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Sunday, May 10, 2015


Hello all, 

Just when you want to SLIP, SLOP and SLAP... don't forget to apply sunscreen before heading out under the sun. I am always concerned to go under the sun without any sunscreen which is why I always make sure that I do apply sunscreen.

I usually stick to a the Cancer Council brand when it comes to choosing a well trusted and good quality brand of sunscreen. It goes well on my face and the staying on power lasts longer so I don't have to worry about re-applying for more than 2 hours. 

In this review, I look to test out the following of Cancer Council's skin and beauty care products which include: 

  • Cancer Council - Face Moisturiser in Honey Beige. 
  • Cancer Council - Moisturising Lipstick SPF 30 in Cherry Blossom. 
So, keep on reading to learn more about these amazing sun care products and what it can really do for you. Keep in mind that by purchasing from the Cancer Council brands, with any product purchase you're helping to fund cancer research, patient support and education. This is a huge cause for me because I am big supporter and believer of anything that's got to do with getting more scientific development in researching cancer treatments. 

Cancer Council - Face Moisturiser in Honey Beige. 

The Cancer Council - Face Moisturiser in Honey Beige provides a natural looking finish and great SPF30 protection for your skin. I used this under my make-up and also alone to observe more of how well of a product it was through coverage, texture and lasting effects. 

I felt that this Face moisturiser provided a light coverage on my face and did not feel oily or smell of zinc...like other moisturisers I have tested out before. It's very moisturising at the same time so this helps to balance out the skin further. My face was dry and needed some moisturisation lotion to it, but thankfully the face moisturiser provided that in its product. I am so glad that my face felt hydrated and no longer dry! The good thing about this moisturiser is that there are a selection of colours to choose from: Untinted, Light Beige, Creme Beige and Honey Beige. 

To use the product, you simply apply the product onto dry and clean skin. You can use clean fingertips to blend the product over your forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. I would apply this product 20 minutes before going out to the sun. 

The Honey Beige suited my skin colour very well as I have yellow undertones and my face colour is of a normal to medium tone. I really enjoyed using this moisturiser because I have normal to combination skin and the cream provided a good cover for my face. This makes is suitable for my daily wear because it looks more natural. I love how good quality the moisturiser is, plus it gives my skin more of a warm tone. I like to use this product alone and just finish off with a powder on-top because it's so effective that it can help protect your face from the sun. 

What's great about the moisturiser is that it's suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin so this is a huge plus factor for it's not too harsh or cause any redness or irritation with use from my personal experience. My face looked flawless and smooth and I don't have any flaws to say about this product. The texture of the cream is thick at first, but when you apply it onto your face, the product easily absorbs onto your skin providing an instant finish and natural glow. I also had some redness on my skin, so after I applied the product - it provided a good coverage of all areas of my face. You don't even need much product for your daily use.. a little amount goes a long way for coverage. 75ml will definitely be enough for a long time wear. 

Even though it has SPF cover in the product, I would recommend those to re-apply this cream after 1-2 hours of being in the sun. Only because it's essential to really protect your skin all day if you're going to be outdoors all day. If you were just out and about and not really outdoors much, then I would say it can last you up to a good 4 hours. That is why I set my face with powder to ensure that I get the more matte look and the product stays on longer. 

The product comes in a cute lilac and white squeezable tube where you just simply squeeze out product. It's mess-free considered that you don't over squeeze and very convenient to pop into your handbag for when you do need to re-apply some more back on. 

In the long run, you can definitely see your face being fully protected and you won't start to see the effects of ageing as yet. Because this moisturiser already contains SPF30, it provides a great level of broad spectrum from the sun, protecting you from getting wrinkles, freckles and other ageing signs. Overall, I do see myself using the product on a daily basis because it's a tinted moisturiser and sunscreen in one bottle, which makes life much easier! I am giving this a 5/5 stars! 

  • Very moisturising. 
  • SPF 30+ extra added protection from the sun
  • Goes on smooth and looks more matte on the skin. 
  • Comes in a convenient squeeze bottle. 
  • Don't require much product on face. 
  • Non-oily.
  • Lightweight. 


  • Zilch. 


  • Apply onto dry and clean face, 20 minutes before exposure to the sun. 


For more colours they offer, here is a chart below: 

Cancer Council Moisturizing Lipstick SPF30 in Cherry Blossom 

Cancer Council - Moisturising Lipstick SPF30 in Cherry Blossom Review

Firstly guys, I have to say how amazing Cancer Council's lipstick range are! They are soooo super moisturising and really pigmented at the same time. They also have SPF30+ protection for your lips. What kind of lipstick gives the extra added protection to your lips and also keeps them really super moisturised? It's a good decent sized lipstick that you can't go wrong with. They are so affordable to purchase and gives you the needed protection. There are also various shades to pick from, so it will be so fun choosing the colours you like. I got the shade in Cherry Blossom which I tested out to see whether it was really for me. The colour is of a pink and red shade where it just pops out when on your lips. It's very girly and it definitely suited me. 

The lipstick texture is very creamy and the colour is just solid and bright on lips. I had no problems using this lipstick and did not get any dry flakes on my lips whilst using it. It provided a super moisturising feeling which I loved and I know I can certainly count on Cancer Council's range of lipsticks the next time I go shopping at the my local chemist. 

The colour is amazingly beautiful where it goes on with a matte look. It does not leave lips feeling dry and it's jam packed with jojoba oil where it acts to soothe and nourish the lips. You can check out the picture above and below to see how well the colour stays on skin. It doesn't make your lips dry nor does it feel uncomfortable. The gliding resistance of the lippie went on very smoothly and I am happy about the results. The long lasting lipsticks stay on for about 3-4 hours before you really need to re-apply some more back on. Removal of the lipstick was simply easy and I had no problems taking it off. 

The packaging of the lipstick was very cute and also of lilac colour. It feels like soft and matte texture of the lipstick. There's an open top window to view the colour more which makes it interesting because if you wanted to check how much you had left, you can always just look through the small circle window on top.There's no harsh fragrance from the lipstick, it only smelt of sweet roses which was very pleasant. Overall, this is such a unique lipstick and I am very impressed with Cancer Council's new line of beauty products. I do see myself repurchasing from their beauty range and I might actually try out more colours. 

  • Very pigmented. 
  • Colour looks very bright when on lips. 
  • There's jojoba oil contained in the lipstick formula which keeps your lips very moisturised. 
  • Gives your lips a matte look. 
  • Long lasting wear. 
  • Lipstick soothes lips. 
  • Contains SPF30+ protection. 

  • Zilch. 

  • Be sure to exfoliate your lips before applying lipstick on. 


Shade in Cherry Blossom. 

I hope you enjoyed this review all, 

Take care and have a good day! (Oh and don't forget to SLIP, SLOP and SLAP!) 

Livia xo

Thank you Cancer Council for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support.

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