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Tuesday, June 2, 2015



Here's another haircare segment featuring the bhave haircare rang of the Magnify range. (See guys, I still had more to show and tell you about this awesome new brand)

Both the shampoo and conditioner both contain the raw natural keratin technology which is very lightweight and is said to be volume boosting because the product includes a blend of hydrolyzed soy protein, keratin, certified argan oil and aloe vera. There's also properties of macadamia included in the product to give your hair more of a moisture feel and looks to thicken your hair. 

So if you're looking to really give your hair more volume to it then I suggest to try their hair products from the bhave Magnify range. The bhave Magnify Volumising Shampoo felt of a light consistency and smelt of sweet fruits and a freshly scent. It's hard to describe the smell but it just smelt pleasant to use on my hair so that was a great experience. What makes the shampoo so great is that it also features their raw new keratin technology. (As previously mentioned in my other bhave related post, it basically includes naturally derived and extracted keratin proteins from the wool of NZ sheep which then binds to damaged hair and looks to rebuild your hair's structure where it looks to restore its strength and shine back to hair.) 

After using the shampoo, my hair felt squeaky clean and smelt amazing. I would blow dry my hair as usual and I loved how it didn't make my hair look limp or dull. There's a small boost to my hair and it's not limp so I am glad about that. My hair didn't look weighed down nor was it feeling oily. My hair texture has certainly got stronger since I have been using it and the chance of hair breakages is minimal. It was so much easier for me to run a comb through my hair as it was not that much de-tangled. I'm so happy it left my hair feeling so silky, smooth and full of volume. 

With using the bhave Magnify Volumising Conditioner, it smoothed out my ends more and it really gave a boost to the volume of my hair. It's good to also know that the conditioner is enriched with certified organic argan oil where this means it's high in vitamin E to really restore and rejuvenate hair. I definitely felt my hair looking more shinier and feeling softer and silkier. The shampoo and conditioner from the Magnify range is definitely free from parabens, sulphates and sodium chloride. 

Overall it's a good type of shampoo and conditioner for if you're looking for more of boosted and volumising look and feel to your hair. For more information of the Magnify bhave shampoo and conditioner, check it out below. 

Also guys, if you want to check out the Rescue Intense bhave haircare range for damaged and dry hair, check my other review out here

  • Leaves your hair feeling silky soft, smooth and full of volume. 
  • Boosts volume to hair and makes it more shinier looking. 
  • The raw natural keratin technology looks to rebuild and restore hair. 

  • RRP $32.95 EACH. 
  • Comes in a 300ml convenient to use plastic bottle.
  • Available in hair salons and wholesalers nationwide.
  • Otherwise look to check their official website here

Straight shot of my hair looking volumised and boosted when straight. 

 Hope you enjoyed this review, 

Happy reading and happy hair adventures! 

Livia xo

Thank you bhave for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support.

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