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Tuesday, August 25, 2015



When you want a refreshing shampoo and conditioner that looks to cleanse and nourish your hair with natural Eucalyptus, you can check out John Frieda's Root Awakening haircare range. Deemed as a favourite shampoo and conditioner for many, I looked to put this product to the test. Check out what I thought of it..... 

Featuring the...

in Hydrate + Nourish which infuses the hair and scalp with moisture in both Shampoo and Conditioner. 

The Root Awakening range by John Frieda is formulated with natural Eucalyptus where it looks to bring out the healthiest and shiniest looking hair. Now with natural eucalyptus being used as a natural ingredient in the shampoo and conditioner, it's actually very relaxing and soothing to use for my hair. I felt that I was in a spa getting my hair done to be honest and I was really loving the whole experience with both the shampoo and conditioner. Eucalyptus is a popular ingredient used in aromatherapy and has been used for over nearly a century so surely there are benefits that come out from using eucalyptus based products. 

The fragrance of both products had bit of a peppermint extract and menthol scent to it where it provided a tingly feeling which ultimately made my hair wash feel relaxing and most definitely refreshing. If your hair is prone to breakages, split ends and is constantly dry, then you'll be most suited to the Hydrate and Nourish range which is designed for dry scalps. Both the conditioner and shampoo contain "Panthenol" which is the essential ingredient is working to strengthen your hair roots from tip to toe. My hair essentially felt stronger after a week of using the shampoo and conditioner, twice a day. The formula actually works by reinforcing the hair structure where it helps to prevent any further hair breakages and split ends. I constantly get split ends because of the hair structure that I have, that is I have super thin hair but it always gets dry on the ends. After using the Root Awakening haircare products, I could feel my roots and ends becoming and feeling softer than ever. 

The great thing about using the Conditioner from the Root Awakening range in Hydrate + Nourish is that it instantly smoothed out my ends and protected my hair from further breakages. I could feel my hair becoming stronger and I loved the silky feel to my hair. If you're wanting more of a re-freshen up option to your hair, then check out the Hydrate + Nourish by John Frieda. I would say if your hair suffers from breakages, dryness, brittleness or is simply dull looking, then look to check out this range because it's suitable for those with damaged hair. How do we even get damaged hair? This could be through being under the sun, using too much heat styling products or could be many factors. My hair felt super nourished and invigorated after using and I could instantly see better results to the texture of my hair. It's visibly healthier, smoother and also resistant to further hair breakages. How the conditioner works is that it infuses the hair fibres with the strengthening agents of panthenol and the natural eucalyptus. I'm amazed and really happy about the results I got from using the shampoo and conditioner in  Hydrate + Nourish and it's definitely a haircare range I would most certainly look to repurchase as part of my daily hair routine. I'm giving this a 5/5 stars! 

  • To ensure that you get the ultimate results from using the products, start off with Hydrate and Nourish Shampoo. 
  • Next, smooth the Hydrate + Nourish Conditioner all throughout your hair from the roots to the ends. 
  • Next, rinse your hair thoroughly. 
  • Look to lightly blow dry hair with a heat protectant. 

  • Formulated with natural Eucalyptus 
  • Contains peppermint extract for a refreshing feel to washing your hair. 
  • Reinforces your hair structure. 
  • Prevents further hair breakages with regular use. 
  • Instantly strengthens hair from root to end. 
  • Great for those with a dry scalp. 
  • Super affordable. 

  • Zilch! 


Have you checked out the Hydrate + Nourish by John Frieda yet? 

Happy reading! 

Livia xo
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