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Friday, October 30, 2015



Super excited in introducing you to the fabulous skincare brand, Nip+Fab! 

Nip+Fab features super affordable, accessible and effective products for every skin type. It has been created for a woman who wants it all. I first noticed that Kylie Jenner had represented Nip+Fab and knowing myself, I simply love watching Keeping up with the Kardashians.

Nevertheless, Nip+Fab is an amazing skincare and body care line that was first founded by Maria Hatzistefanis (who is the founder of Rodial). Each of the Nip+Fab products have been crammed with natural and innovative advanced skin smoothing and firming ingredients which is ideally my top skin benefits I look for when using a skincare product. Nip+Fab is truly a premium skincare line where they look to cater for everyone at such affordable prices. 

Featuring Kylie Jenner representing Nip+Fab 

I have tried out their skincare line and so far my experiences with the brand is amazing and I what better way to make products that look to smooth out fine lines and make my skin feel much healthier. 

For the following products I look to chat about include from the Nip+Fab line: 
  • Nip+Fab - Dark Circle Fix - Triple Action Eye Cream
  • Nip+Fab - No Needle Fix Serum - Plumping/Volumizing Serum 
  • Nip+Fab - Bee Sting, Fix Lifting Mask
So join the ride and check out below to see what I thought of the the Nip+Fab products..xx


Featuring the Dark Circle Fix which is a 3 in 1 formula that looks tor reduce the appearance of dark circles, puffiness and also premature ageing to the eye areas. It's quite fast acting formula equipped with the most innovative ingredients that leaves the areas of your eyes looking so much brighter and definitely more refreshed. The ingredients present in this product include: Red Algae (Targets dark circles), Tetra Peptide (This reduces eye puffiness) and also Shea Butter (This hydrates and softens the skin around the eye area). 

What can I say about this product is that if you are in the market for more moisture and hydration around the eye areas, then this eye cream is definitely an ideal product for the specific reason. Reason being is that this product looks to boost more moisture to the areas of the eyes and also firms the tiny wrinkles near your eye areas, (That is if they do exist...) Being such an affordable product, this definitely would be ideal in the long-run if you're wanting to invest in a good quality product but at the same time is still quite affordable and reasonable to get.

The product comes in a 15ml pump sized bottle which is hygienic and so handy to use. For the size itself, it can definitely be placed in your handbag as a back-up in case you need to rejuvenate the skin around your eye area. 

The consistency of the eye cream combines a cream and serum. It's not too greasy so this is good when you apply it onto the areas around your eyes. I love how moisturising it is on my skin and I can truly say that it has definitely made the skin around my eyes appear much brighter and better looking. I would apply the eye cream on at night just before bed, else I would use a little under my eye make-up during work or the day. After about a month of using the eye cream, it's definitely made the skin around the eye area feel smoother and appear much brighter which I am so pleased about. Before I did use this product, my skin would get a little dry - so after using it for quite some time now, the skin around my eyes always feel super moisturised and hydrated. I love this eye cream and I still use this at night because so far the results are definitely looking positive. 



The Nip+Fab, No Needle Fix Serum is simply an amazing product for anti-ageing skin care. It's a plumping and volumizing serum that is ideal for younger looking skin. This serum contains Cell Active - FORM which is what ideally plumps up your skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and any other ageing effects. The OSILIFT also acts as an instant tensor which looks to blur out any imperfections on the skin but at the same time reduces the look of wrinkles. (Which is good if you're wanting more firm and smoother looking skin!) 

Present in the product, the ingredients are: Cellactive (which helps to firm and volumise the skin) and also Osilift (This reduces the appearances of wrinkles). 

So far as I have been using this serum every evening, I can visibly tell that this particular serum looks to smooth out any fine lines so this means there's no need for permanent botox yet! I can really notice the tightening effect that it had on my skin and this was just a matter of the serum looking to really target any limp skin, and then look to plump it up with its own benefits. After using the serum, my skin always feels soft, super hydrated and very dewy. This is definitely a product for younger people because for the mature aged skin, you may require something much stronger. 

I am so glad that using this serum, it has really made my skin feel much refreshed, firmed and so smooth. (Of course my skin has also definitely felt more tightened which is good if you are wanting more of a firm-effect to your skin). 

  • RRP $44.95, ON SALE NOW FOR RRP $35.96 for 50ml. 
  • Can be purchase online at: http://www.nipandfab.com.au/no-needle-fix.html

Featuring an advanced performance gel mask which combines bee venom with 3D express lifting effect technology. With more uses, I have found that this mask has left my skin looking smoother and more firm looking. 

The key benefits to the Bee Sting Fix Lifting Mask is that it contains the following: 
  • Bee venom (where it controls the facial muscles, increases blood circulation and gently plumps your skin. Skin also feels and looks more firm. I also noticed that the mask looked to fill and smooth out any of my fine lines around my forehead and eye areas.) 
  • Propolis Extract (This is basically a resinous substance that has been harvested by bees on flower buds and it acts as a skin healer, ant-oxidant and antiseptic). 
  • AC Moisture Plex (This is where it helps skin retain some moisture and looks to improve moisture balance in the skin). 
  • Instensyl (where you get immediately 3D lifting to the skin and the surface of the skin becomes much smoother.) 
Before using the product, I conducted a patch test onto my skin to see if I got any redness or irritations from using the product and overall, the results were great and I experienced no issues with the patch test. This product is definitely an advanced performance type of gel mask that contains bee venom with a 3D express lifting effect technology. I have not tried any products that contain bee venom so this was definitely an interesting experience for myself. If you are in the market for a product that instantly firms and tightens your skin, then you will definitely love the Bee Sting Fix Lifting Mask by Nip+Fab because it's literally a convenient sized "botox in a tube" which can really assist you with achieving a better and healthier complexion to your skin. 

I would use this product every evening and then leave on my skin for about ten minutes, followed by rinsing it off with warm water. My skin feels seriously more plumped out and firm after using and I am truly amazed by the overall results I have gained from using this Lifting Mask. According to clinical results, it takes about 30 minutes for the results to work and show on your skin. 

After using the Lifting Mask, I also noticed that my make-up goes on well onto my skin because my skin feels smoother and firmer. I've always wanted to try a product that can look to help my make-up go on better and thank gosh I have discovered the Bee Sting Lifting Mask. 

When you have the gel-mask onto your skin, you would expect some burning or irritation sensation right? Not for this mask! You actually get a cooling sensation when you apply the product onto your face and it definitely feels very comfortable and good to have on. Sit back, relax and let the face mask do its job! As for the overall results, do expect your skin to feel much plump and firm. I am definitely looking to repurchase this as an ideal Face Lifting Mask after I run out of this amazing product. 

  • RRP $21.95, ON SALE NOW FOR RRP $17.56 for 50ml. 
  • Can be purchase online at: http://www.nipandfab.com.au/bee-sting-fix-lifting-mask.html

Have you tried the fabulous Nip+Fab range yet? 

Let me know on your thoughts below! 

Happy reading! 

Livia xo
Thank you NIP + FAB  for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support.

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