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Wednesday, May 27, 2015



I hope you're all well? I am so happy to have tested out Schick's NEW razor range which is called Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment With New Visible Ribbons of Moisture. My daily life is literally packed full with appointments, work duties, and so forth. Time is precious for me. I always look for quick and easy beauty regimes, especially when it comes to shaving my legs, I don't like to spend more than fifteen minutes on them and I would love it, if I found a way to cut down time spend on shaving! I always look to see whether my shaver or razor  will be effective in helping me to get a good close-precision shave in a really short amount of time. I have always enjoyed using the Schick shaver and razor products because I've found them to give me a really good close shave whilst also making my skin feel super moisturised and hydrated afterwards. The whole experience is definitely memorable and I am so glad Schick released the new range of razors with moisturising ribbons. 

What makes the Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment so different from previous razors is that it looks to lather and moisturise whilst you shave at the same time. So this means you get the added moisture needed in the most convenient way ever! You don't even need to moisturise AFTER you shave. The Pure Nourishment razor comes with coconut milk and almond oil which assists your skin in moisturising and softening the skin up. I could not believe that this razor could actually lather, shave and moisturise all at the same time while you shave your legs. Three in one? Yes please because if it's all in one step, then I am totally sold. There is even no need to use a shaving gel because it already features visible ribbons of moisture which comes in a skin moisturising solid. (So skip the shaving gel process because everything is convenient there for you, thank you to the Schick team that helped to developed this concept because it sure is suited for busy people like myself!) I can actually look to cut down my shaving and moisturising process and I am so thankful the Schick products actually allow for that to happen. 

What makes the blade so awesome is that it even features a four-blade pivoting head that glides on so smoothly along the contours of your legs and body. The wire wrapped blades is what keeps your skin protected from getting any cuts! 

When I first opened the packaging, I found that the razor was surrounded by a creamy soap with visible ribbons. It smelt wonderfully refreshing and pleasant of fresh coconuts - so I knew that this was going to be very ideal to use on my skin. I found that after using it on my legs and arms, the soap lathered up quite nicely and also moisturised my skin in one super, easy step. My skin felt so soft and smooth after shaving and I did not even have to moisturise! (This was the best part of it all!) 

So when using this razor, you won't need shaving gel, soap or body wash. It's great because you save so much time and the process of it all is definitely easy and quick. You just need to add water and then shave, it's that easy guys! The shave delivered a close precision to my hair roots and I am happy that I did not encounter any redness, cuts or irritations from using the razor. Next, is the razor itself. I loved how it came with a rubber grip handle (An ergonomic design) which is so easy to control and use when shaving. The grip actually allows for more of a precise control and reduce the chances of you dropping the razor when you're in the shower. Included in the box is a handy shower hanger which is perfect for easy storage of the razor. So there's really no excuse for you to lose a razor. (Come on, it's hanging on your shower door.) I am definitely impressed with the new bulky design because it looks better and it allows for better access to the tricky parts of your body, such as your knees. 

What's more is that you'll be smelling like lovely, fresh coconuts after the shave. This made my shaving experience more fun and I just imagined myself being in Fiji or on some tropical island..plus my legs and arms felt so silky and smoother afterwards. I definitely will be repurchasing this product because I found the product to come with no hassles and brilliantly did an effective job in giving my legs and arms a close shave whilst keeping it super moisturised and silky smooth. This is one of the best brands of razors I have used so far and I am happy that they comes with visible moisturising ribbons. I am giving this product a 5/5 stars. 

  • Comes in four blades that's surrounded by a skin-moisturising solid with visible ribbons of moisture. 
  • Lathers, shaves and moisturises skin all at the same time. 
  • Convenient and quick to use. 
  • Handy as it comes with a shower razor holder. 
  • Infused with coconut milk & almond milk - which provides more of an amazing experience. 
  • Gives a precise close shave. 
  • The pivotal head of the razor follows the contours of the body.
  • Wire wrapped blades protect your skin from getting cuts, irritations. 
  • Don't even need shaving gel. 
  • Handle comes with a rubber grip for easier control. 
  • Zilch! 
  • No shaving gel is required. 
  • The product can be purchased at Woolworths, Coles, Priceline and pharmacies nationally. 
  • RRP of the kit is $12.69
  • Comes in other scents of re-fills for a 3 pack RRP $13.49
  • The other scents (re-fills) include:
  • Schick's Intuition Refill - Shea Butter
  • Schick's Intuition Refill - 100% Natural Aloe Vera with Vitamin E (Sensitive range) 
  • Schick's Intuition Refill - Coconut Milk & Almond Oil. 


 I was amazed to see that the box came with a refill, razor cap and also a razor holder for your own convenience. 

Up close and personal with the razor head, you can see the visible moisturising ribbon that surrounds the four-blades. The skin-moisturising solid looks to lather, shave and moisturise your skin during shaving. 

The re-fill that comes in the kit is fully packaged and easy to use for your next shave. 

Featuring the re-fills of the Schick range which includes: Shea Butter, Natural Aloe Vera and also Coconut milk and Almond oil. 

I quite enjoyed testing out the NEW Schick Intuition razors and I am very impressed with this range. 

Hope you enjoyed reading all about this post! 

Livia xo

Thank you SCHICK AU & NMG for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support.


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