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Wednesday, May 13, 2015



There's a new line of tan that has recently been launched in Australia. The product basically is a beautiful mousse type of tan which you can get a really nice bronzed look in just one hour. There are active ingredients present in the product which allows the tan to self-develop into a very nice, brown and rich colour. 

I tested the tan out and found that it lasted about 5 days, so if you're looking for a quick fix and need your legs to be sexy and bronze looking...be sure to check out the Cocoa Brown brand. It's very easy to use, you basically apply the mousse onto your tanning mit and then apply onto your skin with a gliding action. I felt that this can of mousse was very moisturising when applied onto my skin and it was very fast drying in just about an hour! After an hour, you would simply rinse off with lukewarm water and make sure that you pat your legs dry. Time wise, this product of self-tan is an ideal product because, the tan appears quicker - giving shiny, good looking legs. 

What's great about the self tan is that it's Vegetable DHA derived and contains NO parabens. It makes this mousse very gentle to use and even people with sensitive skin can even use this too! I was very impressed with this new line of self-tanner because it didn't really give me an orange colour to my legs, instead it just looked more of a natural light brown colour. The rule of thumb to tanning and trying to achieve a certain shade of colour comes with the below facts: 
  • For a lighter shade - leave the tan on for 1 hour. 
  • For a medium shade - leave the tan on for 2 hours. 
  • For a darker shade - leave the tan on for 3 hours. 
Of course for smoother looking legs, you should look to exfoliate your legs first before applying on the self-tan. This will allow for better application and your skin will look smoother. I didn't tan my face in this instance as I just wanted to focus on my body (including my legs and arms.) Considering that it's Winter over here in Australia, I can't even go tanning at the beach on the weekends until October..So Cocoa Brown comes to play and it goes perfectly well with my weekly routine. If you're heading out to social events and want to achieve tan looking legs, this product is perfect for it! You'll be done in an hour and you'll save so much time and money from going to a tanning professional. 

The product is so adorable looking in its hot pink can! It's definitely not to be missed if your scouring your local stockist for the Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter range. The fragrance is sweet and fruity. It does not smell harsh so that is always a good factor. The actual scent is floral Tahitian Gardenia which smells really amazing and garden full of frangipanis! 

Overall, I felt that this was a good type of fake tan where I was able to achieve a nice and natural looking glow to my legs and arms. It's a quick fix if you're short with time and really need instant results. To constantly get that bronzed look, I would re-apply this tan after a week and repeat my procedure in tanning my legs and arms again. This is such a healthier way to get that sun-kissed glow.. Overall, it's definitely a 4.5/5 stars for me! 

  • Paraben free. 
  • Gives you a natural bronzed glow after 1 hour. 
  • Comes in a mousse form. 
  • Develops naturally and fast, even after rinsing the product off. 

  • Zilch. 

  • Exfoliate before tanning. 

  • Cocoa Brown is now available in Australia from www.cocoabrown.com.au and 100 MediAdvice pharmacies nationwide. 
  • Ladies in Australia, you can check Cocoa Brown's official website for more information: www.cocoabrown.com.au

I hope you enjoyed reading my post about Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan Mousse. 

Now get your tanning on ladies and gentlemen! ;) 

Livia xo

Thank you COCOA BROWN for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support.

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