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Tuesday, August 4, 2015



Boy am I excited to share this review with you all, featuring the Original Beauty Blender which was a five time winner for Allure Best of beauty awards where it's been ergonomically designed to cater to our needs. Along with the beauty blender, I'll take you through how you can keep your beauty blender squeaky clean by using the Beauty Cleanser Solid by beautyblender®. 

It's important to have the best, high quality make-up tool, because you really need the best tool to apply a good quality product onto your skin. That is if you're wanting to achieve a smooth and flawless finish to your make-up base/foundation/concealer/mineral powders. However, the easiest way to apply make-up onto your face is really by using a Beauty Blender sponge such as the Original Beauty Blender. It's been so popular in the beauty market and I've always wanted to see what it was about! Finally I was able to test out the sponge to see what qualities it had for applying make-up on skin. It's really your best friend if you're wanting a hi-definition cosmetic sponge applicator. 

For a flawless make-up application to your skin, there are really THREE easy steps which include: 


THE ORIGINAL beautyblender®

And the best thing about the beautyblender® for Aussies out there, you'll be pleased to know that you can now find it exclusive at the Sephora Pitt Street store in Sydney, NSW. No need for online shopping, just pop right into the Sephora store and you'll find this little beauty stocked!  Now when it comes to applying make-up with hands and make-up tools, there's a huge difference in the finish to your skin. Whilst using your clean hands to apply make-up might not give you a flawless, smooth look to your make-up, you can really look to use the beauty blender sponge to create similar looks to what a professional make-up artist would. 

Did you know that the beautyblender® was literally the first type of make-up sponge to be released in the beauty market? It was created by Hollywood's top make-up artists, Rea Ann Silva. She knows exactly what a perfect face needs, and that's by using a good type of make-up tool that would allow for the perfect blend! The tool is made to give a professional finish to your make-up whilst maintaining its flawless look. 

How I would describe the beautyblender® shape? The sponge is created in an elliptical shape where it allowed me to reach the hard to reach areas of my face without any hassles. For example, the hard to reach areas would be around the corners of my nose, chin and sides of my cheeks. 

How the sponge felt? I would say it has more of soft, suede texture to the sponge and it feels quite "spongy" and hard in a way where it's super durable and will look to give your face a smooth, streak-free finish to your base, concealer or foundation. The curve sides of the sponge fits the contours of my face, so this means that I am able to get more of a neat and smooth blend on my face. The design of the sponge is so that you avoid making stroke marks whenever you use a brush. It takes practice to get the right motion for creating a streak-free application finish. I also found that the sponge covered my large areas of my face much quickly as compared to using a brush. 

What's the sponge made out of? The beautyblender®  (non latex) features an open cell structure that fill with small amounts of water when wet. This concept actually allows the sponge to be "Full" so the make-up just sits on-top of the sponge. This gives you more product to apply onto your face, meaning that you just use what you need and of course less of the product. You'll also realise that when the sponge is wet, it doubles in size! So don't fear if you first feel that this sponge won't cover much, because believe me it will! It even becomes softer when wet so it goes very gentle on skin. The sponge will return to its original size when it air dries. Also, the sponge is hand-crafted in the USA. 

What to use the beautyblender® with? You can use it with primers, foundations, powders, cream blushes and any other complexion product. One tip I'd would most likely recommend is to use dabbing motions when applying concealer or cream brushes onto your skin. You can use the tip of the sponge to conceal any imperfections on your skin. And with the foundation coverage, you can look to achieve a sheer buildable finish. 

My overall thoughts? The Original beautyblender® certainly delivers amazing results to when you are applying make-up because it leaves a flawless and smooth finish. When you're short with time and in need of perfect make-up but you really don't have 1 or 2 hours to spare, the sponge is really great for applying and blending in one go. I've used it for liquid foundations, cream blushes, concealers - all of which have really impressed me. I don't get that 'caked' up look to my foundation because the sponge looks to really blend well and layer on each make-up product. I can for sure say that using the beauty blender while you travel will be your beauty saviour because you won't require X amount of brushes in your make-up bag. It's definitely a high performance beauty tool for me and it's something that all make-up enthusiasts must have in their drawers because it's useful and convenient to us

  • Gives a flawless and smooth application to your make-up. 
  • Allows ease to the hard to reach areas, 
  • Blends and covers well without leaving stroke marks. 
  • Gentle on skin. 
  • Don't require much make-up product when used with the sponge. 
  • Great for concealing. 

  • All you need to do is keep cleaning your sponge and leave to air dry. 

  • Clean your sponge after every application! 
  • Dab on concealer to conceal imperfections. 

  • RRP $27 AUD 
  • Now exclusive to the Sydney store, Sephora. 


How would you clean the sponge? Make sure you look to pick up the beautycleanser SOLID by the beautyblender® itself. It's a very travel friendly type of alternative to any types of brush cleaning liquid. It's basically encased in a circular plastic small tub where it has a bar of soap inside plus a custom grid so you can dry the sponge and get a deep clean from it. 

How this works is that the cleanser removes any excess residue and germs in the sponge so that for your next application, the sponge is super squeaky clean. I always ensure that I was my sponge after every use because I don't want the bacteria lingering on the product itself. The soap smells awesome because it's lavender and really it looks to calm your nerves whilst cleaning the sponge. The soap is also formulated without any parabens, sulfates and phthalates making it super safe to use. 

  • Starts from $16 AUD
  • Now exclusive to the Sydney store, Sephora. 

 Grab yours at your nearest Sephora! 

Shopping therapy calls for Sephora! 


Check out the experts showing what the Original beauty blender is all about ! 

So there you have it for the Original Beauty Blender and also the beautycleanser soap! 

Have your tried the beauty blender yet? 

Let me know by commenting below :) 

Happy shopping + reading! 

Livia x

Thank you SEPHORA & BEAUTY BLENDER for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support

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