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Thursday, November 26, 2015



Summer is approaching and it's good to always keep your skin super protected all day long. And when it comes to applying on a sunscreen, it's always important to note that the higher the SPF, the better. 

Featuring Suntivity by Cetaphil, we welcome the newest launch which is their Tinted Lotion Daily Face in SPF 50+. I've always trusted the Cetaphil range as it's quite an innovative sunscreen range that provides effective daily skin protection. 

For those new to the Suntivity brand...
This brand looks to provide high quality products to help protect the skin against sun damage, maintain healthy looking skin and help fight the signs of ageing. Their products are always super light, hypoallergenic for sensitive skin, fast absorbing, water resistant and is known for having a non-sticky formula. 

So what makes the Cetaphil's new summer sunscreen products amazing is that they are super light weight to wear on the face and it does not feel heavy. In Australia, we experience the highest level of UV radiation which is why using sunscreen every single day is so essential in protecting the skin. 

From a study conducted by Suntivity, it was found that only 10% of females only apply sunscreen every morning. That's quite a small percentage and I guess we need to be more aware with the long time effects of NOT using sunscreen. Did you know that UV rays account for about 80% of facial skin ageing (including wrinkles)? This raises a concern for everyone out there - because even though we can't see the wrinkles, without the proper sun protection, it can actually really affect your skin negatively. 

I looked to discover a new launch from Cetaphil - Sentivity range featuring the SPF 50+ Tinted Lotion in Medium Tint that comes in 50ml. 

Check out my thoughts below to see whether this worked for me x


Featuring a high UV protection for your skin that comes with an oil free formulation. It's also suitable for sensitive skin so it's totally gentle and will not harm the skin. This sunscreen offers broad spectrum of SPF 50+ which gives a really high protection from the sun. I love how this product is in a tinted lotion for the face - in medium tint. But there are other options for different skin tints also made available too. What is great about the tinted lotion, is that the extra tint allows for the product to enhance my natural complexion and blends in well with my skin colour. It's so perfect for everyday use and I would use this right in the morning, just before heading to work. 

In the product, there's Vitamin E and Aloe Vera for its nourishing benefits for the skin. The sheer tint also gives an invisible matte finish to your skin with a really nice texture to it as well. You can ideally wear this alone, or under your foundations and other creams. 

The Tinted Lotion offers 4 hours of water resistant to it so that means that after the 4 hours, just remember to re-apply if you're heading outdoors. I loved how the lotion was non-greasy and it actually felt comfortable when worn on the face. There was no particular harsh smell to it which is great because fragrance free products are the way to go - especially if you have sensitive skin. The product is completely oil and paraben free which makes it super gentle and safe to use in the long run. The overall finish of wearing the tinted lotion is that it gives a nice and matte look to it. The tinted lotion was quite easy to apply and the sheerness of the texture made it easier for the product to blend into the skin. 

For the product packaging itself, it's presented in a 50ml pump style bottle with an orange cap. I love the pump design because it's not messy and so convenient to use if you have this in your handbag or simply on your vanity. 

If you're looking for matte-lovely finish to your face and also wanting that ultimate sun protection element to it, then definitely look to check out the Tinted Lotion by Cetaphil, Suntivity. 

It is oil free and paraben free. 
Alcohol free.
Formulated for those with sensitive skin. 
Fragrance free.
Offers a broad spectrum of SPF 50+
4 hours water resistant
Made in Australia

Apply 10-15 minutes before sun exposure. 

RRP $16.50
Available at Priceline and selected pharmacies.
Visit http://www.suntivity.com.au for more information. 

Have you checked out the Suntivity SPF Tinted Lotion yet?

What's your day to day sun protection ritual? 

Happy reading! 

Livia xo

Thank you Cetaphil for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support

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