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Sunday, November 1, 2015



Christmas is just around the corner.
(well, at least one more month to go...) 

Here's Part II to my hair-related Christmas related gift ideas that I came across this one time and thought it would make a perfect Christmas gift for your friends and family. If you can remember, I had released the first Part I to the Christmas Gift Ideas which you can catch up right here

It's always good to get those Christmas Gifts in advance because it saves you the hassle rushing just before the night of Christmas. If there's one tip I would truly recommend for you guys to do when it comes to Christmas shopping, that would be to buy it early! Remington have just released some of their 2015 Gift Collection and I am so excited to share with you all with what I thought about this awesome gift set which features Remington's Blow Dry in a Box. It's basically a box that contains everything you need to achieve a salon blow dry right at home. And...for the price itself? It's super affordable and way under the $100 limit, so why not get the works for all of your hair salon needs.

For Remington's Blow Dry In A Box, it features a 2300-watt hair dryer that comes with a salon professional AC motor. What makes this hair dryer so fascinating is that it has a natural source of ions to help reduce any hair frizz and look to deliver a smooth and shiny finish, whilst the conditioning ionic technology looks to nourish your hair. There are six switch combinations which also features a cool shot function, removable filter and hang loop which is so essential for storage purposes. (So goodbye to annoying knotty cords thanks to the convenient hang loop). 

The hair dryer comes with following items: 
  • Slimline concentrator, removable filter, professional concentrator, Radial brush, Osmo Wonder 10 (25ml), Osmo Berber Oil Shampoo Rejuvenating Cleaner (Argan Oil) (50ml) and also the Osmo Berber Oil Mask Restoration Therapy (Argan Oil). 
Also with the Blow in A Dry Box, it offers a three year warranty which gives you plenty of time change it or so should you have any particular issues with it. 

I am always using a blow-hair dryer after I shower because my hair is quite long and it takes super long when air-dried naturally as opposed to using a hair dryer alone. And to come across a product that can offer that "hair-salon" feel to my overall hair look, is definitely something that I would ideally look for when shopping for a hair dryer. This AC35001AU Hair Dryer by Remington certainly made my hair feel and look super silky and almost as if I just came right out of a hair salon. 

With the extra added features included in the box really makes you feel as if you are getting more value out of it. Especially with the Radial brush and the extra Osmo Berber Oil Shampoo and Oil Mask - really completes my hair salon experience. So you can literally DIY at home instead of spending heaps of money on hair salons alone out there. Practice makes perfect and with more experience, sooner or later it would be so much easier for you to do your hair right at home. 

The Blow Dryer works amazingly well and with the included Radial brush that comes in the box really makes it convenient for me to do my hair after showering. I would simply run the radial brush down the hair following along with the blow hair dryer. 

I love the pinky-purple Hair Dryer which is quite funky for a hair styling product. Knowing that I love pink, this definitely suited my colour preference. 

The 2300-watt dryer comes with three buttons on the side being: 
  • Top Button: For if you're wanting to use cool air. 
  • Second Button: Has the heat intensity you can select from. 
  • Third Button: Dryer Speed. 

For the size of the hair-dryer itself, it definitely was a medium sized type of hair dryer that was not too heavy for me to hold. It's not too small or too large which is good to consider. 

Overall, this perfect Blow Dry in a Box is a solution to getting professional salon-like hair. It helps with my messy and knotty hair and most of all, it's such a great buy! 


Featuring Remington's AC35991AU
Amazing grip and holds well in the hand. 



Have you tried out the Blow Dry In a Box by Remington? 

Let me know on your thoughts in the comments below, 

Happy reading! 

Livia xo
Thank you REMINGTON for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support

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