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Wednesday, October 21, 2015



If there's one particular brand that's gentle and safe to use as a styling paste, I would choose BHAVE. 

In my previous post, I chatted about how amazing the Gun Powder Styling Matte Powder by BHAVE was. If you missed out on that particular post, simply scroll down to find the review after this post. 

On this agenda, I look to talk about how gentle BHAVE'S NEW Styling pastes are including their Flex Styling Paste and also their Sleek Promade. They are suitable for ALL hair types to use and definitely catered for both men and women. So feel free to share the love all around! 

To check out my thoughts on why I deemed both of these products as my TOP hit for styling pastes, simple scroll down and enjoy the read guys. 


Featuring BHAVE'S Flex Styling paste, this looks to help create more texture and definition to your hair but at the same time allowing for some form of flexibility to its movement and hold. It's definitely ideal for both men and women to use because you can really look to style as desired and have that sort of flexibility to styling of the hair. 

Within this product, it contains argan oil, olive oil and also aloe vera which controls any curls, minimise the frizz and adds more total shine your hair. I also noticed that I was able to restyle my hair all over again - in my case, sometimes I like to add more texture for a "messy" hair feel hence this product is perfect in helping me to restyle it without the need to use plenty of product. I also tested this by wearing it all throughout my hair all day long and it actually withstands the hot and humid weather which is always a pleasant feeling to know. 

Another positive factor to consider is that it's super easy to wash out and there's no sticky bits whatsoever. The fact that it's very simple to wash out makes my life much easier and it will for yourself too. There are no parabens, sulphates or sodium chloride present in the product which makes it so important to know that it is definitely a safe product to have on your hair. 

In order to really get more volume and texture out of this product, it is recommended to apply to only dry hair. However if you are wanting more of a natural look, try applying the product onto towel dried hair.

When it comes to the product's packaging, it's very innovative and new for a styling paste. Presented in a "cube" like form, you simply pop out the lid which reveals a tub full of styling paste. It is definitely fun to play with because it looks super cool at the same time. I don't think I'll get sick of the look - because I am so  impressed with overall design and product itself. 



Featuring Bhave's Sleek Pomade which is basically a sleek-blueish coloured styling pomade that's versatile matte and is so ideal for men and women. Its purpose is to actually control thick looking hair and certainly looks to add more volume and texture to hair. (Especially for those with fine and thin looking hair). 

I would describe this product as a mix between a gel and wax because there's that element of strong hold to it, plus it's super sleek for the product's overall texture. I felt that I got more of an extra hold when blow drying my hair - as it made my hair so much easier to style afterwards. 

The product also contains red clover which most importantly fights any type of hair loss which is essential for a hair product because you are indeed putting it into your hair most of the time. Similar to the Flex Styling Paste, this product is completely free from any parabens, sulphates and sodium chloride making it a super gentle product to use in the long term as it will not harm the health system. 

Essentially for the best results, I would simply rub a small amount onto my palms and then look to rub it together on my other palm to heat it up by just a little. Next, I would simply run this all over my hair (according to the style I am trying to achieve) on dry or damp hair. 

Again, the product's packaging is similar to the "cube" version to the Styling Paste and it's super convenient to pack into your handbag for travelling purposes. I simply love how it's just not a cylindrical shape but in fact has a base which allows for better grip or stand for the product. (So that it does not fall over!)

Have you tried these cool BHAVE styling products? 

If so, what did you think? 

Happy reading folks! 

Livia x
Thank you BHAVE for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support.

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