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Sunday, November 8, 2015




I love doing handbag essential changeovers because we constantly change the items that we store in our handbags - whether this be on a weekly or monthly basis. For myself, I'd like to say that I would tend to change the product in my handbag at least every week. 

 One great tip to always remember for what to exactly pop into your handbag, would be to make sure that item is lightweight and useful. Those two words are always in my mind whenever I am in "concentration-mode" and thinking about whether I will use the products or not. Spring is an unpredictable season for Australia this year because we have been getting heaps of rain, then heaps of sun...then the cycle goes on again! We don't know when the weather will change, hence it's always ideal that you prepare the most used items in your handbag for the on-the-go touch ups and so forth. 

So for today's Handbag Essentials, the items which have made it into my handbag include of the following: 
  • Philips Easy Shine - Ionic Styling Brush 
  • NIVEA Sun Protect & Light Feel Daily Face Veil in SPF 30 
  • NIVEA Anti-perspirant - Invisible for Black and White up to 48H 
  • NIVEA Essential Care With Shea Butter 
  • Rimmel's Lasting Finish Dual Powder Foundation Compact in shades 001 Light Porcelain and 002 Soft Beige. I've reviewed this previously and by far cannot stop rambling on how good this powdered foundation is! If you missed my review on this product, catch up on your reading here. 
  • Bangle from Turkey - So easy to accessorize with just popping a bangle. 
  • Watch - I can't leave the house without wearing a watch. It's super important to always be aware of time. 
  • Rayban Sunglasses - To protect those eyes from UV rays, it's handy to invest in some good quality sun glasses. In this case, my favourite one right now is the Ray Ban Wayfarers. 



Featuring a non-sticky and fast absorbing ultra light, cream gel. 

Being a really fast absorbing type of cream gel which goes on very smooth and well onto the skin, there are no solid particles to this product hence it leaves you with a layer of sun protection. When I had the product applied onto my skin, it really felt as if it wasn't even there! It's so comfortable and not too heavy for a cream gel which is quite perfect for if you are in the market for a smooth base that can ultimately give your skin a high protection from the UVA and UVB sun rays. 

With the NIVEA Protect & Light Feel Daily Face Veil in SPF 30, it comes with a high sun protection feature to it - so ideally you got the SPF part covered. The product is non-greasy so when applied onto the skin there is no feeling of stickiness or so. This is so perfect because I am always looking for a product that can essentially provide me with the maximum protection but at the same time have a really quick absorbing formula too. This sunscreen is so lightweight that you can essentially wear it on a daily basis without having to worry to add another layer of sunscreen on-top. It's also easy to use for everyday purposes, even under your regular make-up as the base. The fact that there's a high sun protection element to using this product, you can be reassured that this will assist your skin against further sun damage and premature skin. (They called it a Face Veil for a reason!) What I love about the thin veil is that it really leaves your skin looking really silky smooth. 

The Face Veil product by Nivea comes in 50ml plastic, oval squeeze type of container. The size is perfect for a handbag essential because it's lightweight and fits perfectly in the hands. There's also a blue twist to open lid which is where the product can be easily squeezed out for application. 

For the scent of the product, it does not even smell like how sunscreen would smell. Instead, you get a really nice and soft fragrance which almost smells like flowers. 

How I would apply this product is before heading out (About 10-20 minutes beforehand) onto my face concentrating on all sections of my face. If you are swimming, it's recommended that you re-apply this product again. 


So convenient and easy to use - hence makes this an ideal product to keep in your handbag at all times. 

Touch-up on the go to protect your skin from the high UV rays. 



Featuring my holy grail deodorant 

The NIVEA Invisible Black and White Clear Roll-on for Women offers a 48hour protection wear. What makes this my holy grail and also one of my handbag essentials is that it does not leave any white marks on any dark fabrics AND also avoids leaving those yellow stains on light coloured clothing. (Hands up if this is you) 

With Nivea's new product, it's the first antiperspirant deodorant that actually protects against yellow stains on white and white marks on black clothes. This is essential for those who want that extra protection for your clothes and will not leave obvious stains that are hard to clean. There are no white marks from using this particular deodorant and what's more it lasts long - with up to 48hours of anti-perspirant protection, it's a really gentle NIVEA care product to use on a daily basis and also when needed. 

