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Monday, August 17, 2015



Looks like Joico has really done it again! 

The Joico hairshake liquid to powder finishing texturiser is the new way to really treat your hair into looking more texturised, volumised and dramatised. The texturiser isn't just some normal kind of hair product, in fact it's like nothing you have seen before. A stainless steel ball inside begins to turn new liquid to powder texturizer into a micro-fine mist that looks to volumise hair and give it more style to it. I found that by using the new hair shake, it helped me to create more of a volumising look to my mid-length curls. You basically spray it onto the hair lengths for volumising benefits where you can look to achieve more texture to it. Not only that but you also get that extra added of damage protection to your hair with every shot. (Bonus!) I am so inspire with the Joico Hair Shake because there are many styles you can wish to achieve by spraying this onto your dry ends after styling your hair. Be inventive and creative with your hair Ladies and Gents! 

For those who are new to the Joico Hair Shake, what it is - it's an invisible, lightweight to powder hybrid type of spray that instantly looks to give more volume, texture and a bit of thickness to every hair type. It's definitely a change from using hair spray and I would say this is the ultimate product to use if you're looking to texturise your hair. How I would use this hair spray is that I know it's a multi-tasking finishing texturiser which goes onto the dry hair first after the blow dry. It literally transformed my hair from looking limp and lifeless to very textured and volumised which I totally loved. 

So...how does this work? It's an innovative type of product that's different to other powdered stylers out there in the hair and beauty market. Now we have to agree that other hairstyling products can be very messy, hard to control and can leave further residue on hair which can be quite unattractive. But thanks to the Joico Hair Shake product, it's in the form of a powder base which has an invisible formula to it.  (Yes, invisible) due to the following ingredients that make up the product: 

  • Malitol - a sugar substitute that blocks humidity. 
  • Bentonite Clay - for oil absorption, texture and grip. 
  • Cosmetic Grade Silica -  for absorption and density. 
  • Magnesium Silicate - for odourless powder, for absorption and density. 

So these are the scientific elements that are present in the Joico Hair Shake which in a sense gives your hair that "invisible formula" making it look transformed into beautiful, thick, styled and volumised looking hair. One thing about the Hair Shake is that it's immensely light and does not feel thick when applied on the hair. Unlike hair spray, the Joico Hair Shake added sumptuous texture to my curled waves and it has a long lasting fullness to it. Once you've popped your make-up on and curled your waves using a curling tong, then by just spraying on the Joico Hair Shake will instantly transform your waves into looking beautiful. 

The product came in a 150ml spray on bottle which was presented in a funky shaped plastic bottle. When shaken, you can actually hear the metallic ball moving inside of the bottle which was interesting and boy now I know why it's actually called the Hair Shake. It was super easy to handle and I had no issues or hassles by using this product. It's actually a great replacement for hair spray where it can get a little sticky - but the best thing about using the Hair Shake by Joico is that it kept my hair styled for the whole day and not once did my hair budge until the moment I got home and I was ready to take a shower. It's super easy to use and you'd just spray it onto DRY hair after you've styled it and you can look to play with your hair layers by styling it as desired. It's definitely one of my favourite types of hair product when it comes to styling and adding some texture to my hair. 

  • Gives your hair some plush and airy texture to it,
  • You can really mould your hair into the texture you want to achieve such as through layers. 
  • Gives dramatic volume and fullness to the roots. 
  • Comes in an invisible residue-free, grit-free formula that dries in a flash. 
  • Certainly suited for ALL HAIR TYPES. 
  • You can create many styling possibilities.
  • Non-sticky. 
  • Contains Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex which is Joico's most powerful hair re-constructive technology.  

  • ZILCH! 

  • Use on dry hair after styled by hair straightener or curling tong. 
  • Texturise your layers! 


Amazed with the new hair shake by Joico! 

Simply spray this onto your hair and let the magic happen! 


I just wanted to show the up-close picture of my hair waves of which I've used the Joico Hair Shake product to give it more volume and texture to the ends. It was long lasting and it sure gave more of a dramatised look to my overall hair. 


I hope you enjoyed this hair-care fun filled post, 

Feel free to pop me a question if you have any x

Happy reading, 

Livia xo

Thank you JOICO for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support

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