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Friday, May 1, 2015


Hi beauties,

So...who loves it when the colours of their nails are on point and perfectly neutral? OPI have released their neutral soft shades range 2015 nail collection and I'm really loving the colours they have at the moment. In the images above, we have the 'Limited edition mini-sized nail lacquers in four romantics hues!

The colours...I just love! They come in 4 x 3.75ml in the colours: 
  • Act Your Beige! 
  • Put it in Neutral
  • This Silvers Mine! 
  • Make Light of the Situation 
These colours are perfect for 2015 and what better way to set your lovely nails in perfect neutral colours this season! Neutral colours always go well with any coloured outfit, whether it be red, blue, white, cream, black or grey. It's definitely an easy to match your outfit to your nails. I would say I'm more of a neutral coloured person - only because it's subtle, cute-looking and angelic looking! 

 So to go into more detail of the colours, please see below for further  description of what I thought of these beauties! 

  • Act Your Beige! - This is the colour I used for my first coat..it's a subtle baby pink where it has a sheer nude look to it. This is such a gorgeous colour because it's bright on nails after three coats of applying it on. My nails look really clean and sleek with the polish on and I am amazed by this! This definitely would be ideal if you had a French manicure and to go over this will make your nails shine more! 
  • Put it in Neutral - is a nice sheer and pretty pink coloured polish. To really see the added colour and shine, you need at least three coats. Although it's slightly more pink than the Act your Beige! colour, I blended this in with the Act your Beige! shade. 
  • This Silvers Mine! - is definitely more of a silvery-frosted colour. It's a lovely shade for those wanting a different shade...perhaps you can share this colour with your mum for Mother's Day! It's a lovely unique shade and I would wear this to special occasions such as weddings, graduations and so forth. This colour has a reflective finish and is a wonderful addition to the Mini OPI range. 
  • Make Light of the Situation - Can I just say if you're into glittery nail polish colours but don't want to look too dramatic with it, then you will definitely love this subtle glittery polish! I wore this over my other colours as a top coat and it looked wonderfully soft, elegant and sophisticated! There's some magic to its glitter which makes you want to gaze more at your nails. In the image below, I have used three coats to give it added shine. 
All I can say is that I am loving the shades that OPI have launched and I am definitely giving this a full 5/5 stars! 


  • Neutral colours, pretty, goes with any outfit colour. 
  • Dries fast. 
  • Good colour pigmentation.
  • Three coats will make the colour brighter and lasts longer. 

  • I cannot flaw this set! 


  • Use three coats. 
  • Use a top coat over the third coat. 
  • Leave to dry! 

  • Myers, David Jones
  • RRP $24.95
  • Otherwise, for more colours visit their official website here: http://opi.com/
Since Mother's day is coming up for you Aussie gals out there, and if not - you can start preparing for it. Mum might like this cute OPI set because the shades are all beautiful and lovely! What's more is that it's super affordable and you can never go wrong with a set of neutral coloured nails! 

Love and shine, I hope you enjoyed this review! Make the decision now! 

Happy reading guys, 


I have used the OPI colours from the Mini-range: Act your Beige!, Put in In Neutral & Make Light of the Situation. 


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Thank you OPI for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support.

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