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Friday, October 30, 2015



I am always fond of night time skin repair products because over night as you sleep, this is when the skin looks to regenerate itself - whether it be firm out your skin or possibly make it feel more hydrated. Thanks to RY.COM.AU, I looked to put one product to the test.

Featuring Dermalogica's Overnight Retinol Repair Cream. 

So what the Dermalogica's Overnight Retinol Repair cream does is that it looks to maximise your skin's repair at night by minimizing any fine lines, wrinkles around the eye areas or forehead - otherwise it's supposed to boost your skin's luminosity. There are many ways on how to use this product and so for me, I would blend this in with my regular moisturiser so that I can also achieve the age-fighting benefits. (I know right I am still young - but it's better early than never at all!). When it comes to anti-ageing products, I must say that it's still important to have a little applied every night, no matter if you are in your early or mid-twenties. 

The supercharged peptide serum present in the cream looks to help to stimulate collagen production which in a way firms and renews your skin by revitalising it once again. There's no artificial fragrances or colours present in the product which is pretty good because it's super safe and gentle to use for all skin types out there. I tried out the sample size of this product as to really give this little beauty a test to see what it could do for my skin. 

In the pack, there is a complimentary Buffer Cream so this is also a plus side to the product itself. The Buffer cream is a gentle moisturizing formula that helps you to control the concentration of the active and high Retinol present in the Overnight Retinol cream. One good aspect of using the Buffer Cream is that my skin felt super hydrated in the process.

How I would use these products is that I would mix a little of the Retinol and the Buffer Cream together - and then look to apply this all over the face overnight. The next morning, my skin felt super rejuvenated and appeared more firm. Always remember to apply some SPF sunscreen over your face before you step outside as well.  I am stunned and amazed by the results and my overall complexion has never looked as glowing as ever.  From dull and tired looking skin - to a more luminous complexion after using the product. 

Overall, my skin has looked smoother and felt as soft as ever. The Overnight Retinol Cream along with the Buffer Cream definitely leaves your skin feeling so moisturised and hydrated. This is definitely an amazing overnight repair cream to use if your skin is fulling quite dull and dry. I most definitely will look to purchase the full product to ensure smoother skin in the long run. For a luxury skincare product, it is definitely worth investing into if you're looking for an AMAZING overnight repair cream.  

  • Microencapsulated Retinol (0.5%) - Provides a stabilized form of retinol; retinol helps prevent the formation of MMP's, increases collagen production, accelerates cell renewal and increases cell turnover.
  • Peptides Palmitoyl Tripeptide 5 - Boosts collagen production, treats wrinkles and firms skin.
  • Stabilised Vitamin C - Stimulates collagen synthesis and combats free radicals.
  • Bioenergized Copper Amino Acid Complex - Increased collagen and elastin production
  • TAUT (Tetradecyl Aminobutyroylvalylaminobutyric Urea Trifluoracetate) is a tripeptide molecule - Boosts collagen production, firms skin with increased hydration and tone.
  • Ceramides and Polysaccharides
  • Lavender and Licoric
  • For best results, mix the Overnight Retinol Repair with the Buffer Cream and then look to apply this to cleansed skin at night. 
  • During the day, look to apply SPF moisturiser on-top. 


Have you tried the NEW Dermalogical Overnight Retinol Repair yet? 

Do you suffer from fine lines and wrinkles? 

Let me know by commenting below! 

Happy reading lovelies xx

Livia x

Thank you RY.COM.AU for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support.

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