one!) This month I teamed up with Caronlab Australia who have launched this amazing Zesty Antibacterial wash...

...It's time for a GIVEAWAY and I am giving away ONE LUCKY WINNER the chance to experience Bump Eraiser's Zesty Antibacterial wash for themselves! 

Find out why I loved using this wash and how it helped to prevent further ingrown hairs from growing on my legs! 


Here's how you can win: 

  1. Follow @Livvvybaby on Instagram
  2. Re-post the 'Bump Eraiser Giveaway' image above onto your Instagram account and don't forget to tag @Livvvybaby
  3. Comment down below of why you want to win this amazing wash
  4. Open to Australian residents only. 
The giveaway closes 31/05/2015.


Thank you BUMP ERAISER for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support.

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