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Wednesday, July 29, 2015



If you can remember the last time I chatted about the Racinne brand, it was for the Ultimate Hydra perfection range. If you've missed that, you can check it out HERE where you can look to learn more about the gentle refining scrub and the contour brightening eye care products which have assisted my skin for the better. 

I am pleased to share with you beauties about the other Racinne range which is called the Ultimate Aqua Blanc range. They're products made from Korea and what I love about the brand itself is that the product is of amazing and high quality. Coming from personal experience, every product that I've tried that was made in Korea have all helped my skin brighten up or in some other beneficial way. For Australians located in New South Wales, lucky for you Chemist Warehouse, Parramatta currently stocks the Racinne brand which means get shopping Girls and Guys! 

One key active ingredient from the Ultimate Aqua Blanc Series is called the Lotus Callus Culture extract - where it's specifically sourced from the Lotus flower is is definitely ideal for those who suffer from skin pigmentation. I know for a fact that I have very subtle and small sun spots around the skin area of my eyes. By continuously using the products from the Racinne, Ultimate Blanc range, I can look to reduce the slight pigmentation and small sun spots around my eyes. The formula is suitable for women of any age who have main concerns over sun damage and dark sun spots. 

Lotus Callus Culture Extract along with Racinne's brightening formula and Vitamin B3 looks to all penetrate deep into the skin cells. The formula itself offers natural UV protection whilst revitalising and regenerating the surface of the skin. It's the brightening formula which helps to remove dead cells, corrects any enlarged pores - plus it looks to reduce any obvious dark spots on the skin. The result you eventually want is flawless, bright looking skin. With continued use of the Ultimate Aqua Blanc range, you can look to achieve that. Not only that, there's also anti-bacterial qualities which look to smooth and protect healthy and moisturising looking skin. 

For the Racinne Ultimate Aqua range, I will be chatting about the following products below: 

  • Ultimate Aqua Blanc - Brightening Mask
  • Ultimate Aqua Blanc - Concentrate 

Check out my thoughts below to see what I thought of these beauties! x


At first glance of the bottle of concentrate itself, it came in a presentable 30ml pump sized bottle. The Racinne Ultimate Aqua Blanc Concentrate is really an ultra-fine concentrate that looks to instantly energise your skin. Hence the formula is quite thicker in this sense so it looks to really absorb right into your skin. The concentrate looks to promote blood flow and remove any of the dead skin cells which in a way allows your skin to regenerate into newer and healthier looking skin. 

The fact that the product has been formulated with callus cultivation technology, it really captures EIGHT different moisturising extracts. Fact: Lotus stem cells have natural anti-oxidating and moisturising properties that prevent any further pigmentation from forming or developing on your skin. After using for a few weeks, I've seen lighter sun spots as if the colour has gradually faded. My skin has also felt much restored and I could feel my skin becoming more supple, appearing more luminous and just looking much healthier.

How I would use this product is that after cleansing and toning my face, I would apply this on right after. Using my fingertips, I would dab the product gently onto the areas with the sun spots and also across the whole of my face - making sure that I avoid the eye areas. I would definitely recommend using this product if your skin concerns consist of skin pigmentation, freckles and sun spots. Because the skin area around the eyes are so sensitive, they're more prone to developing into sun spots if you haven't fully protected the area around the eyes. From using the concentrate product every night, I can definitely observe a difference in appearance. My skin looks more luminous and glowing. It feels really soft and supple. And most importantly, my freckles and sunspots are less obvious, meaning that the concentrate has definitely done an amazing job in looking to reduce the skin's pigmentation. I am definitely happy about using the product on a daily basis and with constant use of the product, in the long run, my skin will look much brighter and flawless. 

  • Contains ultra-fine luminous activating essence. 
  • Contains Callus cultivation technology and 8 different moisturising extracts. 
  • Concentrate actually promotes elasticity and removes dead skin cells which reveals the next layer of skin. 
  • Reduces appearances of pigmentation.
  • Improves the skin's texture. 
  • Skin will show a much healthier glow after using. 

  •  Use fingertips to gently pat the product onto the face and specific areas with sun spots. 

  • RRP $51 AUD 
  • Available NOW online at http://shop.racinne.com.au/
  • Otherwise, Chemist Warehouse at Parramatta NSW also now stocks the Racinne range.


The Racinne Ultimate Aqua Blanc Brightening masque is a product where it's designed to be used as a face mask. Once you have the mask on, you'll see that it looks to penetrate deep down into your skin cell where it promotes skin rejuvenation, strengthen your moisture levels and most importantly reduce any visible signs of pigmentation. 

The product has been formulated with lotus extract with deep sea pearl essence. In this way this provides a double brightening use to the product. What's more is that it reinforces the skin's protecting whilst preventing UV damage to your skin. Prevention is always the key and this face mask certainly does its job in preventing further dark spots from developing. 

In order to use this face mask, I would put it on after cleaning my skin thoroughly. Next, I would apply a thick layer onto my face and neck. Followed by waiting for about 15 minutes for the mask to settle on my face. After time is up, I would gently wipe the mask off and rinse off with lukewarm water. 

The results? It's really beneficial to those who have damaged skin and especially if it was damaged form the sun. This could be sun spots, pigmentation and uneven skin tone. The mask really helped to brighten and whiten my skin up whilst rejuvenation and hydrating the skin at the same time. For better results, I only used the masque once a week as part of my mask brightening treatment. 

In terms of consistency, the masque is a creamy rich and silky smooth cream. Once you apply this all over your face, you'll feel it be very soothing and nourishing. So in a way it felt as if I was in a spa salon getting a facial all over again. You really experience that luxury feel to using the product which is definitely an enjoyable experience with using this face mask. I would also recommend you to gently pat the skin whilst the masque is on, to really help the essence absorb right into the skin more. This will ensure that your skin stays super hydrated and the product will fade out your darker sun pigmentation spots. 

After rinsing off, my skin felt super soft and smooth. I definitely felt pampered and it's always a nice feeling when your skin feels squeaky clean too. My skin complexion has definitely become much clearer meaning that my skin tone is more even. My sun spots have faded slightly and I'm very satisfied with the results. If you're seeking skin brightening results, I really recommend you to use this product as it works like a miracle! 

  • Combines snow lotus extract with deep sea pearl essence to produce double action brightening formula. 
  • Texture of the skin is improved. 
  • Protection from UV rays.
  • Reduces the appearance of pigmentation.
  • All round brightening treatment. 

  •  Use fingertips to gently pat the product onto the face and specific areas with sun spots. 

  • RRP $37 AUD 
  • Available NOW online at http://shop.racinne.com.au/
  • Otherwise, Chemist Warehouse at Parramatta NSW also now stocks the Racinne range.
So there you have it for the Racinne skin range. 

If you're seeking a brand that offers skin brightening treatment, then opt for the Racinne brand in the Ultimate Aqua Blanc skincare range. Definitely worth a try! 

Happy reading! 

Livia xo

Thank you RACINNE for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support.

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