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Tuesday, June 2, 2015



I am excited for this colourful and brilliant post because it's not everyday you get a splash of rainbow colours. For this exciting post, I look to chat about these cute and pretty looking Revo lip balms that have been surfacing the beauty market and trending in every girl's handbag. They're colourful and eye catching balls which I am sure you can't lose them out of your sight. 

So where can you look to purchase these cute looking and trending lip balms? I checked out the Beauty Office AKA http://www.thebeautyoffice.com.au/shop/shop-by-brand/revo where they stock many flavours and colours on their online e-store. Just a friendly note with the Beauty Office online store, they're packed with so many brands that you'll love the variety of brands that it offers. The prices are decent and definitely affordable at the click of a mouse. 

The trend pretty much started off with the EOS trend and it was difficult to obtain in the beauty markets. Thanks to the Beauty Office, you can get a similar version for an affordable price and also of the same benefits it can deliver. Revo lip balms has been launched by the Beauty Office and I am so glad that they chose to do this because there is more variety in the beauty market and you're not left choosing the same old lip balm every time you go to shop for one. Why not fancy it all up in your lip balm department and look to collect every colour of the range...you get to smell awesome flavours and scents whilst making sure that your lips stay super hydrated all day long. 

These little beauties are of 7g in size and contain so much product for a small and cute sized lip balm. Usually there are other lip balms that don't give much product and you're left shopping and re-stocking and so forth. Why not invest in this instead? They contain Vitamin E which looks to soothe any redness and also Aloe Vera which helps to protect chapped and dry looking lips. (Similar to how you would apply Vaseline, well this has exactly the same benefits..just a little more fun!) My lips tasted and smelt super delicious and I couldn't get over the sweet, fruity scent of my lips. What's even better is that these beauties are retailed at $4.99 which is so affordable for your girlies out there for if you're wanting to collect all the colours just like myself. I am in love with rainbow colours! They are so natural when applying onto my lips and don't even feel sticky at all. When you glide the lip balm over your lips, there's no colour but in fact it goes on clear. (So you don't have to worry whether it's tinted, coloured and so on..) 

For the packaging of these cute lip balms is that they're all in ball sized form and they remind of little Kinder Surprise balls. They have their expiry date printed on the actual outside product so this definitely is handy for if you're conscious of lip balms expiring. The actual flavours are printed on the plastic that encases the egg sized lip balm which is useful to know. The colour of the product pretty much speaks what kind of flavour it will be (Just for those wondering whether these lip balms are labelled.) E.g. Pink means strawberry. 

So if you're also wondering about the flavours, let me give you an idea of what they offer (I've tried all of the bold lip balms below): 
  • Coconut 
  • Cherry
  • Blue Razzberry
  • Watermelon
  • Tangerine
  • Melon Mint
  • Strawberry
My favourite would be the Melon Mint and also the Strawberry flavoured lip balm. The Melon Mint reminds me of a childhood watermelon and minty type of gum I used to chew back in the days. It gives a nice plump to your lips, so this is so ideal to wear underneath a type of lipstick. The Strawberry on the other hand reminds me of a sweet, strawberry candy and it's really nice to smell and especially to have on your lips. Tangerine reminds me of orange boiled candy and has the citrus feel to it which is refreshing. Watermelon smells of fresh ,sweet fruits with a blend of waterrmelon juice. Cherry is more of a unique scent and if you love the taste of cherries, you'll love this one. Finally Blue Razzberry is quite a pleasant lip balm and reminds me of a blueberry scented muffin (Very interesting and nice to smell)

They're so convenient to have in your bag and I definitely won't struggle having to dig into my bag finding these lippies. They are definitely 5/5 stars for me because they do the same job as a regular lip balm by moisturising my lips and keeping them smooth, plus it's so fun to play with especially when you carry them around with you! (I got so much feedback of where to purchase them and you can always check them out at The Beauty Office's website!) 

  • Great for winter and smooth looking lips and re-apply when needed. 
  • RRP $4.99 (So affordable) 
  • Otherwise check out here to go to the online store for more flavours! 
  • They have Facebook page here too! (Get socialising girls!) 

Be sure to check these cute Revo lip balms out because they're definitely super fun and best of all, get stocked for the Winter season...your lips will thank you for it. 

I hope you enjoyed reading all about these wonderful REVO lippies, 


Livia xo


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Thank you THE BEAUTY OFFICE AND REVO LIP BALMS for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support.

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