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Saturday, October 24, 2015



As some of you might know that I am a huge fan of drugstore brands and especially when it comes to Rimmel London. I simply cannot control my excitement when it comes to their new product range and this time I cannot get over the Rimmel London Lasting Finish 25HR Dual Finish Powder which is basically a lightweight type of powder that looks to cover all of your imperfections so that your overall face is flawless looking, shine-free and of course stays on for up to 25 hours. (Then again I am not saying that I actually stayed the whole 25 hours to test this product, the fact that it can stay on very long as compared to other powders out there in the beauty market - certainly makes this it ideal for me and it will for you as well if you're looking for long staying power). I am super ecstatic about reviewing this product for you guys so please put your feet up and enjoy the read. 

So featuring Rimmel London Lasting Finish 25HR Dual Finish powder which is used as a lightweight powder on-top of your regular base make-up, concealer, sunscreen or foundation. It literally makes your face appear shine-free and from looking oily which is absolutely a good thing and ideally something I look for in a type of finishing powder.The texture of the powder is quite velvety and when applied onto the skin - it does so easily and evenly without even clogging the pores. I tried this dry for a light-medium finish - but alternatively it could also be applied using the wet method for more full coverage on the skin. 

There were two shades I tested out which were: 001 Light Porcelain and 002 Soft Beige. 
001 Light Porcelain has more of a white, snow like look to the powder colour itself. It's really nice and silky when applied onto the skin and I love the finish it gives to my overall look. This shade will suit most light-medium skin tones because it's simply light and does not look too obvious on the skin. 
002 Soft Beige on the other hand has more of the warm undertones to it. It's slightly more yellow and warm looking for a powder and will suit those with more of a warm toned skin colour. 

For the powder's packaging, I cannot get my eyes off the unique type of packaging which comes in a red, plastic container - where when opened flips to a mirror compartment, sponge compartment and then the powder compartment itself which is situated at the top. It's somewhat similar to having a layered compact container. Personally, I would just use my regular powder or foundation brush to dust the finish powder by Rimmel all over my face because it's just much easier for me to do so. The sponge that comes with the product is also handy but it's more convenient for if you were travelling on the go and needed a quick fix to your overall look. What I love about the compact powder is that it also comes with a cute and convenient mirror which is super handy should you need to check for any imperfections and so forth. 

The powder itself goes quite a long way so I really did not require a lot of powder for my skin which is good because you don't have to "cake" on your face. Also, the powder is super lightweight which means that it did not even feel like I had powder on! (That's how super lightweight the powder was). I love how the powder simply does the job for me by making my face look more flawless and shine-free which is absolute must whenever I am prepping my make-up and heading to a very special event or even to work. 

In terms of the coverage itself, the powder looked to cover my freckles, blemishes and dark spots really well. With a little concealer along with some the the Rimmel Lasting Finish powder, I was able to really conceal the obvious perfections and I am so happy that this powder actually helped me to achieve this. 

With regards to whether this powder lasts long is that it does seem to last the whole day for me. For example for the whole of my work day 9am-5pm, I was able to still see the lasting finishing powder on my face and without any smears or smudges. (With only having to touch up once). 

Overall, the Rimmel Lasting Finish 25HR Dual Finish Powder is simply a marvellous necessity to always have in your handbag or among your drugstore product collection. It not only does the job in terms of coverage but also with long lasting power and is so comfortable to wear. For such a compact type of powder, it's definitely convenient and handy to have in hand. I would highly reccomend this product to those seeking an affordable type of finishing powder in the long run. 


Not sure if you can see the swatches but if you look very closely you can see bit of a difference to both colours in 001 Light Porcelain and 002 Soft Beige.

Have you checked out the Rimmel Lasting Finish 25HR Dual Finishing Powder yet? 

Happy reading! 

Livia xo

Thank you RIMMEL LONDON for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support.

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