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Monday, August 31, 2015



Ever heard of...
Human + Kind
Skincare with a conscience?

You'll be pleased to know that I checked out the product over the few weeks to see what it really could do for my skin. This Human + Kind All in One Body oil is essentially a multi-tasking body oil. Once you smooth the oil onto your skin, it looks to absorb instantly which really softens skin and then locks in moisture. It assists your skin in enhancing its skin tone and also reducing the appearance of stretch marks and scars. After using this type of body oil, I could instantly feel my skin being smooth and had a slight sheen to it. Human + Kind is an Irish based company which specialises in producing products that are simple, natural and dependable for women to use everyday. 

My first impressions of the product's packaging was that it was one unique packaging. I love the cardboard feel to it as it has a hexagonal type of dimension to its box. (Fun stuff!) The bottle comes in 75ml which can last you months considering that you're using small amounts. 

The formula is non-greasy and absorbs really quickly when smoothed onto skin. This is the great aspect of this body oil, because you don't want your skin feeling super oily. It's definitely suitable for normal, dry, sensitive and flaky types of skin. It's also super beneficial for those who have dry and dehydrated skin as this looks to smooth and soothe your skin after shaving. Also, if your skin is feeling damaged, this body oil can look to nourish the damaged parts of your skin. 

The active ingredients present in the body oil is Organic Sunflower oil, Organic Kojoba oil, cold pressed wheat germ oil, Natural Vitamin E and Arnica oil.

You'll also be pleased to know that there are: 
  • No chemicals.
  • No colourants.
  • No parabens.
  • No additives. 
  • No animal testing. 

They sure named the Body oil an ALL-IN-ONE by Human + Kind for a reason because it's definitely used for different purposes which is similar to the Bio Oil product. My knee caps, hands , elbows and arms would occasionally feel dry and so I looked to apply this oil on those dry prone areas to see whether it would work. Instantly, after applying the oil, my dry prone areas felt super soft. I didn't even need to let it sit overnight. Not only that, if you have stretch marks or scars and with regular use of this awesome body oil, you'll start to see those scars slowly diminish or become visibly reduced. It is the antioxidants that are present in the oil which invigorate the skin by eliminating any toxins and also looks to strengthen and tone your skin with regular use.

Overall I am quite impressed with this body oil by Human + Kind and for my first time using this product, I am definitely satisfied with the benefits it has given me such as softer looking skin. I also would recommend this type of body oil to use as it's really amazing! 

  • Multi-tasking type of body oil. 
  • Looks to reduce scars and stretch marks. 
  • The oil quickly absorbs into skin. 
  • Comes in a 75ml bottle. 
  • Suitable for dry, flaky, sensitive and normal skin. 
  • Great for ageing and dehydrated skin. 
  • Soothes and softens skin after shaving. 
  • Improves the appearance of damaged skin. 
  • Natural fragrance. 

  • Zilch!

  • Smooth onto the dry prone areas of skin. 


Have you tried the Human + Kind Body Oil yet? 

If so I'd love to hear what you thought, let me know below xx

Happy reading!

Livia xo
Thank you HUMAN AND KIND for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support

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