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Wednesday, June 17, 2015



John Frieda launched the Salon Precise Foam coverage back in 2012 with 20 shades, developed by John Frieda's Creative Colour Director and famous for Madonna's blonde...Nicola Clarke! 

Fancy a new hair colour? I checked out John Frieda's NEW Salon precise foam coverage - also known as the Precision Foam Colour in 6N Brilliant Brunette, Light Natural Brown. That's right, it was back to some colour for my hair as I've been missing some light brown to it. I used to dye my hair heaps but I've found that by using this type of foam coverage, it was really easy and convenient to use and there was no excess drips coming from using the hair dye which literally made my life much easier. 

Furthermore, I am so excited to continue on with my beauty adventures to really share with you of how I dyed my hair. (In case there are some hair newbies out there and really want to learn more of how to dye your hair using the new hair formula from John Frieda.) 

What I found from using John Frieda Precision Foam colour is that it didn't leave my hair feeling dry or rough. Instead, it gave my hair a nice salon-feel it, almost as if you've done your hair and walked right out of the hairdressers. What's great about the foam colour is that it's so easy to apply and use on your hair. It doesn't contain aerosol which means the foam can spread evenly throughout your hair making it reach every strand easily. Say goodbye to uneven coverage because with using the foam type of hair dye, you can cover almost any patch of your hair. I would say to use this type of hair dye if you're wanting to achieve a full head colour. The hair dye also is non-drip which is amazing so you don't have to worry about dripping it on your floor and so forth. My hair looked so shiny and natural after dyeing and you can see the results later down below to see how much colour it gave. 

The hair dye is perfect for those wanting to achieve quick hair salon results or simply don't have the time to go to a hair salon. What you'll find in the box is that it comes with a developer, colourant, conditioner, a nozzle and a set of sexy black gloves. When mixing the developer with the colourant just make sure you don't shake it, but instead the instructions say to gently tilt around 8 times. This allows for you to get the best foam application. 

In terms of the packet, I have long to medium hair length and so one packet was enough a for a full head coverage. Anything over two would be too much because the foam absorbs quickly onto your hair. The smell itself is not too overpowering so it didn't bother me as opposed to me using other types of brands out there which give out stronger smells. With the hair dye in the form of foam actually made my life much easier where I could work throughout my hair and not worry about it being messy at all. Following after rinsing your hair out, you then make sure to condition your hair. In the box, includes their hair conditioner which smells amazing and almost like the one the hair dressers use at the salon. I found the hair dye to be of good quality and the foam itself allowed me to cover the whole of my head evenly. My hair felt so soft and shiny, I am definitely satisfied with the overall results. 

I loved the results after using because gradually my hair appeared more light brown. For more information on which shades John Frieda offers, head over to their official page on: http://www.johnfrieda.com.au/Home/ where you can check out more of their 20 shades they have to offer. 

I would give this hair dye brand a 5/5 stars! By far one of the easiest hair salon dye I have ever used. 

  • Covers the really hard to reach areas of your hair. 
  • Hides patches and covers them well. 
  • Mess free.
  • Foam type of application. 
  • No drips! 
  • Gives your hair an overall shiny and soft result. 
  • Long lasting. 
  • No harsh smell. 
  • None found. 
  • After applying the foam onto your hair, use a shower cap over your hair to retain heat and allow the colour to absorb more easily. 


1. Open the box to reveal the contents of:
1 x developer
1 x colourant 
1 x conditioner 
1 x foamer 
1 x professional gloves 

2. Prepare your (1) Developer and (2) Colourants with the foamer. 

3. Make sure you put on the professional gloves. 

3. Remove the cap from the (1) Developer and empty the (2) Colourant into the (1) Developer, then replace the cap. 


4. Next, slowly tilt the (1) Developer upside down FIVE times to mix, do not shake. What you'll find is that the extra mixing won't give you more foam. Replace the black cap with the foamer lid and click it into place. 

5. What you'll find when you press the foamer bottle in the middle is that it will allow for the foam to easily come out. You don't actually press onto the lid. Once you have the foam on your glove, start applying it onto your roots in the centre of your hair. 

6. You can start with each section, for me I just divided my hair into two sections and made sure that I covered the front and back of each side. Make sure you remember to massage the product into your hair. 

7. Next, just keep on adding the foam in circular motions until you've used up all of the product. 

8. By now, your hair should be frothy with foam. Next, I used an old shower cap to cover my hair for extra added heat. Leave this on for no longer than 30 minutes. 

9. Rinse and finish off! Use lukewarm water to rinse of the product off your hair entirely, and use the conditioner provided in the box. Leave this in for about 5 minutes, then process to rinse off.

10. Style and blow dry! 

This is the colour difference to my hair. I noticed more of a lighter shade from my previous black hair. 


I literally had jet black hair, but with lighter golden ends. 


I loved how I didn't even need to bleach my hair and the colour looked much brighter. This gave my hair more colour and I am happy about the results. 


Give it a few more days after dyeing your hair and what you'll find is that it will gradually lighten up! :) Amazing right? From black to light brown! Love Love love! 

I hope you enjoyed this special post because changing up your hair colour is always a fun thing to do! Be sure to check out more of their colour range because John Frieda is stocked with a huge selection of colours x

Happy reading guys! 

Livia xo

Thank you JOHN FRIEDA AU for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support.

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