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Tuesday, December 8, 2015



Stocking stuffers are a must this season because they're a fun way to spice up the gift giving season and what better way to to be festive and joyous!  

I am so excited to share yet another fun Christmas post with you all, but this time... the countdown means that there is only 17 more days till Christmas! (Can you guys believe how quick time has gone by?) 

Featuring some stocking stuffers, here are some cool ideas that would be so ideal for your friends, family or even yourself. Here's a hint...they're beauty essentials that would be super useful for everyday purposes. Presenting to you with an array of fun products available online at The Beauty Office aka Chemcorp International you can shop online for the best Christmas stocking stuffers and you don't even have to face the big crowds at shopping malls. Alternatively, these products mentioned today are easily found at your nearest Priceline stores and selected pharmacies all across Australia. 

When it comes to selecting the right gifts for your loved ones, have no fear because it can be simple as 1,2 and 3! 

So here are some cool ideas that you may consider on your next shopping trip just in time for Christmas: 
  • Real Techniques, Deluxe Gift Set, Collector's Edition 
  • Gliders Hair accessories - Sports Bands Ponytail Holders & Bobby Pins 
  • 1000 Hour "Black Vogue" Re-usable Lashes 

So guys look to check out the below for more details of where you could look to purchase, etc. I hope you enjoy this fun filled post! 


Featuring a full face set and sleek clutch that you do not want to miss. This set looks very glam and will definitely be the perfect gift for your loved ones, friends and family. The Deluxe Gift by Real Techniques set includes 5 types of essential brushes that's needed to achieve a flawless complexion and application to your make-up. It also comes with an adorable white/cream clutch where you can simply store your brushes away properly. 

The set looks to include of the following: 
  • Multi-Task Brush - For effortless application of your powders, blushes, bronzers.
  • Tapered Foundation brush (Exclusive) - This a quite dense brush which comes with a round head which is perfect for applying on liquid foundation evenly onto the skin. 
  • Angled Highlighter Brush (Exclusive) - If you're wanting to add a hint of glow of rosiness to your cheek and for some contouring on the nose bridge, then this is the ideal brush for you. 
  • Base Shadow Brush - Works by applying a flawless of eyeshadow colour to your lids. 
  • Fine Liner Brush - For the precision application of liquid cream liner. 
  • A gorgeous clutch for your brushes - Yes, this set comes with a cute little clutch which easily stores your new brushes and you can simply take this with you on the go. (Touch up on the go girlfriend!) 
This set includes all of the brushes I would definitely use for my make-up application and it even includes a convenient sized glam to go clutch. So you can literally take your brushes with you on the go and touch-up when you're in the ladies bathroom. I love the quality of these brush bristles because they are plush and super soft. I love the handling of the brush, right down to the gripping of the brush. At the ends of the brush, you'll notice a rubbery grip which prevents you from dropping these brushes. (Another awesome factor to consider about these brushes). Also, did I mention how gorgeous these brushes look in their sleek, metallic colours? They come in orange, pink and purple metallics which seriously give some style and funkiness to the brushes. They're always a joy to use and also look at. 

This gift set makes a perfect set if you're a Real Techniques brush collector because you'll fall in love with these brushes just as much as I did. The brushes were so easy to wash and cleanse - there were no issues with that at all. The bristles stayed intact and there was minimal shedding of the bristles which was good. The best part of it all is that the brushes remained super soft even after cleansing and drying. These brushes will literally last you years because of how strong they are made. (Definitely worth an investment because these will be super long lasting - hurry ladies!) 

  • RRP $79.99
  • Available at Priceline stores nationally. 
  • Alternatively, check out The Beauty Office for more information. 

Featuring the gorgeous glam to go clutch which makes a perfect storage bag for your brushes! 

Take these brushes on the go with you and touch up whenever, wherever! 

Gorgeous metallic colours and consist of good quality.

In love with this cute clutch! 

Multi-Task Brush, ideal for your powders (blush and bronzers) 
This brush is plush & super soft. 
They are very easy to clean. 

Tapered Foundation Brush (EXCLUSIVE) 
Is a tapered brush which quite dense making it ideal for applying on foundation, creams and concealers. 

Angled Highlighter Brush, ideal for contouring purposes and even highlighting your cheekbones! The grip and hold is light and easy! 

Base Shadow Brush, best used for applying eyeshadow on your eyelids.

Fine Liner Brush, best used for a precision application of liquid or cream eye-liner. 

 Featuring the beauty stocking stuffers! 

 1000 Hour, Black Vogue (1 pair of re-usable lashes) 

The 1000 Hour lashes are so perfect for your New Year's Eve and Christmas parties. The design I have featured is in Black Vogue which also includes hypo-allergenic adhesive in the pack, in case you were wondering. (Making it super convenient for you to apply these on the go!). I love re-usable lashes because it means that after each wear, I would clean it very well making it useful for the next occasion. These are amazing gift ideas because who doesn't love a pair of sexy, full lashes right? The 1000 Hour lash range is always thick and just what I need. For the Black Vogue, it's quite flirty and bold looking which I like. Depending on your tastes and preferences, The 1000 Hour range offers so much variety in their lash range so definitely check it out. Choose either natural or something fun looking or simply individual or full lashes. 

Lashes always make your eyes stand out more which is why I love wearing them on special occasions. Plus they photograph well and I am sure the recipient of your Christmas stocking stuffer will appreciate this amazing thought. 

  • RRP from $9.49 
  • Available at Priceline stores nationally. 
  • Alternatively, check out The Beauty Office for more information. 


Featuring some funky hair accessories by Gliders, get your hair sorted for Christmas. Again, another perfect stocking stuffer idea and useful for your loved ones. They are specially designed to offer you the best professional hair quality of accessories. These sports bands are convenient when you want to ideally whip your hair into a pony tail. They don't break easily which is such a relief! They are definitely long-lasting and best of all...100% waterproof. These are perfect for that active friend or family member because you know that they'll be using this funky hair accessory. 

These Sports bands are also available in black, blonde, brown and maroon. So there's more choice in colour of preference here.. (score!) 

Also, how can you not forget the Bobby Pins!? Gliders provide a solid range of bobby pins which all have a cushioned tip for a comfortable grip and is made for all hair types. 

Hair accessories are always easy to pick out for your friends and family because it's useful and will definitely not be tossed away! Priceline offers an array of Gliders hair accessories which are made of amazing quality which is why I always use Gliders hair accessories for my everyday hair purposes. They're probably the most long lasting hair accessories brand I've ever owned. 

  • RRP from $4.49
  • Available at Priceline stores nationally. 
  • Alternatively, check out The Beauty Office for more information. 
Have you sorted all of Christmas shopping yet? 

Let me know on your thoughts with the above! 

Happy shopping!

Livia xo 

Thank you The Beauty Office for supporting me for this review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support.

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