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Friday, November 6, 2015



If there's one brand that I can't forget, it would definitely be the GAIA skincare brand. Known as an organic and natural skincare range which is perfect for those looking for safe and gentle products to use on their skin. Here's why I loved it. 

Just a little run-down of who GAIA is..they are located in Hallam, Victoria where they look to manufacture pure, natural and organic skin care products. They are also best known for the formula used in their products which is also ideal for those with sensitive skin at such an affordable price. None of the ingredients present in the product cause any skin irritations to the user of the product which is an important factor to always consider when shopping for skin and body care products. There are no sulphates, petrochemicals, lanolin, paraben preservatives or any other artificial fragrances present in their products. They are super friendly and gentle to use on the skin and it's guaranteed that in the long-run from using these products that it will not look to harm your health at all. 

If you missed my first post on the GAIA range, check it out HERE if you're keen to check out the Pink Grapefruit and Jasmine scented body care range which is so perfect for Spring 

On the Friday skincare agenda today, I am featuring GAIA's Lavender and Frankincense in their Facial moisturiser, body wash and also body moisturiser - which is perfect for every skin need in order to look and feel healthier.

To really give you my full take on the products as mentioned from the GAIA range, I am so excited to share my thoughts and take you through my GAIA beauty journey. 

Please scroll below to check out more xx 


Comes with certified organic jojoba oil, evening primrose oil and ginseng. 

What a beauty this facial moisturiser by GAIA is! If your skin is mostly dry and feeling quite dehydrated - then it's most likely you are not keeping your skin hydrated and moisturised enough. You will be amazed to see how amazing this bottle of facial moisturiser works. Firstly, let me start by saying that it is packed with the amazing and healthy ingredients necessary to really offer that intense hydration feel to your skin and face. The ingredients are definitely beauty-enhancing essentials which is perfect and ideal for if you're wanting to enhance your beauty complexion. 

This bottle of miracle contains: Organic Shea Butter, Jojoba oil and evening primrose which offers intense hydration feel to your skin, Vitamin E and Omega 3 oils which is what contributes to you having amazing and healthy looking skin. There is also organic extracts of Ginkgo Biloba and Chamomile which is what essentially looks to soothe and energize tired looking skin. Once sprayed onto my face, I could instantly feel that intense hydration to my skin. Now... my skin can get quite dry and flaky at such random times which is why I always try to look for the best facial moisturiser in the market that can really look to provide me with the skin benefits that I am looking for. Thank gosh for GAIA'S Facial Moisturiser - it has really provided so much nourishing benefits for my skin. 

And what's more? It's a completely safe and gentle product to use as there are no petrochemicals, mineral oils, silicone derivatives, lanolin and propylene. (So... no nasties!) 

The results so far? My skin has looked more tone, feels amazingly hydrated and moisturised and I have not experienced any symptoms of discomfort or so. The fact that this product actually contains botanical extracts, it is what helps to make my skin to look super soft and healthy. There's also hardly any redness on my skin which is good to know. With more frequent use of the facial moisturiser, in the long run it will definitely help with reducing the redness and any fine lines on your skin. The scent itself was actually quite nice and relaxing - because it contains the gentle aromas of organic lavender and frankincense. 



Featuring both amazing sulphate free body wash and body moisturiser in the Lavender and Frankincense by GAIA. 

What I love about both these products and of course from my first time experiences using the Pink Grapefruit and Jasmine Body Wash and Moisturiser is that - these are very gentle to use in the shower or bath. They will not strip your skin's natural oils and won't cause any dryness at all. If anything, these products look to keep your skin super hydrated and moisturised. 

If you are looking for a soap free product, then these would ideally be your choices. Another bonus to this product is that it's quite affordable for an organic brand too! They contain organic avocado oil and organic gingko biloba which helps to nourish and rejuvenate the skin. If you have sensitive skin also, you will also be pleased to know that these products will be suitable for you in that case. It's so ideal for a soap replacement because it leaves it not only clean, but also nice, soft and silky. You can also use it in your loofah or as a bubble bath too! (Just sit back and relax!) 

And what's more? It's a completely safe and gentle product to use as there are no petrochemicals, mineral oils, silicone derivatives, lanolin and propylene. (So... no nasties!) 

The Body Moisturiser and Body Wash is presented in a 250ml plastic bottle equipped with a flip top lid for a convenient way to open the product whilst showering. 

Overall, through using the body wash and body moisturiser, it was quite a refreshing and relaxing experience because the scent is seriously irresistible and what better way to achieve healthier looking skin.  A little goes a long way for this body wash. 

Have you guys checked out the GAIA Skincare products yet?

Let me know on what you think down below! 

Happy reading! 

Livia xo

Thank you GAIA for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support

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