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Wednesday, June 3, 2015



If you can remember I reviewed Dove's beauty cream bar this one time and I was amazed by how well it left my skin feeling. One whole bar of the beauty cream still stands in my shower and there's so many more uses of it that I can get. I made sure to put the beauty bar in a soap tin to ensure its longevity. If you haven't read my review for the beauty cream bar by Dove, check it out here.

Now I am happy to chat about Dove's Number 1 - Summer Glow which is essentially a gradual self-tan body lotion which is perfect for those wanting to achieve a gradual tan without using an actual self-tanning product. It's also perfect for the winter season because you can easily develop a gradual tan by just using this on a daily basis, plus it just feels like a moisturising lotion. 

Also, I look to chat about Dove's Body Milk - Essential Nourishment which is a beautiful body milk which provides the needed nourishment to your skin to ensure that your skin remains super soft or making it softer. If you get dry and chapped skin on your body then this may be the ideal body milk to use. 

Super excited to share my thoughts with you guys on both of the amazing winter essentials above, so please keep on reading.

Dove's Number 1 - Summer Glow - Gradual Self Tan Body Lotion (Medium to Dark Skin) 

There's a reason of why this beautiful summer glow product is named the #1 gradual self tanner because it delivers amazing results making your skin to gradually develop more of a tanned look. I am definitely into this product because essentially I want that natural bronzed glow. Since June is winter in Australia, forget about having a tan at Bondi beach! I loved how the summer glow Dove product gave me more of a summery kissed look. 

The Dove Summer Glow gradual Self-Tan Body lotion contains intense moisturisers in the product which gives your skin more of a nourishing feel to it. It looks to benefit dry skin and also can provide you with a nice and subtle tanned look to your skin. The formula is not a tanned liquid base, this is more in the form of a moisturiser and the good thing is that it feels so gentle to use. You won't get an instant tan right away, the idea is to gradually build up an even tan glow to your skin by applying onto the areas that you wish to get more of a tanned look. 

I used this every day and I could see a slightly darker glow to my skin. The product spreads all evenly over my body well and the overall colour to my legs and arms is more healthier looking and with a hint of a subtle tanned look. During winter my skin gets very white - so this is so ideal for when I want to develop more of a sun-kissed glow. It's super easy and convenient, best of all - it's mess free. 

The scent of the product is a very sweet coconut smell and it tends to linger on skin for a while, even for a few hours. It's so nice that I am so used to this smell already. One tip I would recommend is to apply this every night after you shower because that way the product can fully absorb onto your skin while you sleep. Make sure to rinse your hands after applying as it can stain a little. (Don't worry it's not too much!) 

So how long are the results? I would give this about 5 days of applying the gradual self tan body lotion daily to really see more of a sun-kissed glow to your skin. The results aren't instant so I would say just to have a little patience. Also, remember to exfoliate right before applying the body lotion on as this will allow brush away any dead skin cells. The product comes in a flip top lid style of bottle in a 400ml sized bottle. This is ideal because you get so many uses out of it at such an affordable price. I adore this product and will allocate it 5/5 stars! 

  • Remember to exfoliate beforehand to avoid dead skin cell build up. 
  • Use daily. 


Dove's Body Milk - Essential Nourishment - DeepCare Complex 

This is more of a deep care for those who suffer from really dry skin and just want a gentle formula of which it can help to nourish and soften your skin. Dove has always been a trustworthy brand for me because their quality of the product always give my skin a better overall feeling to it. I never get itchy rashes if I use a Dove related product because there's something about their products which provides my skin the needed moisture and hydration. 

Dove's Body milk from the Essential Nourishment range contains many nutrients and essential oils which look to pamper and nourish your skin. Your skin will feel fully protected and hydrated after using this on it. It's suitable for all skin type which includes those with sensitive skin. I used this body milk everyday on my skin after showering and it just felt super hydrated and not even dry. 

The product comes in a 400ml flip top lid that stands really well so it doesn't fall over that easily which makes my life easier after showering. It's easy to distinguish the product at supermarkets because who cannot forget their gold dove logo on the the product's packaging. Very memorable and so when you shop down the moisturisers aisle, it can be easily identified.  

The texture of the cream is quite lightweight and easily absorbs onto skin without leaving any residue or heavy cream behind on the skin. If you tend to get those dry flaky bits on your arms or legs, then this will be your saviour. Look to apply this on everyday after you shower and you can guarantee smoother and silkier looking skin. The fragrance is again very floral and sweet scented and I don't mind the smell at all. In fact it's quite pleasant! I am at how well the body milk looked to moisturise my skin keep it so nourished. The product size lasts me so long and I am glad I can look to always nourish my skin with the body milk after showering. A full 5/5 stars for me because it has made my skin so much softer than ever. 

I feel it's so important to really pamper and moisturise your skin everyday because if you skip one day, you'll find your skin becoming dry, flaky and rough. 

Thanks to Dove's Body Milk - Essential Nourishment, my skin always feels much smoother and silkier to touch and feel. 

  • Smooth the body milk on daily after showering.


Hope you enjoyed these Dove reviews because I sure enjoyed using these amazing products on my skin. They are so perfect for Winter! 

Happy reading guys, 

Livia xo

Thank you DOVE for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support.

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