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Wednesday, September 2, 2015



Welcome back! Ever heard of Restylane? If you haven't so, please keep on reading....

How's everyone feeling since it's mid-week? I hope the answer is definitely good! It was my first time testing out this new brand called Restylane and let me just say the look of the product packaging may look very simple, but the benefits of using the actual products itself is amazing and looks to restore your skin into looking healthier again. The products are actually Made in France so you'll be amazed at what French skincare products can do for your skin. And especially for my skin, it really helped to make it feel more nourished and healthier again. 

The Restylane skincare products are designed with purpose and that's to protect, hydrate and nourish your skin from the external factors. The patented NASHA™ technology which is also known as "Stabilized Hyaluronic acid" is the main element used in all of the Restylane skincare product. It's complemented with high doses of active ingredients and this Facial Cleanser and Eye serum that I used did not disappoint. 

The Restylane skincare products I looked to test out on my skin include of the following: 
  • Restylane Skincare - Facial Cleanser 
  • Restylane Skincare - Eye Serum

Check out my thoughts below on whether it has really helped my skin because I am super excited to share my experiences with you all. 



When waking up in the morning and then also getting ready for bed, don't forget to cleanse and refresh your face with a good quality facial cleanser. The Restylane Facial cleanser actually works my cleansing the skin very gentle and thoroughly by leaving your skin feeling super soft and fresh. 

What makes this Facial cleanser by Restylane so unique is that it has been formulated to really remove all of the impurities that are on the surface of your skin. It also looks to protect your skin from the external factors and also restores your skin's moisture levels back to normal. I've used this twice a day on a daily basis and I have found that my skin is always looking gentle, clean and refreshed after using it. I can definitely feel and see an improved difference to my skin. Before my skin would feel super dry, but after using this cleanser it has definitely proved to feel more hydrated these days. This facial cleanser looks to efficiently clean your face well and also remove any light make-up on your skin's surface. 

The facial cleanser actually uses organic oils and ceramides that protect your skin from loosing oils and antioxidants every time you cleanse. It's always essential to ensure that your facial cleanser is mild and gentle as possible so that it will preserve your skin's natural balance. This facial cleanser has definitely made my skin feel softer and more supple. 

Restylane has definitely developed an effective facial cleanser that looks to protect your skin and is so effective when used on a daily basis. The cleanser is pH neutral which is what kept my skin feeling really soft and well cleanses. For the fragrance of the facial cleanser, there were no harsh scents but instead it smelt fruity in a subtle way where it wasn't that strong so that was good. It's a different kind of smell which is hard to describe but it's pleasant! 

The texture of the facial cleanser is creamy and somewhat milky. To use this product, all you need to do is work up a foam and then massage this all over your face and neck. Then, by using lukewarm water look to rinse your face thoroughly. It's definitely a must try if you're looking for a new cleanser that cleans and protects your skin very well. 

  • Mild and gentle cleanser. 
  • pH neutral which does not dry out the skin.
  • Protects your skin from external factors. 
  • Makes your skin feel soft and supple. 
  • Cleanses your face really well and along with light make up on the surface. 

  • None found.

  • Use every morning and evening to ensure skin is super cleansed and feels hydrated all day long. 


Use daily - every morning and evening for ultimate results of healthier looking skin. 



They say that as you become older, the skin around your eyes start to lose its elasticity and strength. This is why we need to opt for a suitable eye serum that would work for us. Not every product will, but in this case by using Restylane's Eye Serum, I have definitely seen a massive improvement in the quality of the skin around my eye area. It looks smoother than usual and there's a reduction in visible lines. 

If you're like me, I am constantly looking at the computer everyday - which then puts a strain on my eyes - making them feel super tired and that's caused by fluid accumulation. 

So what did I think of this serum? It was a cool and lightweight type of serum where you simply pump 1-2 drops of the product and then gently pat it around the skin areas of your eye every morning and evening. Make sure to use your ring finger as it's more gentle on the skin and won't cause any further wrinkles or pressure to your eye areas. I also found the eye serum to absorb extremely quick which is a positive thing to consider. It absorbs into the lines which work to make the areas feel more hydrated. 

The product has been stabilised with Hyaluronic Acid which is what improves your skin's elasticity. When I use this eye serum in the morning, I find that it goes really well under a concealer for the entire day and during the evening, you get that added moisture back to your eye areas. The eye serum definitely looks to improve skin circulation where it leaves the it feeling super hydrated and supple. It contains tiny reflecting particles which look to illuminate under the areas of your eye which results in more of a fresh appearance. 

Overall I am highly satisfied with this eye serum and it's by far the most effective product I've used so far and which is actually works for me. I love the fact that it comes in a handy pump applicator which means it hygienic to use and also you don't get carried away with product wastage. It's my daily go-to-product and with constant use of this eye serum in the long term, I can definitely look forward to less tired eyes and improved elasticity for the skin areas of my eyes. 

  • Improves the skin quality around the eyes. 
  • Is a stimulating eye serum.
  • Fast absorbing.
  • Great for those with tired looking eyes. 
  • Comes in a handy pump. 

  • None found.

  • Use every morning and evening by gently patting the serum using your ring finger around the eye skin areas,


Have you tried this out yet? 

Let me know on your thoughts!

Happy reading!

Livia xo
Thank you Restylane for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support


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