The colour comes in clear and the fragrance consists of fresh floral notes which is beautiful. Another positive factor to note is that there is no alcohol, no colourants and also has been dermatologically proven - making this product safe and gentle to use. 

As for the product itself, it's a very lightweight, roll-on deodorant which fits perfectly in your handbag. If you are travelling however and are carrying this in your bag, make sure to pop this into a zip-lock bag to avoid any spillage. 

Overall this is one of my favourite deodorants to use on a daily basis and it simply leaves my clothes protected from any stains. 




Featuring the Essential Care Lip balm by NIVEA which provides your lips with long-lasting care and protection. 

Can I start by saying HOW AMAZING this lip balm is? It's simply looking...but it's essentially so soft and gentle to use for any lip care. The lip balm can be used for everyday purposes and the key ingredients of the product of course include: Vitamin E and Jojoba oil which help to soothe, heal and moisturise while the ProVitamin B5 looks to neutralise against the effects of free radicals and premature ageing. (So help protect those lips before it's too late guys!). 

I have literally been using this Essentials Care Lip Balm by NIVEA every single day and they certainly helped my lips to become more moisturised and soft. The lip balm leaves a naturally soft and smooth overall look to lips. The lip balm really keeps the lips super hydrated and it's so perfect for Spring. Having this lippie in your handbag makes it so ideal for if you're wanting to hydrate those lips! I have tried so many lip balms out there and by far this is the most effective type of lip balm I have used for my lips. It's compact and handy to always have in your handbag. 

The scent is not too overpowering either, it's quite a soft and subtle fruit scent which is nice too. This was not an issue for me and it's definitely very easy to wear on the lips every single day. 




Featuring an essential handbag item that is a super must - the NEW Philips Ionic Styling Brush. 

What makes the new Philips Ionic Styling brush so unique is that it helps to make hair look smoother and shinier. Featuring a slick, purple coloured Ionic Styling Brush, you can essentially look to get perfect and silky looking hair. 

We don't know it but we are constantly exposed to static electricity in a dry environment - which means that you end up with frizzy looking hair. What happens to my hair mostly is that it would get frizzy and messy in the process. Thanks to Philips and their new innovation - they bring the most easiest solution to you. Introducing you guys to their Ionic Styling brush. It basically is an ionic styling brush which looks to generate negative ions so that it looks to neutralise the positive charge of static electricity. (Your culprit when it comes to hair). What the Ionic Styling brush helps to do is to reduce the frizz and make your hair feel and appear much smoother. Plus, you get the ultimate shine for your hair instantly. 

So what is it exactly that keeps your hair looking neat? It is definitely ionizers that's closer to the cushion which in effect allows the ions to spread easily onto the hair. 

For the bristles of the brush itself, it features a seamless round bristle tip which is so gentle to the hair and scalp. When brushed through, there's no pain. The good thing about having the seamless bristle tops is that they avoid scrubbing damage to your scalp. Overall, it's very gentle and safe to use for all hair types. The Ionic Styling brush also features a cushion for the optimal surface which is so comfortable to use. It definitely makes my brushing hair experience much easier and convenient to do so. Even though the Styling Ionic brush is in a compact size, it actually helps to give the ultimate comfort to your scalp. 

Also, another feature of the bristle cushion is that it's detachable which you can take out when you are wanting to give it a clean under running water. In the box, you get a AAA Alkaline battery which is also included. A great thing to note is that the EasyShine Ionic Styling brush runs on battery so - this means there's no messy cables or wires involved. The shape brush is also a great ergonomic shape type of brush that fits snuggly in the hands - which is perfect because it's not too heavy to hold at all. 

I really enjoyed using Philips EasyShine Ionic Styling brush as it simply allowed for a soothing head experience and also it left my hair feeling smooth and frizz-free. This is the perfect handbag essential and a must for everyone to have! It's a new innovation for the beauty market and is a solution for all frizzing-hair troubles. And also if you're wanting neater and smoother looking hair on the go, then this is definitely something you can look to try! 

  • RRP $39.95
  • Available at The Good Guys, Bing Lee, Harvey Norman or check out your nearest stockist here
  • For more information, head over to: http://www.philips.com.au/c-p/HP4585_00/easyshine-ionic-styling-brush/overview

The cushion is detachable for cleaning purposes. 

What are your handbag essentials? 

And, have you used these products as mentioned above yet? 

Happy reading x

Livia xo

Thank you PHILIPS AND NIVEA for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support.

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