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Thursday, August 6, 2015



I am so thrilled that Real Techniques have released the Bold Metals Collection which is also now available in Australia exclusively through Chemcorp International.The new Bold Metals Collections is designed by internationally renowned professional make-up artists and beauty vloggers - Sam and Nic Chapman. They have designed a set of beautifully designed bold metals which are available in metallic gold, rose gold and silver colours. 
Erica Galea for Chemcorp International says: “We’re thrilled to be bringing Australian consumers the Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection™. Real Techniques is a global leader in makeup brushes, and this new collection takes it up another level with products that are both aesthetically beautiful, and provide the highest-quality, precision application - definitely every makeup bag’s new must-have.”
I would describe the collection more on the high-end, luxury scale of make-up brushes and they're super sleek to look at too. The colours are quite dramatic and really gives a luxury feel when holding them. I looked to test out the Bold Metals Collection 101 Triangle Foundation brush by Real Techniques.  What's more is that this brush features a sleek, gold metal colour to it which feels super sturdy and durable when held in the hands. They use the highest grade of synthetic brush fibres which is what made the brush felt so soft and definitely had a luxury feel to it. The design of the 101 Triangle Foundation brush featured a ergonomically weighted handle which has been produced for the best comfort and also for the control of ensuring that you get a precision application to your face. 

The 101 Triangle foundation brush is colour coded by the area of application. In this case, the main focus is BASE which resembles the GOLD colour on the product's packaging. The 101 Triangle foundation brush is a flat edge type of brush that really looks to cover large parts of your face, whilst the angled edges are made to contour around your eyes and nose. It really is a dual function brush as it has a flat and angled side to the brush itself. 

My overall thoughts on the brush? I found that I had a much better flawless coverage to my foundation and I also noted that it was so much easier to contour on the sides of nose and cheeks. This has certainly took my foundation application up a notch and I am so pleased to have come across this particular new design for a foundation brush. What I love about the design is the quality of the soft bristles that have been used. When used on my face, it did not feel harsh at all, in fact it was super soft and gentle when used along with applying my regular foundation. It certainly covered the large areas of my face well by giving it more of a flawless finish to my skin. I used a cross-hatching technique to really blend in the product into my skin for a perfect, full and flawless finish to my skin. Otherwise, you can also use the tip of the brush to blend in the foundation into the skin. I also used the tip of the brush for full coverage under my eye areas because I found that it covered much better than just using my fingers. This is definitely a plus factor for me and I would consider trying out the other range that they have in rose gold and silver. 

The 101 Triangle Foundation Brush features of the following: 
  • The bristles are super soft and they have a luxe feel to it. With the brush bristles being the cream colour, it's very useful to note how much foundation for example you'll be using before using the brush to apply make-up on. 
  • The ferrules features a premium quality brass which is made for the ultimate durability and feel to it. 
  • The handle of the brush has been weighted accordingly to the optimal control and comfort. 
  • The cuts of the brush is very refined and has definitely been hand crafted which offers high performance for the best application of make-up. 
  • The tips offer the option to build on make-up and also allows for a pristine finish. 

I would definitely say the coverage of using the brush is that you can achieve at least a medium to full coverage for your full face. Next, it will be ideal for liquid and a cream type of foundation. Of course, you'll be using some type of liquid foundation as its main use. For the other uses of the brush, you can look to use it for sculpting, contouring and concealing imperfections on your skin. There are also no issues to shedding of brush itself so it's definitely worth to invest in when you're looking for a good quality type of brush. 

  • Covers large areas of the face really well. You don't require much product. 
  • Angled edges of the brush help to contour around the eyes and nose.
  • Gives your skin a beautiful, flawless coverage. 
  • Can also help to conceal any imperfections. 
  • Dual function brush. 
  • Super soft bristles.
  • Ergonomic designed brush. 
  • Beautiful, sleek gold colour. 

  • Although this range may be in the luxury high end price range, it's definitely worth to invest in if you're looking for a good set of quality brushes! They will last longer in the long run and also give you a flawless and better coverage for your make-up application. 

  • Use the flat edge of the brush side to really cover large areas of your face with foundation.
  • Use the angled edges to contour around the eyes and nose. 
  • Use a cross-hatching technique for a full blend of the foundation when applying it onto your face. 
  • Look to clean your brushes after every use for maximum cleanliness and hygiene. 


They called it the Triangle Foundation brush for reason! 

Up close and personal with the 101 Triangle Foundation brush by Real Techniques.

Love the gold metal look to it. 

Love how the brush does not roll off my bench because it has been designed to "stand" well. 


I hope you enjoyed reading about the new 101 Triangle foundation brush by Real Tecnhiques. 

The Bold Metal Collections definitely are super attractive and stylish for brushes!

Have you tried the Bold Metals Collection out yet? 

Happy reading! 

Livia xo
Thank you REAL TECHNIQUES for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support

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