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Monday, August 3, 2015



Father's Day is just a month away and what better way to get it over and done with when it comes to shopping on the weekends. You may pick it up the month prior to Sunday 6th September and what better way to be prepared than to not be at all! 

You've guessed the title of this post: Happy Father's Day Gift Giving Ideas for this winter/spring season. I can't wait for Spring as I am counting the days till I can wear my short shorts, dresses and pack away all of my scarves. Be gone Winter! 
Nevertheless, the products being featured as part of this special Father's Day Gift Giving idea post include from the brands Molton Brown and Schick. What better way to mix and match brands because Dad will certainly love the gesture. Best part of all, beauty products are always the best gifts to go with. They're super practical, useful and most importantly Dad will love any gift you choose to give him. In the image above, as you can see I've sorted a few selections which I thought would be an awesome pack to give Dad for Father's Day. Wrap it in some cool wrapping paper, or pop it into a hamper's basket and you'll be sweet to go. And...the theme of the gift giving idea is......HYDRATION!  All of the products focus on dry skin and will look to smooth out your Dad's skin making it super moisturised and hydrated. 

In the selection above, I've featured the following cool products: 
  • Molton Brown London - Extra Rich Bai Ji - Hydrator 
  • Schick Hydro 5 - Hydrating Gel Reservoir 
  • Schick Hydro- Moisturising Shave Gel
Of course I had to test out the products and I had a male figure to gladly help me to trial them out to see whether it had passed the test. So please keep on reading to see why you should look to include these for your Dad's ideal Father's Day gift! x


Introducing the new addition to the men's grooming collection is Molton Brown London via The Barber Shop is the Extra Rich Baj Ji Hydrator. 

For those who are new to Molton Brown, it's a brand that originates from London and it's where the London's fragrance experts have extended their award winning Men's Grooming Collection to include their new skin and hair products. Molton Brown have brought their customers a complete and extremely effective grooming routine where they take men from cleansing, shaving, to hydration and then to targeted action. Of course, you can look to identify what type of skin your father might have - whether it be normal, combination or dry. In this case, the product is in Extra-rich Baj ji Hydrator which really is catered for normal to dry skin, otherwise they also offer the Ultra-light Baj ji Hydrator which is for normal to oily type of skin. 

The hydrator is more for those who seek a hit of hydration to their skin. Winter can make the skin feel quite dry so this is the perfect product as it's a really intense type of moisturiser where it leaves skin feeling refreshing, cool and constantly smooth. It looks to minimise any dryness, hence this is why men will feel that their skin is soft. The macadamia seed oil is what nourishes the skin so with this ingredient present in the product, it's a really great way to achieve ultimate hydration and moisturisation. After using, the skin will absolutely feel healthier and fresher with a firm, smooth and very comfortable feel to the skin afterwards. Dad will definitely love the new and fresh results from using the Hydrator because if its dry skin you've identified him with, then this product will certainly be perfect for him. Considering the quality of the product, I would definitely rate this as part of a luxury product that really does the job in looking to moisturise dry skin on men. (Best of all, it smells of macadamia seed oil and very nice!) 

How he would use this product is quite simply by using one or two pumps of the Hydrator and then looking to really massage this in circular motions onto the face and neck after washing or shaving. 

  • RRP $62.00 for 100ml
  • The Molton Brown Men's Grooming Collection is on shelves now at www.moltonbrown.com.au
  • Can also be found at Myer or David Jones 
Be sure to check out the other men's grooming collection by Molton Brown because there's a wide selection such as shampoo, facewash, face scrub, etc. 


Onto the next batch of gift ideas, I wanted to include the Schick Hydro range because Dad's always love to shave, then why not buy him a brand new gear for his shaving routine. 
I wanted to show you guys why the Schick Hydro 5 is amazing and is worth buying! It features revolutionary skin guards which looks to double the points of contact, it looks to smooth out any facial hair as he shaves so there's no irritations involved. The shaver has been trialled and tested, and the final results of the using this shaver? "Simply amazing and gives a nice close shave without irritating the skin." - Tested out by a male figure. 
Not only that, the razor looks to moisturise and sooth the fresh shaved skin as the Hydro 5's Hydrating Gel Reservoir releases a water activated gel which is infused with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera which is what hydrates the skin throughout the shaving process. The Hydro 5 shaving strips lasts up to twice longer than ordinary lubrication strips. 

Here's a quick 101 tip from grooming expert Geoff Mahanay: 

"One of the reasons you get ingrown hairs is because you've scraped the skin. Once scraped, skin calcifies as it heals, preventing growing hair from coming through. Keeping facial skin taut as you shave is key to reducing razor burn and ingrown hairs." 

I think it's an awesome idea to include this in the gift ideas for Dad this Father's Day because it's comes in handy right in the morning before work. And he can say goodbye to any dull razors in the bathroom. 

Features of the Hydro 5 includes: 
  • 5 ultra glide blades.
  • Patented skin guards which look to reduce friction between skin and blades. 
  • A flip trimmer that flips back which gives way for Dad to get more of precision trim. 
  • It has hydrating water activated serum which is made with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera. 
  • Most importantly, the handle is very ergonomic which comes with a soft rubber grip. 
To complement the Hydro Schick 5 razor, don't forget to include Schick's Hydro Moisturising Shave gel. The gel is definitely suitable for those who have dry skin and are in need of more moisturisation. The gel uses Vitamins E and pro-B5 in its fast acting formula which helps to prepare skin for a super smooth shave and ensures that skin is very moisturised afterwards and will not leave an irritated feel to it. The shave gel itself is quite thin and so the foaming really starts when the gel is placed onto the skin. This means that the shaving process is cleaner and much easier. 

  • RRP $10.95 for the Hydrpo 5 razor. 
  • Refills Schick Hydro 5 (comes in a pack of 4) RRP for $17.99
  • Hydro Moisturising shave gel RRP $5.99 
  • For more information, check out http://www.schick.com.au/

*5 blades for a nice, close shave. 
*Close up of the Hydro 5 razor. 

So that's my take on some simple beauty products to get your Dad sorted for Father's Day! 

If you're up for a chat, please let me know as I'd love to hear from you guys! 

Livia xo

Thank you MOLTON BROWN AND SCHICK for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support

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