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Saturday, October 10, 2015



Let me start by first saying how incredibly this week was and how quick it sky-rocketed through! 

Keep your eyes peeled on my blog as I have some exciting things up my sleeve and I can't wait to show and tell you all. 

There was one particular product that SAVED my life (well my skin that is) 

Featuring Spot Medic! 

If you suffer from random breakouts and irregular spots on your face, then you'll definitely would love to check out this amazing saviour from the Spot Medic range. Especially with the lack of sleep I've been recently experiencing has definitely left me with a few breakouts and spots here and there. It's certainly not ideal when you need to constantly attend events or a special occasion. That's why I want to tell you all about what I thought of the Spot Medic. Many of you may be curious to see how this would work. 

Created by an innovative company called Brite, they have mastered a quick fix to "hiding" and making those breakouts and spots to disappear. Almost, like a BAM and the spot is gone scenario that I have experienced ever since using it. 

So how this little beauty works is that the Spot Medic, is a basically a hydrocolloid mask which is designed to help banish blemishes FAST. (As in if left overnight whilst sleeping, the next morning you'll realise it has been reduced in appearance and does not look obvious!) It's definitely new to the market and for a quick fix solution to all your skincare emergency needs, this really nails it for me. The mini gel plasters create a barrier between you and your spot meaning that you can potentially wear this overnight. And then you'll realise that it helps to eliminate pimples and reduce any swelling and redness to the pimple prone area. 

One great aspect to the Spot Medic is that the hydrocolloid dressings are biodegradable, non-breathable dressings that contain non animal derived gelatin, pectin, carboxy-methyl cellulose and other polymers which also assists in would healing. After using the Spot Medic, I woke up with a clearer complexion which I am so glad about because there's finally a product in the beauty market which can help clear up and reduce the acne from looking very obvious. Another positive thing that I found about using the Spot medic was that it did not leave my skin feeling dry or irritated like other spot treatments would. It doesn't leave behind a sore on your skin which is good. It was super gentle and easy to use with no stinging involved. 

The packet comes in 36 of adhesive hydrocolloid masks for pimples which consists of 12 big patches and 24 smaller patches.  Overall, this is definitely a life saver when it comes to breakouts and acne that you would randomly get before a special occasion. It's definitely ideal for all skin types and it's very gentle to use. Ideally, I would use these patches at night and sleep with them overnight until the next morning when it comes to taking the patches off, you'll definitely be pleased with flawless and a clearer complexion. 

  • Clean and dry the affected area first with a cleaner. 
  • Place the spot patches over the spot areas and hold it for about 30 seconds so they stick on. 
  • Go to sleep and let Spot Medic work its magic. 
  • Next morning, you'll see that the patches will turn white which contains the bad stuff the patch will literally draw out. 
  • Gentle peel off. 
  • Cleanse and pat dry the area. 


Have you tried Spot Medic yet? 

Are you looking for quick fix to eliminate pimples and reduce swelling?

You've got to try Spot Medic! 

I hope you enjoyed reading, 

Livia xo
Thank you SPOT MEDIC for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support.

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