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Wednesday, August 26, 2015



You definitely can't miss out on getting the Evian Facial spray. It's the best beauty investment in the long run as it's a delightful cool mist which looks to rehydrate skin and also revive makeup. 

Let's just say French women truly know what the secret to good skin includes...and that's Evian Mineral water. If you're after soft, supple and healthier looking skin then be sure to check out the amazing Evian Facial spray. Get that ultimate fabulous French spa treatment now with just one spray! 

Not only is this a fancy bottle made to rehydrate skin, but it has been formulated with a very powerful cleaning mist which looks to remove perspiration, harmful salt or chlorine. It looks to instantly soothe and rehydrated sun-burned or wind-chapped skin. Therefore this leaves you with a nice, smooth and beautiful complexion overall. I would spray a desired amount onto my face before or after you have make-up on because it looks to replenish your skin by giving it the needed moisture to it. You'll also be pleased to know that this product has been formulated WITHOUT any parabens, sulfates or phthalates so it's completely gentle and safe any time, any where. 

This is such a handy bottle, in this case a travel sized bottle. It's perfect to pack in your carry-on luggage because it's below the standard limit of 100ml for liquids or sprays - so score for the travel sized Evian Facial spray. You don't know it but the air ventilation on planes is considered to be really unhygienic and is full of germs. To refreshed up your face, simply spritz this all over your face. The air can make your skin feel dry, flaky and easily irritated, o spraying this all over your face provides an instant 'Pick me up" while you're at it. So when travelling, I would say this facial spray is a beauty and cannot be forgotten as it's perfect for when you have to sit for longer periods on the plane. 

The spray has a pH neutral moisturising element to it where it will look to set your make-up and revitalise the upper layers of your skin. Also mentioned, it helps to remove perspiration, any residual of ocean salt or chlorine from your skin. It's also approved by TSA so you can always look fresh and fab whenever you want to be. I would occasioanlly use the spray on a daily basis and I've just had a great experience with the facial spray. My skin felt soft and soothing after spritzing on the facial spray. Also, when I do spray this onto my face and then look to apply moisturiser, it actually allowed my moisturiser to absorb quickly. If you're wanting a facial spray that can locks in moisture on your skin then check this beauty out. I definitely can't forget to spray this every morning and night because it also really helps me to relax and feel simply refreshed. The only ingredients present in the product is just water and Nitrogen (propellant). Every time I apply the Evian Facial spray onto my face, my make-up just feels more intact, stays longer on and my face feels more fresh similar to that fresh, dewy look. 

One of best aspects of using the facial spray is that it makes your face feel super cool throughout the day. If you're wanting your make-up to last longer, then be sure to use the Evian facial spray as it works like a miracle. Definitely a 5/5 stars for me. 


  • Hold the spray about 30cm away from your face and then spray the mist generously onto your face. 
  • Spray lightly after applying your make-up. 

  • Available in various sizes. The one pictured and tested out is in 50ml. 
  • Contains enriched minerals naturally.
  • Looks to really lock in moisture in your skin. 
  • Instantly freshens skin making it look healthier. 
  • Allows your make-up to stay on longer. 
  • Super affordable.
  • Travel friendly. 

  • Zilch! 


Have you tried the Evian Facial spray?

Let me know on the comment box to your right :) 

Happy reading!

Livia xo
Thank you EVIAN or supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support

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